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Two Land surveys concerning Robert Luckey Sr. and his two sons Robert Lucky Jr. and Samuel Luckey

I believe that the following two land surveys show lands that had belonged to Robert Luckey, Sr. before his death in Martic twp., PA.  In his Will he divided the property between his two youngest sons with instructions to take care of their mother until her demise. Robert Luckey, Sr. died between April 1754 and Nov.1757 and both surveys are dated in Dec. 11, 1759   Perhaps they were readying the land for sale as both these sons move to North Carolina   On November 4, 1777, Samuel Luckey, Sr., the elders son, pledged his oath of fidelity to the State of North Carolina. Robert Luckey, the youngest son of Robert and Isabella,  is recorded on the Rowan Co., NC 1780 Census as living in Capt. S. Reeds District.  They may have arrived even earlier.  Since the beginning of the French and Indian Wars beginning in 1755 and even through the Revolutionary War there was great unrest among the Indian tribes and they committed many horrific attacks on immigrant settlements all over Pennsylvania. These attacks were at first supported and encourage by the French and then the British. To be fair, there were also many atrocities committed by the settlers in the name of revenge. Many immigrant families packed up and fled Pennsylvania during that time.

n 1757, Samuel, Robert and a James Luckey pay Lancaster Co., Provincial taxes in Martic Twp., -10 (s)shilling each.  Also listed on this tax record are 4 Read/Reed males : James- 10s, William -5s, James - 4s  and a Daniel  -7s. The Reeds were quite prominent in Martic Twp., during this time.

 On the 1790 North Carolina Census there are listed 8 Luckey families, all but one located in close proximity to each other judging by page numbers; A Richard Luckey (p. 295), a Samuel (p.296), a Robert (p.297).a Samuel Jr. and a Samuel Sr. both o page 298). All are in Rowan Co.  A Robert and a William Luckey are listed in Mecklenburg Co. just to the southwest from Rowan Co.  All these Luckeys in NC are within about 25 miles, more or less, of each other.

The 1790 Lancaster County, PA Census lists two Robert Luckeys located in "Little Britain" Twp.  "Little Britain" is located only about 15 or 16 miles east from Martic but I don't know if there is any close family relationship at all.  If any one has corrections or additional information to add to the Luckey and/or the Reed families in Lancaster County, PA or Rowan County, NC, on this please contact me
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