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The life and times of Andrew Luckey and his descendants,
 Including his daughter Jane Luckey, who married Capt. Samuel Mille

Descendants of Andrew Luckey, Sr.
In order to differentiate Andrew Luckey from his son Andrew, they will be designated Sr. and Jr. throughout the following narrative.

Generation No. 1

1.  ANDREW2 LUCKEY, SR.  (ROBERT1) was born abt. 1718, perhaps in Ireland, and died after 30 Oct 1770 in Hopewell Twp., Cumberland Co., PA.  He married JEAN.  She was born 1720, and died Aft. 1770. 


Andrew Luckey was a Wheelwright as was his father, Robert Sr.  Andrew Sr. wrote his will on Oct. 20, 1770, Hopewell Twp., Cumberland Co., PA.  His will was proven on 4 Dec 1770. His will lists his wife, Jean; his eldest Son, Robert; Sons-in-Law, John Creage, Adam McCormick, Samuel Miller and Joseph Rhea; his daughter Elinor and son Andrew are both minors. Executors: Joseph Bready and his son Robert. 


Below is an exact transcribed copy of the original will.

Original layout, spelling and punctuation are all left intact.

Andrew Luckey Sr. for some reason, moved north to Cumberland County (right in the thick of things in those times). He is listed as a "taxable" in Hopewell Twp., 1760, owning 150 acres of "unwarranted" land (on page 63, History of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, Rev. Conway P. Wing D.D., and Others, Philadelphia 1879). HIs Executor, Joseph Bready/Brady is also also on the same dated list with 80 acres of "warranted land".  Andrew's land is probably within 3-5 miles of the historic Forbes trail (marked in yellow) which ran on the south side of Conodoguinet Creek across Cumberland County close to Shippensburg. Andrew's will solicitors/subscribers, John and Samuel Montgomery are listed as "taxable's" residing in in Shippensburg in 1751 on pg. 248 of the same book. The French and Indian wars began in 1755 and living that far north in Pennsylvania was "quite dicey" because of the many historical and recorded Indian raids, even massacres at white settlements during those years. 

Andrew Luckey, Sr. probably made a good living as a wheelwright. Imagine all the westward bound wagon traffic full of settlers and military units. Below is an excerpt of a 1791 Reading Howell map which shows the Forbes trail (highlighted in yellow) from Harrisburg on the east side of the Susquehanna River westward towards to Westmoreland County.   The road was named for Brigadier General John Forbes, the commander of the 1758 British expedition that forged the road during the French and Indian War in Pennsylvania. This map, drawn 33 years later, shows that same route that General Forbes built, accompanied by troops who were commanded by (then) Col. George Washington from Virginia. In 1791 the Revolutionary War was past history and the road was used by even more westward bound pioneers.  The reader can find much Interesting historical information online about the Forbes Road, a part of our national heritage.  Don't forget that the John Harris's Ferry (at Harrisburg, PA) across the Susquehanna River provided one of very few places to safely cross that wide, wide river in 1758.

If any would like a copy of the full 1791 Map of Pennsylvania drawn by Reading Howell, You can contact me, Marla, at:

       Children of ANDREW LUCKEY SR. and JEAN/JANE are:

         i.     ISABELLA LUCKEY, b. 1742; d. 29 Jul 1841. m. JOHN CREAGE/CRAIG

      Notes for JOHN CREAG/CRAIG:

Westmoreland County Court Records;  April 1779 Jean/Jane Miller (she is widow of Capt. Samuel Miller and sister of Isabella Luckey Craig) and John Craig vs. for debt of John Moore. 100 pounds, April 1779 Jean/Jane Miller and John Craig vs. for debt of Patrick Callen, 189 pounds, 10  shillings.

