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Descendants of Stutson (Stedson,Stetson) Benson


 Generation No. 1

1.  STUTSON1 (STUDSON,STETSON) BENSON  was born 02 Mar 1741 in Rochester, Massachusetts, and died 01 Mar 1820 in Pompey, Onondaga Co., NY, Buried a Delphi, NY.  He married BATHSHEBA LEWIS in 1760, daughter of JOHN LEWIS and BATHSHEBA ?.  She was born 1746 in Duchess Co., NY, and died 18 Jul 1830. Buried a Delphi, NY.


Stutson served as a private in Capt. Button's company in the Revolution. (See article below)  His and Bathsheba's home in 1777 was on or near the Bennington Battlefield at Waloomsac, NY.  In 1735 or 6 they moved to White Creek, now in Washington County, NY.  Here he was clerk of the Baptist Church and though he was never an ordained minister, he occasionally preached.  It is recorded that Stutson and Bathsheba were members of the Baptist Church of Christ in Providence, Saratoga, Co., NY in 1791.   In 1796 they moved to Pompey, NY where several of their sons had preceded them.  He died there in 1830. 



            i.      ELIZABETH BENSON, b. 31 May 1761.

            ii.     WILLIAM BENSON, b. 03 Nov 1763.

            iii.     ABIGAL BENSON, b. 28 Mar 1766.

            iv.     STUTSON BENSON, JR., born 13 Oct 1767 in  Waloomsac, Renssalear, Co. New York; died 1845,

                    Ashtabula Co.  Ohio. Buried at Amboy Cemetery, Ohio.  Our Ancestor               

            v.     JOHN BENSON, b. 14 Apr 1770.

            vi.    BENJAMIN BENSON, b. 03 Aug 1773 in  Waloomsac, Renssalear, Co. , NY;  Died young.

           vii.    MARAH BENSON, b. 06 Mar 1775.

           viii.     PETER BENSON, b. 25 Jul 1779; d. 02 Jan 1864, Niagra Co., NY; m. (1) CLARISSA SUMNER ( I wonder if

                    she is a relative to Sarah Sumner, Stutson , Jr's wife.)  ; m. (2) LUCY YOUNGLOVE.

            ix.    SETH PAUL BENSON, b. 09 Nov 1781.

            x.     OLIVE BENSON, b. 26 Feb 1784.


Below is a short history of the Benson Family. Their presence in America can be traced back to the 1600s.   Since it is my purpose to focus on Millers and Malcoms, as my web site is named, I will not post a full genealogy report here for the Bensons.  This is a good summary up until the time of and including our ancestor, Stutson Benson Jr.  This article was written some time ago by a Benson relative, Sarah Stump Benson. 


















Stutson was a Carpenter and Millwright.  He migrated to Ashtabula Co., Ohio about 1825.  Above, on the right ▲, is his grave marker at Amboy Cemetery in Amboy, Ohio. Though difficult here to read it says, "Stutson Benson Jr. 1767-1845".  Stutson was described by his peers and relatives as a small man, light hair, blue eyes, of an active and determined disposition and great endurance.



    i.    JOHN  BENSON, b. 18 Apr 1796, Edinburg, Saratoga Co., NY; d. 09 Aug 1866, Iowa. John is also a carpenter and a millwright and helped his father build mills in  the Genesee Valley in NY.  He moved to Iowa in 1836.  His wife was  Almeda Green and they had 11 children.


    ii.   "ELDER" NUMAN (NEWMAN) BENSON, b. 17 Sep 1798, Edinburg, Saratoga Co., NY; d. 16 Sep 1847. He was a Preacher.  He is buried at Center Cemetery in Conneaut, Ohio. he married MARY (called AUNT POLLY) THOMPSON (1801-1879)  on 25 Aug 1825 in Ashtabula Co. Ohio.  She is also buried at Center Cemetery.  After Numan dies, she marries Horace Smith. Mary and Numan had 8 children.  Their oldest daughter Harriet (June 30, 1826-1893) who was unmarried, is also  buried at Center Cemetery as is Horace Smith.

