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In early October of 2007 as we were searching for Taft relatives in Massachusetts, we came across this old, old cemetery near Upton.   The cemetery was located on a gravel road off of Grove Street about 1 mile south of Upton Center, MA.  Across the road from the Cemetery was a Paint Ball Game area.  The cemetery itself was somewhat unkempt which is a shame because the site is beautiful with many old trees.  There were many Tafts in this cemetery but I have been unable to establish the connection of most of them within the Taft family.  Maybe some one who reads this will be able to connect the dots and let me know. If so, please contact me at:

This small cemetery is called Old First Cemetery.  When we arrived the late afternoon, the autumn sun bathed the whole cemetery in a golden light.  Lucky us!  It was a perfect photo op.


















At the left is a sign that was attached near the

gate of Old First Cemetery.


Old 1st Cemetery1    At the Right is

  just  one view of the cemetery.►


Below that you will find

the gravestones of Capt. Robert Taft (a Revolutionary War
and his wife, Jaine Crage.  He is the brother of our ancestor, James Taft









































The graves stone on the left below is that of Jaine Crage.  It is in remarkable condition considering how old it is.  It is made with excellent stone and wonderfully carved. Notice how her first name is spelled. It reads: Here lies the remains of Mrs. Jaine the wife of Capt. Robert Taft who died Dec. the 8th 1793 in the 71st year of her age. (That would make her birth year to be about 1722.)  Some of the writing is in the lettering style that was commonly used in Early American school books.  For example: fs are used for ss.  Below that in smaller print, is a somber tome:

Behold and see as you pass by

As you are now so once was I

As I am now so you will be

Prepare for


Below on the right is the lichen covered broken grave stone of Capt. Robert Taft.  There was not much left but one could still read the words:"Here lies Capt. Robert Taft who died Nov 12 181(0)".























▼What you see below in the smaller photo is what I believe to be the footstone on the grave of Capt. Robert Taft.  The footstone, a common addition to grave sites in those days, was normally much smaller than a headstone and what you see here is just the top of this one.  On the right below is another representative look at this beautiful cemetery.  I only wish that I was able to connect the dots of the many Tafts buried here with relatives of known Tafts.  Further research is needed.  There is no doubt that the Tafts who lived, worked and prospered in the central part of Massachusetts were prolific and influential.  Their impact in this area was as great as the Chase Family.