I could find no further information about John and Isabella Craig other than this.  There were many Craig families living in Westmoreland and Fayette Counties in PA during the years following the revolutionary war but nothing to prove which family was the family I was looking for.  My friend, Scot Novak, said that Isabella married the famous Capt. John Craig who became a prominent citizen of Armstrong County and who had a famous brother General Alexander Craig.  Capt. John Craig had a daughter named "Isabella", so I thought it might be possible but I have since found out that Capt. John Craig was married to a Martha Clarke as was recorded in other historic documents. Perhaps Martha is this Capt. Craig’s second wife.  More research is needed.

        ii.     ELIZABETH LUCKEY, m. ADAM MCCORMICK; b. 1736, Cumberland Co. PA; d. 1791, Hopewell

               Twp., Cumberland Co. PA.

 Notes for ADAM MCCORMICK:  Resided in 1790 in Hopewell Township, Cumberland Co. County, PA

        iii.     JANE LUCKEY, m. 1) CAPT. SAMUEL MILLER, m. 2 ) ANDREW CRUIKSHANK, d. 1813, Buffalo Twp., Butler Co., PA. 

As Samuel Miller (Andrew Cruickshank Sr.'s future Son-in-Law) who later was promoted to a "Captain" during he Revolutionary War) passed westward through Cumberland County, he probably used the Harris ferry and traveled the Forbes Road. He may have needed the services and skills of a  good wheelwright as he, considering the location of his land purchases, pioneered his way to his final home in Westmoreland County in western PA.   He may have been attracted to and made the acquaintance of Jane Luckey,  Andrew Sr.'s daughter, and his son Andrew Jr.  During his visits, Samuel may have wooed  her, won her heart and wed her while staying near that area. Who can say different?

 See here for more detailed information concerning Jane Luckey and her two husbands,      

                                 Capt. Samuel Miller  and John Cruikshank

       iv.     UNKNOWN LUCKEY, m. JOSEPH RHEA.  I have found nothing further about Joseph Rhea

                and his wife, born a Luckey.

        v.     ROBERT LUCKEY, b. 1753, Cumberland Co., PA; d. 1797, Chartiers Creek, Washington Co.,

                PA; m. CATHERINE MCILVAINE, 1789; b. 1756; d. 1835.

                    Notes for ROBERT LUCKEY:

Robert Luckey and his family are listed on the Washington Co., PA 1790 Census, page 191 - 1 male over 16, 1 male under 16 and 6 females over 16.  Robert is also a Revolutionary war veteran. On the same county record, page 191, a George and Cyrus McIvaine are listed as heads of families, probably relatives of Catherine's.

       vi.   ANDREW LUCKEY3, JR., b. Abt. 1754; d. Abt. 1825, Fayette Co., PA.. Much more information below▼.

       vii.   ELINOR LUCKEY. No further information is known about Elinor.

Generation No. 2

ANDREW3 LUCKEY, JR (ANDREW2, ROBERT1) was born Abt. 1754, and died Abt. 1825 in Fayette Co., PA.  He married MARTHA GILLISPIE, daughter of HENRY GILLIESPIE and ELIZABETH THOMPSON. 

Notes for ANDREW LUCKEY, JR and Martha Gillespie   All the notes written in dark red below were contributed by Scot Novak, a descendant of Andrew Luckey.

Andrew Luckey JR. married Martha Gillespie of Cumberland County. She was the daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Thompson Gillespie. Early Luckey family history records done in the early 1900’s lists Andrew’s wife as Elizabeth Thompson.  Someone remembered that name but it was the wrong name of Andrew’s wife. It was his mother-in-law's maiden name, Martha's mother.

Andrew and Martha Luckey were first recorded in Westmorland County in 1778.  It was also that year when their first daughter (name is unknown) is born near Hannastown. He becomes a Private, a teamster, in the Pennsylvania's 8th regiment. He served under Captain Samuel Miller. (See a montage of Revolutionary War military records for Andrew Luckey, Andrew Cruikshank and Samuel Miller below ▼ .  These are actual excerpts from a volume entitled Pennsylvania in the War of Revolution....Published 1880)  To become a teamster seems to be a natural off shoot of being around a father who is wheelwright, near a place where one would learn various skills to manage horses and oxen.

