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March 18. 1907 - December 4, 1995  5th Son of Robert B. and Besse Ewing Miller

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My Uncle Alton was one of my "favorite" uncles as he was a man who like to tease you and was full of good humor.  His mother died when he was only six and he quickly learned to fend for himself.  He had to grow up quick.  I understand that he was what we called "Wild" in his youth, and was good looking and attractive to the ladies. One relative described him as a little on the dark and dangerous side.  As far as we know, he had three marriages but his last marriage to June was a happy, stable union and lasted until his death.  I remember June as a strong person, also with a good sense of humor and a lady who "took no guff".  As in the case of all Millers, Alton was hard working and later built a respected name for himself (and a good living) as a contractor and builder of various large buildings around the state of Oklahoma.  

ALTON " PETE" E. MILLER (ROBERT (BERT) BENJAMIN7, WILLIAM BENJAMIN6, JESSE E.5, JOSEPH4, SILAS3, ROBERT2, POSSIBLY ISAAC1) was born 18 Mar 1907 in Hartington, Nebraska, and died 04 Dec 1995 in Bethany, Oklahoma.  He married (1) LAURA IDA FERGUSON 16 Mar 1926 in Yankton, South Dakota.  She was born 1908. He married (2) FRANCES Haynie.  He and Frances adopt a son and name him Benjamin Robert Miller II and call him "Benny".  Alton married (3) JUNE Haynie who is Francesí younger sister.  June was born July 24, 1931.  I remember Alton as a proud father who felt "family" was important and never missed a chance to be with his brothers on any occasion that they gathered together.

In the 1920 a census taken in McAllen, Hidalgo Co., Texas shows that Alton, age 12, is living with his father listed as "Bert R." (age 46) along with "Addie P." listed as "wife" (age 35) and "Marjorie E." listed as Bert's daughter (age 7) who is born in Nebraska.  

See here recent photos (taken in November of 2010) of Alton's wife June,
their son Alton "Butch" Miller, and their twin Grand daughters, all grown up.

At the right is a photo of Uncle Alton's Miller's gravestone in or near Oklahoma City.►

























    Notes for ALTON " PETE" E. MILLER:


On March 16, 1926, Alton marries Laura Ida Ferguson in Yankton, SD.  She is the daughter of Fred and Laura G. Ferguson, residents of Cedar County Nebraska.  Their marriage record shows that he lists as his residence as Waterloo, Nebraska, in Douglas County.  She gives her residence as Hartington, Cedar County, NE.

The 1930 census shows that Alton (23) and Laura (22) rent a home in Norfolk, Nebraska.  He is listed as a "bus driver". 

Alton may have attended high school while living with his father and his second wife in Hidalgo Co. Texas, as did his older brother Lee, my Dad. 




Below ▼is a photo taken in Hartington, Nebraska in 1983.  At his time Glen, the older brother, and Joyce, the only sister, are deceased. Ronald, the youngest brother had passed away in in 1963. Regardless, the "Miller Boys" continue to reunite on many occasions whenever possible.

▼Top row, L-R, are: Alton (he still has wild hair); June his wife; and brother Dale.

In front, L-R are: Aunt Myrtle (Glen's wife), brother Lyle, Maybelle (my mother), Lee (my father), and Gladys (Ronald's widow).












Child of ALTON MILLER and JUNE is:

ii.   ALTON EVAN "BUTCH" MILLER, JR.  b. Jun 1, 1953

( See here a photo of Butch)

Children of Butch Miller.    

Julie and Ginger Miller (Twins),b. 1978


           Julie and Ginger at age 9▼

Children of ALTON MILLER and FRANCES are:                               

i.   BenjamIn "Bennie" Robert  Miller II (adopted)            Julie and Ginger age 10?  ▼Julie is seated.