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Photos of Barbs family as they gathered to Celebrate her life in Estes Park , Colorado Sept 2015.




t the left is a photo of beautiful Lily lake where Barbara's ashes were scattered upon the water.  The lake is a small mountain lake located about 15 miles from Estes Park,  quiet and peaceful with few visitors on that day. Photo by Braxton Thomason

Barb's two sons, Kyle in a red shirt (center) with Sean in full-dress Scottish uniform to his left as they reverently scatter her ashes upon the lake. The rest of us, her beloved family, watch silently amidst the trees and noises of nature all around us.  Photo by Braxton Thomason












Barbara's children, after the ceremony, a task well planned, lovingly and faithfully executed. Barbara was proud of her children and cared for them always.     L-R: Tamara, Sean, Kyle and Valerie.Photos by Braxton Thomason

 Barb's youngest sister Pat with her husband Braxton Thomason from Houston, Texas.
The are pictured in front of the YMCA "signature" statuary sculpture in front of the "mess hall".

The Rockies make
a magnificent backdrop for the photo.

Photo by Marla Hembree.

Valerie Maniscalco, on the left, Barb's first born daughter beside her son Ryan (eligible bachelor) and oldest son Jamie with his wife Stacey on the left. Jamie follows in his GGG Grandfather Billy Malcom's footsteps in becoming prematurely bald at a very young age.
Still very handsome.

Val lives in Chicago.
Barb's second born "Tam" (Tamara) and her family.

L - R.  Tam's loving husband, (1) Steve Volner is head to head with his wife (2)Tam; (3)grandson Austin, son of Kyle Forster, husband of Andrea, Tam's daughter: (4) Andrea stands left of Austin. (5) Randy Ellerbee, wearing a blue scarf, is Tam and Steve's daughter; next is (6) Noah Volner, their son; (7) Danielle Cunningham, Tam's daughter by her first marriage, stands in front of (8) Kyle Forster.
(Hope the readers are not thoroughly confused by now.)

This is such a happy photo of all of them.
 Photo by Jamie Maniscalco.
Barb's first born son Kyle Wheeler and his family.

L-R.  Nicole Wheeler, wife of Robert Wheeler who stands to her right holding their new daughter, Lydia Grace. Robert is the first born son of his parents Kyle and Barbara Wheeler. They stand in the middle of the photo; Ella Joy, the little girl in pink blouse is Robert and Nicole's oldest daughter;  Tall young man in back to the right of his Father is Todd Wheeler, their youngest son; in front of him is Andrea, wife of Craig Wheeler their middle son who stands at  the far right.

 Photo by Jamie Maniscalco

Barbara's sister Marla Hembree and her family.

 L- R Quent Manske, Marla's eldest son and his wife Karen; Marla;
grandson Kieran Manske next to his father, Kurt Manske, Marla's youngest son and his daughter,Taylor Nicole Manske.

All enjoyed being with extended family once again.

Photo by Jamie Maniscalco.







This seemed to me as good a place as any to insert a photo of Barbara's great grand- daughter, Ella Joy, age 2, daughter of grandson Robert and his wife Nicole. She certainly brought "joy" to all who saw her.
At the left is Sean, Barbara's youngest son, just  as he steps out of Lily Lake after he and his brother Kyle do the honor of casting their mother's ashes upon the lake water.  After all their trials as family, Barbara raised four wonderful children. My only regret is that no one managed to catch a photo of Sean with his kind and loving wife, "Susie".  If any one finds one, please send it to me.                                                      Photo by Jamie Maniscalco.

Above are Marla and Pat, the two remaining members of the sisterhood we laughingly called the "Twisted Sisters".  We still miss our "Big Sister". This photo was taken on the morning of our departure from the Rockies.       Photo by Braxton Thomason

At the left is a grand photo of Barb in her Malcom Family Plaid Scottish attire. My guess is that this photo was taken in the late 1970's or early 80's.  If any recall the correct date, Please let me know.

        "...Well Done Thou Good
          and Faithful Servant..."
                 Matthew 25:21

        Via Con Dios. Barbara

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