On March 15, 1778 the 8th Pennsylvania Regiment was sent home by General George Washington to Westmoreland County Pennsylvania to protect the Western Frontier which was in constant danger of attacks from the combined forces of British and Indian.  A war zone on the Western front.

On July 7 1778, Capt. Samuel Miller, husband of Andrew Luckey's sister, Jane, was ambushed and slain along with nine other soldiers while delivering supplies between Hannastown to Fort Hand

Bet. 1769 - 1770, Jane marries Andrew Cruikshank as her second husband. He was private in Capt. Miller's regiment.


July 13, 1782, During a large wedding celebration at Miller’s Block House at Miller’s Station, (now the home of Jane and Andrew Cruikshank) about 2½ miles from Hannastown the Indian’s attacked.  Jane Miller Cruickshank was assisted by her brother Andrew Luckey escaping the attack with her two small children.  Her two other children had been captured by the Indians and her son Samuel was killed shortly after he was captured.  Her daughter Dorcas was taken to Canada and traded and released 3 years later.

Also in the year 1782 Andrew and Martha had another daughter, Jane.  Jane later married Joseph Fowler Osborn.  

Andrew Luckey, Jr. was given a Letter of Administration by his uncle, Samuel Luckey, in Westmoreland County on Sept. 6, 1784. 

In 1786 Andrew and his Family are still residents of Hempfield Twp. Westmoreland Co., where another daughter, Delilah was born. She married Isaac Humbert. (Both Jane Osburn, [spelled that way on the Census Record] apparently a widow, and Isaac Humbert families are listed on the 1840 Georges Twp., Fayette Co., PA, Census, Jane lives next door to her son, “Jos. Osburn”)

Their 3rd daughter Martha, was born that was married to Samuel Gillespie. (On the 1840 census Martha and Samuel live in Pymatuning Twp., Mercer Co. PA and their name is spelled “Galespy”)

A daughter Ophelia Elizabeth was born in 1795. Ophelia was the wife of Philip Kefover,

By 1790 Andrew and Martha are residents of Washington Co., PA, listed on the census of that year as "1 male, ages 16 and over, and 5 females". Perhaps the daughter of "unknown" name is still living in 1790,  She would have been only 12 years old,  Martha's parents also left Cumberland County and are listed on the 1790 census as living in Washington Co., PA

A unknown daughter was born in 1799.  In 1799 and 1800, Andrew and family are listed Dunbar, Wharton Twp., Fayette Co., PA

In 1810 Andrew moved his family to Springhill, Twp., Fayette Co., PA.

In several Westmoreland County History books Andrew is reported at age 68 in 1822 still living in Fayette, County. No record of his or Martha’s death has ever been found.



    i.    DAUGHTER (NAME UNKNOWN)4 LUCKEY, b. 1778, Hannastown, PA.

   ii.   JANE LUCKEY, b. 1782, Hempfield Twp. Westmoreland Co., PA; m. JOSEPH FOWLER


  iii.   DELILAH LUCKEY, b. 1786, Hempfield Twp, Westmoreland Co., PA; m. ISAAC HUMBERT.

  iv.   MARTHA LUCKY, b. 1787, Hempfield Twp, Westmoreland Co., PA; m. SAMUEL GILLESPIE.


In 1840 their last name is spelled "Galespy" on the census record.

In 1850 Martha is a widow living Pymatuning Twp., Mercer County PA.

            v.   OPHELIA ELIZABETH LUCKEY, b. 1795, Greene Co., PA; d. 1840, Nicholson, Fayette,

              Pennsylvania; m. PHILLIP KEFOVER/KEFAUVER; b. 02 May 1789, Middletown, Frederick,

              Maryland; d. 03 Apr 1881, Fayette, Pennsylvania, USA.

       vi.    daughter (name unknown) LUCKEY, b. 1799, Washington Co., PA;