iv.    BRAZILLA BOWEN CAIRNS, b. 1856, Iowa; She died before 1860.                
v.     AZARIAH ASBERRY CAIRNS, b. Abt. 1859, Iowa.
  Nothing further is known.                
vi.   ANNA E. CAIRNS, b. 09 Apr 1861, Casey, Clark Co., Illinois; d. 15 Apr 1935, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana; m. JONATHAN "JOHN" WESLEY BANDY on 22 Nov 1893; b. 08 Jun 1852, Illinois; d. 1930. The 1910 census reports John's occupation as a "packing plant foreman".  

Below are photos of Anna, John and two of their daughters.          
vii.    RICHARD CAIRNS, b. Abt. 1863, Illinois. Nothing further is known.            
viii.   ABNER CAIRNS, b. Abt. 1865, Illinois.  Nothing further is known.                
ix.     WILLIAM CAIRNS, b. Abt. 1869, Kansas.  Nothing further is known. 

                                   Generation 3

ROBERT FINLEY3 CAIRNS (ROBERT2, JOHN1) was born 14 Jul 1828 in Indiana and died 02 Dec 1868.He married MARY STRINGER.  She was born 1833 in Indiana, and died 1900.  On thee 1870 census, Mary is a widow living in Wayne, Bartholomew Co., Indiana with all of children except Brazilla who has died probably before 1860 as she is not listed on the 1860 census with the rest of the family.  

Children of ROBERT FINLEY CAIRNS and MARY STRINGER are:  (You can see how their children's names match those on the handwritten list above.)

       i.    MARGARET MARIA (MARIAH) CAIRNS, b. Nov 1850, Indiana; m. HEROD BRADFORD in 1872; b. Apr 1832, Indiana. The 1900 Census has them at home in Sand Creek Twp., Bartholomew Co., Indiana. The had a total of 6 children but in 1900 on 5 are still living.                   ii.   CHARLOTTE REBECCA CAIRNS, b. Feb 1852, Indiana; m. THOMAS CROSS, 1871; b. Feb 1848, Indiana  The are listed on the 1900 census as living in Vincennes, Knox Co., Indiana. They were married in 1871 and had 8 children but only 5 of them remain alive in 1900. Thomas is listed as a "day laborer". 

       iii.   SOPHRONIA (SOPHRONA) HORTON CAIRNS, b. Nov 1854, Iowa.  She never married.  On the 1900 and 1910 census records taken in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana, she lives with her sister Anna and brother-in-law, Jonathon Bandy


▼ Just below is Anna Emily Cairns (spelled Carnes by this  generation) Bandy, and on the right ►is her husband Jonathan  "John" Wesley Bandy. All the photos of this family I copied from the Butler/Colman family tree on Ancestry.Com. and were added to that site by Jesse Butler in April 2009. 

At the bottom of this page is a younger Anna, on the right, and two of her daughters, Ruth Alice, born 1897, and Mary E. Bandy, born 1902.

Above is a photo of John Barrett Kelly, who was married to two women of this Cairns generation, first Rebecca and then Hannah.  I found this photo on Ancestry.Com. I would be willing to bet that this is Hannah pictured with him and one of their three sons, probably Riley Mills Kelly who was born in 1863. This photo was taken soon after the Civil War when the camera came into common use.

vi.    ROBERT FINLEY CAIRNS3, b. 14 Jul 1828, Indiana; d. 02 Dec 1868, d. 02 Dec 1868. See more below. 

vii.   HANNAH MARIAH CAIRNS,  b. 1830; d. 1893; m. JOHN BARRETT KELLY Mar 1853; b. 14 Oct 1819, Clark Co. Indiana; d. 14 Aug 1891, Cumberland, Ill.  John and Hannah have 7 more children starting with the 1st born in 1853 and the last one born in 1868. It must a have been a very busy household because when Rebecca, John's first wife dies she leaves 3 children all under age 10. On the 1860 census Hannah, John Kelly and 5 remaining children still remaining at home live in Greenup, Cumberland Co., Illinois. See the photo on the left.