                            See photos of Graves        

    iii.    WILLIS BENSON, b. 1799, Edinburg, Saratoga Co., NY; died Abt. 1838 of smallpox; m. LOUISA FORBES, 1821; She died 1871.  They were farmers living near Conneaut, Ashtabula Co., Ohio.  They had 6 children.  Today the town of Amboy is now a part of Conneaut, Ohio.  The town of Ashtabula to the west has a busy port but not a major one on Lake Erie. 



                 See photos of Ashtabula Port  taken on July 5, 2007.


 Above here ▲on the left, is the grave stone for Sarah Sumner Benson in Amboy Cemetery. It reads: "Sarah Benson, Relict of Studson Benson Jr., Died Dec. 18, 1858, Agd. 87 Oct ????" (unreadable at the bottom right).  It seems a shame that I have only grave-stones to show for this part of the family.  If anyone reading this has photos to share, Please contact me, Marla Miller Hembree at:



                                                                                            Generation No. 2


was born 13 Oct 1767 in Waloomsac, Renssalear, Co. New York, and died
1845 in Ashtabula Co.  Ohio He is buried at Amboy Cemetery, Ohio.

He married SARAH SUMNER in 1795 at Edinburg, Saratoga Co., NY,
daughter of C
She was born 28 Oct 1772 in Ashford, Windom Co., Conn., and died 18 Dec
 1858 in Ashtabula Co. Ohio. She is also buried at Amboy Cemetery, Ohio.
This cemetery is very small and not well kept.  It is located on US 20 just
west of Amboy Road or Ohio 450 in what is now Conneaut, Ohio 
See Amboy Cemetery.








 iv.    SARAH M. BENSON  was born Nov 1800 in NY, and died 07 May 1864 in Amboy, Ohio.  She married CHARLES BARRETT.  He was born Sep 1799, and died 21 May 1864 in Amboy, Ohio. They had 7 children.  Benson Barrett was born on May 6, 1840 and died in Kentucky about 1912 or 13.  The rest of the children except for the two girls listed below they are: Orpha-b.1826, Mary-b.1828, Sumner-b. 1831, and Elsey-b. 1836.  Two daughters who never married, were buried with Sarah and Charles at Amboy Cemetery. They are:

                 i.    Sylvia Barrett, born 11 Feb 1825; died 04 Mar 1883, Amboy, Ohio 

                 ii.    Sarah E. Barrett, born Dec. 6 1838 and died March 4, 1856, Amboy, Ohio.

See their grave sites.


 v.    MATILDA BENSON, b. 1804, Edinburg, Saratoga Co., NY; d. 1888, ?.  Notes for Matilda, our ancestor, below.


vi.     ELI BENSON, born 01 Jul 1806, Cazenovia, Madison Co., NY  He married ELIZABETH AGASBECK.  He was a farmer in Ohio and moved to Jefferson Co., Wisconsin, in 1847.  They both died in Wisconsin, he on May 11, 1885.  He was blind since  the year 1855. They had 4 children :Willis- abt. 1834, Sarah Ann -1836, Elsie -1836 and Lewis-1850.


vii.    ERI BENSON, was born 01 Jul 1806, Cazenovia, Madison Co., NY,  and died in 1852 died of Yellow fever.  He married  ELIZABETH CORRY(Could this be another way to spell Corey?)  He was also a carpenter and went to California about 1850 to help his sons, Julius and Albert.  He returned via the Isthmus of Panama where he contracted yellow fever and died soon after his return to Ashtabula County.  They had four children: Julius-1830, Albert-1832, Ursala-1834, and Charles-1846.


viii.    SYLVIA BENSON, was born. 29 May 1809 in Pompey, Onandago Co., NY.   She died. 10 Jun 1882  She married EBENEZER  BOSWELL WOODBURY.  He was born July 6, 1805 and died August 114, 1870.  When he was 17 he "bought his time", made  money and after coming of age, went into business for himself at Kelloggsville, Ohio becoming a highly successful merchant.  When he was nearly 40 he took up the study of law and after being admitted to the bar soon had a lucrative law practice.  His firm became widely known and his practice was located near the county seat of Ashtabula County in Jefferson. 



