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                              Hello, and welcome to the Miller-Malcom Family Tree Website.  My name is Marla Hembree. I am the daughter of Lee Merle Miller and Maybelle Warren Malcom Miller.  I created this website in  order to share our family's history with all  those who are  members of the tree whether they be branches, twigs or leaves.  The tree has become a great labor to me and I have found out that nothing is permanent and life is always changing.  Families grow, members are born and members are lost. New discoveries are found.  So, the information on this website will be constantly changing, sometimes on a weekly basis. The photo on the left was taken in the summer of 2004. The photo on the right is of me and my faithful genealogical sidekick, my husband, Greg. (taken New Year's Eve 2013).                               

Dear Readers, Just last fall, Sept 6, 2014, my best friend and loving husband suddenly passed on to another life. Click here, see and read just a a small part of his life and what he meant to me, his family, his co-workers at the Town o Vienna VA, and all who knew him. 

◄◄ Guinivere Ellen Eckert Barcelou, my first cousin.

She is the daughter of my mother's older sister, Murriel Delight Malcom Eckert and resides with her husband Charles Barcelou in Moville, Iowa.  She has given me access to all of her photos, family letters, histories and shared many a story from the " old days".  She has made countless phone calls and visits to relatives who are close and far away.  I couldn't have started this venture without her.  This photo was taken at her home in 2004. 

Update: Her husband Charles passed away in July, 1990.  She lives with her son Harold and his wife, Sharon in Washington State.  Guin will be age 91 in December 2014.  (I am sad to report that cousin Guin died on 28 Apr 2015 at age 91.  She had not been well for some time and became increasingly frail. We all will miss her greatly.  She was a kind and generous person.  Her body was returned to Iowa and she is buried beside her beloved Charles at Bethel-Piero Cemetery in Woodbury County, Iowa.  She was given a full military graveside service.)

  See here for her obituary and more details of Guins' life. 




◄◄ Norma Jeanne Hensler Bishop,  another first cousin ►►

Norma is the daughter of my mother's eldest sister, Fanny Maud Malcom Hensler.  My sisters and I always looked forward to a visit from "Aunt Fan" because she was an adventuresome spirit and always had a good story to tell.  Norma and I have become reacquainted after many years because we both like the adventure and discovery of our own family genealogy. She has contributed many historical family tidbits and documents that were written by her mother and our grandfather, George William "Billy" Malcom. Norma and her husband, Ralph, lived in Atlanta, Georgia but later moved to California to be near to their daughter Cynthia Nourse, her husband James and granddaughter, Susan.  Ralph died on Oct 18, 2010 at age 89.  Norma continues to keep busy with many hobbies and interests that are rooted in history.  She with the help of her daughter, Cynthia, with intrepid persistence, overcame many obstacles and managed to get Grandpa Malcom's (George William Malcom-1875-1890) book called "Recollections of an Iowa Farmer" published and copyrighted in 2011. Then they traveled back to Iowa and and distributed copies of the book to local libraries and Historical Societies.  Below is a email note from Norma I received on Sep/ 09/ 2014.  Yes, Norma's achievement is impressive.

Hi Marla,

I will be sending you a copy of the letter I received from the Library of Congress when they recently accepted grandpa's book, " Recollections of a Iowa Farmer",  for addition to their General Collection.  The control number that they assigned his book is 2013496724. Pretty impressive, don't you think?

All's well here----just busy.       Love,  Norma

Norma, age 22Norma age 22










I want to dedicate this page to all those relatives who have helped me discover information about our common roots.  I believe it is important for all of us to know where we came from and how we are shaped into the peculiar individuals we exist as today.  

         My special gratitude goes to the following persons:

Donna Mezaros

Donna and I share the same great-great grandparents, Horatio Malcom and Lucina May Streeter Malcom. Donna has spent many years researching our Malcom heritage and is an accomplished and respected Genealogist.  She is the author and editor of the Malcom Family Newsletter (1987-1994).  I owe much to her for her help and generosity in sharing so many historic family photos and documents.  She and her husband Steve, live in Phoenix, Arizona.  



◄◄ Barbara Kay Miller Hervey and Patricia (Pat) Ann Miller Thomason   (L-R).

My sisters.  Both have been patient and helpful in listening to me while I try to explain complicated relationships in our ancestry and helping me identify persons in old photos of unidentified relatives.  Barb, a widow, lives in Mc Allen, Texas.  Pat lives in Houston, Texas with her husband Braxton Thomason. This photo was taken upon the occasion of Barbara's 70th birthday party and family reunion in 2003.


As some of you may have heard, my dear sister, Barbara, passed away last December 7, 2014. She was always my kind and loving "Big" sister, ready to lend a helping hand or a listening ear.  See here her obituary written collectively by her 4 children Valerie, Tammy, Kyle and Sean.  Her extended family will remember and celebrate and her life where she would want to be with all of us in Estes Park, Colorado during a Scottish Festival on her birthday Sept 12th this coming fall.


 If you should have any historical information or documents you would like to share within these pages, including corrections, please contact me at:   miller.malcom.ft@gmail.com.