viii.  MARTHA EMILY CAIRNS, b. 21 Mar 1833, Indiana; d. 10 Feb 1866; m. RICHARD STRINGER b. Abt. 1931, Indiana. The 1860 census shows them living in Wayne, Bartholomew Co., Indiana, with 4 children, ages 2-7. Richard is listed as a shingle maker and Martha, age 27, cannot read or write.

ix.    SARAH CATHERINE CAIRNS. Nothing further is known.

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More of the Biggs, Cairns and Joseph Miller Families
Robert Biggs and Jane Miller Biggs, John Cairns and Mary miller Cairns and Joseph AND HANNAH Miller.
Here are the gravestones of Robert Biggs Sr. and Jane Miller Biggs.  They are buried in a private cemetery in Monroe Township, Clark County, Indiana, on Highway 160, about 1-1/2 miles west of Henryville with families of McBrides and Allens.  Persons who wish to visit must get prior permission from the landowner.   Transcribed, Robert's gravestone  reads:
In memory of Robert Biggs, who departed this life Nov. 9, 1831, aged 79 years." 

Jane's reads: "In memory of Jane Biggs ---?. consort of Robert Biggs deceased, who departed this life April 1st, 1839, aged 84 yrs, 2 months, 11 days."

Below is Robert Biggs' grave star showing his service in the
Revolutionary War

"Robert BIGGS was the first settler in what became Monroe Twp. He came from Shelby Co., Kentucky, and prior to that, he lived in Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania. He is referred to in David McBride's narrative as 'Old Father Biggs'."

Carlene Biggs Price wrote on 7/7/2001:  I have copied some material from the Sons of the American Revolution Library here in Louisville; they have their national headquarters here. There was a letter written that is also in the records; it was some research done in 1938. Since it was done by the SAR, it is undoubtedly correct or true. It states that Robert and Jane moved to KY in 1793......There is no record of them being in Clark Co as far as I have found until 1798 when they received a land grant. Census records from 1850-60 say that Jane and Robert Biggs' 12th child, Abner, was  born in 1798 Clark County, IN, their first to be born in that state.


The 1793 date is in corresponds with events happening with the family of Robert and Jane Biggs in Westmoreland County, PA. Orphans Court records from that county state that the dispute over Jane's father's property (Robert Miller, deceased in 1775) had its final adjudication on November 6, 1792.  She is joined in a lawsuit by her 8 siblings and their spouses against their eldest brother Isaac Miller who was appointed by the Westmoreland Orphans Court along with his widowed mother, Agnes, as co-administrators of that property until their majority years.  

Below you will see an excerpt from page 51, part of a book called: A Roster of Revolutionary Ancestors of the Indiana Daughters of the American Revolution : compiled In commemoration of the United States of America Bicentennial,

July 4, 1976

According to my research (which agrees with census records I have found plus research of others before) Robert and Jane Biggs's first three children John, Andrew and William Miller Biggs, were born in Westmoreland County, PA.  The next nine children starting with Robert Jr., (born 1785) were all born in Tennessee.  After Robert Jr. comes Jane Ann, Thompson, Louisa, Elizabeth, Mary, Nancy, Joseph, Samuel, (born in 1795). The last two children, Abner, b.1798, and Hannah, b. 1799, are born in Clark Co., Indiana.  I found no census record evidence that any of their children were born in Kentucky although the Crist family members who married into the Biggs family were all born in Kentucky.  (There still remains many questions about the birthdates of some of the children of Jane and Robert Biggs and I could not find final verification with census records.)  Keep in mind that Kentucky does not become a state until 1792, Tennessee in 1796 and Indiana in 1816. Therefore complete census records are not available.
On the DAR record at the right there are mistakes such as Robert Biggs' death date.  I does not jive with the date on his tombstone.  Also, their child called "Melinda Jane" is recorded to have been born in 1821.  That year is beyond Jane's child bearing years as she would have been age 66. Melinda Jane is probably a granddaughter.  However, I am
struck by how many of the children are named after relatives which was common and customary in those days.  John, their first born son is named, I believe, after Robert Biggs' father.  There is an elderly John Biggs listed on the 1820 Clark county census along with Robert and Jane.  Robert and John Biggs are both listed on Clark Co., Indiana, 1807 Voter list.  I am convinced that Robert Miller had a brother named John, also.  William Miller Biggs is named after Jane's brother, William. Son Robert is named after his father and Jane's father, Robert Miller. Jane Ann is, of course, named for her mother, Jane Miller Biggs and perhaps her grand mother, Agnes, "Ann"  being one of the English diminutives for Agnes.  Elizabeth and Mary have