                   Generation No. 3


It is in this generation, time and place that the Benson Family is joined with the Taft Family. 

Both  families are hardy, strong and prolific and exhibit the "American can-do" pioneer sprit which built this country.


4.  MATILDA BENSON (STUTSON2, STUTSON1 (STEDSON,STETSON) BENSON) was born 1804 in Edinburg, Saratoga Co., NY, and died 1888 in ? She is my great great grandmother.  I have not yet located her death records or the location where she was buried.  She married (1) COREY TAFT 09 Oct 1825 in Ashtabula Co. Ohio, son of "EBEN" Ebenezer TAFT and BETSEY COREY. This first marriage to Corey Taft was certified by the County of Ashtabula at Jefferson on Dec. 6, 1825.  When they received their marriage license on Oct. 4, 1825, his name is spelled "Corey" as recorded by the clerk.   This application for a license to marry is signed by both of her parents, Stutson and Sarah Benson.  At other times his name is spelled "Cory".  He was born Abt. 1800 in Ohio, and died 1839.  He is buried in the same cemetery plot as his younger brother Levi Taft in Roscoe Cemetery, Illinois.  Corey dies when Matilda is 35 years old and has at least 3 of her 4 children still living with her.  Apparently she returns to her family home in Ashtabula County, Ohio and about 1 year later she marries (2) CYRUS GEER on 11 Apr 1841 in Kingsville, Ashtabula, County, Ohio.  Their marriage is solemnized by Oliver Barr, Pastor of the First Christian Church in Conneaut.  Matilda Benson Taft's marriage to a Cyrus Geer was recorded in Jefferson, Ohio on Nov. 10, 1841


Children of MATILDA BENSON and COREY TAFT are:

         i.    SOPHIA MATILDA4 TAFT, b. 26 Feb 1826, Kingsville, OH; d. 11 Dec 1908, Bassett, Nebraska. She is our great, great grandmother. She is 13 years old when her father, Corey Taft dies.   She marries (1) VALENTINE AMEY LAKE, on 25 Oct 1850 in Clinton, WI.  He was born 09 Feb 1824 in Kingston, Ontario , Canada the son of JOHN LAKE and SARAH STOVER. He died 06 Aug 1878, Rockton, Illinois.  Valentine A. Lake was a grain and stock dealer in Rockton, Illinois.  He is buried at Rockton, Illinois.  After 15 years she marries (2) JAMES MORSE, on 10 Mar 1893.  He was born on 21 Sep 1828.  She is buried in Bassett, Nebraska where several of her children resided.  See more about Sophia Taft, her husband Valentine Amey Lake and their children on the Lake page of this web site. 

       ii.    ORRIN TAFT, b. 1828; m. ABIGAIL SUSAN MUNGER?  I have found no more evidence regarding this son.

       iii.    IRA N. TAFT, b. 1830. He is probably named after his father's brother but then the name "Ira" is an often

              used Taft moniker.

                    Child of IRA N. TAFT is:

                         1.     NELLIE A. TAFT, b. Aug 1863, Winnebago Co, Ill; married her first cousin FRANK

                            WILLIS LAKE, 16 Nov 1880, Ida Grove,   Iowa; b. 23 Jul 1863, Rockton, Illinois; d. Bassett,


        iv.    STUDSON TAFT, b. 1832; d. Rosco Cemetery, Illinois.  He died young and is buried next to his father.

        v.    There are reports of one other child. Nothing further known.


Children of MATILDA BENSON and CYRUS GEER are:

       vi.    ERI GEER.

       vii.   FRANK GEER.

      viii.   CHARLES GEER.

       ix.    LUCINDA GEER.

       x.     LORINA GEER.  The similarity of these last two name suggests twin girls.


Cyrus Geer has five children by his first marriage.  They are: Jared, Orris, Mary, Sylvia, and Thomas.  (Let's hope they were all grown and married.) Nothing further is known about Matilda and Cyrus Geer's children.