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All details and photos of Charles Malcom his children, including many of the facts of Horatio Malcom, Charles and Lucy Rice Malcom's eldest son, were researched and compiled by Donna Meszaros, Mikkel Nelson and Lee Beyer, all family descendants.  Some facts about Horatio were handed down to me by my family.  Horatio is my great great grandfather on my mother's side. 

  1.  CHARLES MALCOM  eldest son of Michael Malcom and Lucy Chase Malcom was born 20 Oct 1792 in Ervings Gore, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, and died 01 Sep 1887 in Concord, Jackson County, Michigan.  When Charles is four years old his father encounters his trouble with the Law in Orange and disappears shortly thereafter with no record as to what happened to him.  His mother is unable to support three children and and Charles is separated from his brother, George, and sister, Freedom, and sent to live with the family of Peleg Jennings, a resident of Orange, Massachusetts.  We do not know if Charles is "bound out" to work (Charles seems rather young for this but then this is a different day and age) or if Jennings is a relative or what other circumstances have come into play.


He married LUCY RICE on 05 Aug 1810 in Wendell, Massachusetts (Intention to Marry record- May 28, 1810. Both Charles and Lucy are on record to have lived in Wendell at this time.)  She is the daughter of SAMUEL Robinson RICE and LUCY BRIGHAM and was born 04 Oct 1791 in Marlboro, Massachusetts. The Samuel Rice family is found on the I810 Census taken at Belchertown, MA.  Lucy dies in 1871 before Charles passes on.  Charles and Lucy Rice Malcom are both buried at Maple Grove Cemetery, Concord, Michigan.

See here the ancestry of Lucy Rice going back to England

Some time between 1810 and 1812, Charles, Lucy and her parents move from Wendell to Erving's Gore, Mass.  Their first son, Horatio, was born in Feb. of 1811 but we do not know where. Here are abbreviated census records for Charles and Lucy: in 1810 they lived in Wendell, Hampshire Co., MA; in 1820 and 1830 they lived in Albany Twp., Albany Co., New Yorkin 1840 they lived in Concord, Michigan 


It is in 1812 that Charles, his brother George and Charles' father-in-law have a run-in with the law over counterfeit bank notes.  All are arrested along with a man named Tisdale for the crime.  The following story was copied from The Malcom Family Newsletter, Vol. 1, No. 2 published in July 1987 and written and edited by Donna Meszaros. The story was all taken from Commonwealth of Massachusetts court records concerning the case of Charles Malcom, his brother George and the other parties involved.  It's a good story. 

Descendants of Charles Malcom






































































What a nasty turn of events for our Charles and his family.  It seems that justice had not been served.  On May 8, 1912 Charles is transferred from the jail at Northampton to the state prison at Charlestown near Boston to begin his life sentence.  Back at New Salem his friends and neighbors begin a campaign to have him pardoned and the people who raised him, Peleg and Susannah Jennings, lead the charge.  By January of 1913 a petition for Charles' pardon has been submitted and signed by 124 residents of New Salem and the surrounding communities.  A pardon is granted but the name on the petition is mistakenly George's name instead of Charles' name.  Charles quickly writes the Board of Directors for the Massachusetts State Prison and explains this near disastrous mistake and as a result Charles is finally pardoned and released from prison on January 14, 1814.  The Prison Board of Directors, citing his good behavior in prison, find that "the said Malcom has hitherto, and especially in the late contemplated insurrection(?), conducted (himself) in a praiseworthy manner".  Charles is now age 21.

Charles returns to his family in Wendell, Lucy and this three year-old son, Horatio.  On May 19, 1815 their second son Samuel is born there.  However, on the 1820 census they are listed as living in Marcellus in Onondaga County , New York.  This town is just southwest of Syracuse and by now Elvira  and Emily Ann have joined the family.  The 1820 census reports that the family is engaged in "agriculture".  This probably means farming but we have no indication that Charles owned any land.  By 1829 three more children have been born, Harriet, George and Eliza.  Their eighth child, Almeda, is born in Steuben County, New York in August on 1829.  Steuben County is located 60 miles further southwest of Marcellus.  The family is on the move for economic reasons, I assume, because on the 1830 census they are located in Pike, New York, 30 miles south east of Buffalo.  Their last two children, John and Mary, are probably born in Pike. 

In the 1830s many western lands were now being settled by pioneers looking for more farm land at a cheaper price. Michigan became a state in 1837 and it was about that time when Charles moves his family, those who still live under his roof, to Jackson County in the new state.   His two older sons Horatio (age 26) and Samuel (age 22) and their families move with him.  Their older daughter, Harriet, who was married at age 15 remains in New York but later they follow the rest of the family to Michigan.  She and her family are listed on an 1850 Michigan census as living in Concord.  Charles, Lucy and their families slowly prosper and are able to buy and sell farm land.


In the 1830s many western lands were now being settled by pioneers looking for more farm land at a cheaper price. Michigan became a state in 1837 and it was about that time when Charles moves his family, those who still live under his roof, to Jackson County in the new state.   His two older sons Horatio (age 26) and Samuel (age 22) and their families move with him.  Their older daughter, Harriet, who was married at age 15 remains in New York but later they follow the rest of the family to Michigan.  She and her family are listed on an 1850 Michigan census as living in Concord.  Charles, Lucy and their families slowly prosper and are able to buy and sell farm land.


By 1860 Charles and Lucy who are both in their late 60s are living with his son George, his wife and 4 children.  Elvira, their spinster daughter who is listed as "Infirm", lives with them.   This farm was purchased for $1000 and is located in Allen Township, Hillsdale County, Michigan.