the same names as Jane's sisters.  "Nancy" is a very common diminutive name for Agnes.  I believe that Hannah and Joseph are named after Joseph Miller and his wife Hannah and who lived "next door" to the Biggs family on the 1820 Monroe Twp., Clark County on 1820 Census. Also listed on the same 1820 Census page is a Robert Kerns (Cairns).  On the 1830 census, Joseph Miller has died but his widow Hannah is listed with 5 their children still living with her.  My conclusion after much research is that Robert and Jane Miller Biggs, Joseph Miller and his wife, Hannah, and Robert and Mary Miller Cairns (three of the children of Robert and Agnes Miller) all ended up together in Clark Co., Indiana. 

 The Cairns were more difficult to trace as their name is spelled differently on different records: Kerns, Kearns, Carnes, Carns, and other misspellings or derivatives.   I was greatly assisted in my search for their family when I found the two hand-written (in pencil) documents seen below on the internet.  We do not know who was the helpful relative that wrote them down a long time ago. 

The first page on the above left (the "Our Grandparents" list) is remarkably accurate as far as it goes.  Hannah Biggs, last child of Robert and Jane Miller Biggs did indeed marry Robert Cairns (spelled "Kerns") on 10 Sep 1817, and is officially recorded on Clark Co., Indiana marriage records.  The nine children listed are accurate and can be traced through US Federal Census records.  Their son, Robert Finley is recorded on census records married to a "Mary" and their 9 children are accurate. Robert and Hannah seem to feel strongly about naming their children after family members that "went before" and people who were memorable family friends. . Mary Jane is named after Robert's mother (Mary) and Hannah's mother, Jane. Elizabeth Agnes is named after her fraternal Grandmother (Elizabeth) and her maternal Grandmother (Agnes). Rebecca Hamilton is named after her mother's sister, Rebecca Miller and that Rebecca's court appointed guardian (Robert Hamilton) following the death of her father, Robert Miller, in 1775.  I would guess that Margaret Thompson is named after an aunt, one of her father's sisters and her uncle, Thompson Hay Biggs, a brother of her mother.  William Robert (some researchers say this should be "Bennett" instead of Robert) died in infancy.  He probably also is named after and uncle or great uncle and an important friend of the family.  Robert Finley bears the name of his father, his grandfather and his great grandfather, Robert Miller.  "Finley" could be the friend and neighbor to the Robert Miller family back in Westmoreland County, PA.  Hannah Maria (some reports say "Mariah") is of course her mother's name, her grandmother's given name and her great aunt's name, Hannah Miller, who was married to Joseph Miller.  Joseph and Hannah Miller lived next door to the Biggs family for years in Clark Co. Indiana.  Martha Emily has a Miller family name and Emily is the name of Hannah Cairns' Uncle Abner's wife, Emily Miller. This Emily is probably a daughter of Joseph and Hannah Miller. Sarah Catharine bears the name of an aunt or great aunt.  I hope I have not confused the reader with all this "name explanation".  Why do I consider this information important enough to add here?  I believe it connects the Cairns, the Biggs and the Miller families and the names are further confirmation that binds them together as ancestral relatives.

Other proofs that the Cairns family and the Biggs family were connected: (1) Robert Cairns (spelled "Kerns") is found on the 1820 Monroe Twp., Clark Co, Indiana Federal Census along with John Biggs, Robert Biggs and Joseph Miller.  A John Kerns (aged 45 and over) is listed on the 1820 Greenville, Twp., Floyd Co., Indiana Census.  I believe this to be Robert's father.  Floyd County is located just southwest and next door to Clark County.  (2) Robert and his family are also on the 1830 Clark Co., Indiana census (this time spelled "Carnes") along with Robert Biggs, Hannah Miller (Joseph's widow), John Biggs and Nicholas Crist.  (3) He again appears on the 1840 Clark Co., Indians Census, now between ages 50-60.

The second page entitled "Our Great grandparents" on the right does contain more errors probably due to faded memories of the author. Robert Biggs was married to Jane Miller not "Hannah".  The writer listed only 7 of their 14 children but it appears that the main focus was on their own particular grandmother, Hannah Biggs who married Robert Cairns. Cairns is indeed a Scottish name.

Below you will find a genealogy report for the rest of the Cairns Family that I have researched.  


Descendants of John Cairns and Mary Miller Cairns



Generation No. 1

JOHN1 CAIRNS  He married MARY MILLER, daughter of ROBERT MILLER and AGNES "NANCY".  She was born Abt. 1757 in Big Cove, Fulton Co., PA, and died Bef. 1820.
            Child of JOHN CAIRNS and MARY MILLER is:

ROBERT2 CAIRNS, b. 04 Aug 1782; d. 16 Oct 1863.  I was unable to find any clues about Robert Cairns' siblings although I have no doubt that there were some.  There was a "John Cairns" close to Robert's age who lived nearby him and his family in some census records.


 Generation No. 2 

ROBERT2 CAIRNS (JOHN1) was born 04 Aug 1782, and died 16 Oct 1863.  He married HANNAH BIGGS on 10 Sep 1817 in Clark Co., Indiana. She was the daughter of ROBERT BIGGS and Jane MILLER.  Hannah was born 25 Oct 1799 in Clark Co., Indiana, and died 11 Sep 1837, age 38.

           Children of ROBERT CAIRNS and HANNAH BIGGS are: 

            i.    MARY JANE CAIRNS, b. 21 Jan 1819, Clark Co., Indiana; d. 13 Mar 1891, Hazel Dell, Cumberland, Ill.; m. SILAS WARREN KELLY on 28 Dec 1837,

            Clark Co., Indiana; b. 16 Feb 1815, Monroe City, Clark Co., Ind.; d. 03 Mar 1877 Hazel Dell, Cumberland, Ill.  They had 10 children

ii.     ELIZABETH AGNES (NANCY) CAIRNS, m. THOMAS FERGUSON KELLY; b. 09 Apr 1817, Clark Co., Indiana; d. 30 Jan 1878, Cumberland, Il They had 9 children. Notes for THOMAS FERGUSON KELLY: Was a Union soldier in the Civil War.  

iii.    REBECCA HAMILTON CAIRNS, b. 1822; d. 1850; m. JOHN BARRETT KELLY, 25 Dec 1842; b. 14 Oct 1819, Clark Co., Indiana; d. 14 Aug 1891, Cumberland, Ill. They had 3 children, Rebecca dies at age 28 and John is only age 31. He marries Rebecca's younger sister, Hannah, in March of 1853.  See Hannah Cairns below (child # 7.) 

 iv.    MARGARET THOMPSON CAIRNS, b. 12 Dec 1824; d. 22 Aug 1840 at age 16. 

 v.    WILLIAM BENNETT CAIRNS, b. 31 Jan 1827, Clark Co., Indiana; d. 13 Feb 1827, Clark Co., Indiana, age 14 days.