Children of Charles Malcom and Lucy Rice are:


1.  HORATIO MALCOM, the first born son of Charles and Lucy, was born 18 Feb 1811 in Massachusetts, and died 26 Mar 1890 in Anthon, Woodbury Co., Iowa.  He is buried at Bethel Cemetery, Peiro, Iowa.
  ◄ Horatio and Lucina May ►
 He married
LUCINA MAY STREETER in 1833 in Pike, Allegany Co. New York,  She is the daughter of JOSEPH STREETER and FANNY DEWEY and was born 03 May 1813 in New York State, and died 04 Oct 1863 in Tama. Iowa.  Horatio and Lucina are my great great grandparents.  Lucina is purported to be 1/8 Narragansett Indian and relatives have often made reference to her Indian blood.   I have gathered much more information on them than the other brothers and sisters so, understandably, I will devote more space to them

These two pictures are not photos but drawings of a sort.  They probably look like Horatio and Lucina wanted to look. They seem to be in their 30s or 40s and seem proper and prosperous.  I am sure the pictures are a good resemblance of the pair but see a photo of Horatio as a young man. This wild haired man is perhaps a more realistic look and in my mind more matches the character and life style of Horatio Malcolm.


Horatio, as a young man, is said to have earned his living in New York while working of the Erie Canal. The canal was completed in 1825 when Horatio was very young but he could have worked in one of the many and various other occupations supported by the canal.  And, child labor was not unheard of in those days.  His oldest son, Joseph who is born in 1835, is said to have been born "within sight of the city of Buffalo," (NY).  Other sources say he was born near Syracuse, NY.  Both cities are port cities on the Erie Canal and are circled in red on this 1896 map of the canal.  Sometime before 1838, when their second son is born, Horatio and Lucina follow his parents to live in Michigan.























See here for more information about Samuel Malcom, photos Concord, Michigan, the cemetery there and some maps.  It was a very nice little town and more than worth the visit we made there in 2007.


Continued Below are the 8 remaining Children of Charles and Lucy Rice Malcom:


       3.    ELVIRA MALCOM, b. 28 Jun 1817, Massachusetts.  Elvira lives with her parents all her life and on the 1860 census is listed as  "infirm", living with her parents along with her brother George, his wife and their 4 children on a 40 acre farm in Allen Township, Hillsdale County, Michigan.  After that nothing further is known of Elvira.


       4.    EMILY ANN MALCOM, b. 1819, Cayuga County, New York; d. 1877. Emily Ann moves to Michigan with her family when a teenager, acquires skills as a dressmaker.  Emily Ann married three times: 1) Ira Canright, d. Nov. 19,1846.   2) William Richardson (This marriage is not a happy one and she leaves William in August 1848.  He divorces her in January 1849, charging adultery.), and she later marries 3) Asa Cobb on January 9, 1973, a man 10 years her senior.  After the death of her third husband on August 11,1873, we have no further information concerning Emily Ann.


       5.     HARRIET L. MALCOM  was born 30 Jan 1822 in Marcellus, New York, and died 08 Feb 1918 in Terre Haute, IndianaShe married William Guinnup.    Children of Harriet and William are:

                          i.    Charlotte Guinnup

                          ii.    Franklin Guinnup

                          iii.    Lavantia Guinnup

                          iv.    George Guinnup


        6.   GEORGE MALCOM was born in 1824 at Marcellus, New York. He died on 19 Sep 1863, Montour, Tama County, Iowa.  He is buried at the Maple Grove Cemetery in Tama County, Iowa.  Oddly enough this is the name of the cemetery where his father is buried in Concord, Michigan.  He married Thirza MINERVA GERRY on September 30, 1850.  She was born in Vermont on December 3, 1832.  At first George and Minerva live near Concord, Michigan on land purchased from his father and mother.  All of their children are born in Michigan.  They sell the farm back to his mother, Lucy, in 1857.  By 1860 the family is living with his parents on a farm in Hillsdale Co.. Michigan.  In 1862 George and Minerva move their family to Tama Co., Iowa following in the footsteps of his older brother Horatio.  Horatio and his family had moved to Iowa in 1854.


George dies in 1863 at the age of 39 of an unknown cause.  Donna Meszaros speculates that since Horatio's wife, Lucina, dies two weeks after George on October 4th, that there may have been a local epidemic of sorts.  Cholera often reared its ugly head in those days.  Five months later, Minerva marries her neighbor, William Coleman Murty, whose first wife had died in 1859.  William is a widower with 7 living children (most of them grown).  He is 14 years her senior.   Minerva has 6 more children by William Murty but she dies on September 26, 1877 shortly after the birth of their last child, a girl, Laura Murty.  See photos of George and Minerva's family


                       Children of George Malcom and Minerva Gerry are:

                        i.    Ora Josephine (Josie) Malcom, b. Aug. 21, 1851 in Michigan  

                        ii.    Sara Malcom, b. July 1853 in Michigan and dies in Lodi, California in 1930.

 She has three husbands, Harry S. Green, William Sharp and James

 Lockwood.   James is born and dies in the same year as Sara.

                       iii.    Charles "Charlie" Malcom, b. abt. 1855, Michigan and d. June 18, 1876

                       iv.    John Jasper Malcom  He is born November 1856 , Married Emma Belle Lucas.

        He dies in 1907 and is buried at Oak Hill Cemetery in Anthon, Iowa.

                       v.    Oscar Malcom  b. 1858 in Michigan and died May 22, 1860

         7.     ELIZA MALCOM  was born 09 Feb 1827 in Marcellus,  New York, and died 12 May 1907 in Michigan.  She married Reuben Penoyar  18 Mar 1847 in Pulaski Township, Michigan.  He was born 24 Jun 1824 in Lyons, New York, and died 05 Feb 1892.  Eliza and Ruben lived in Hillsdale County, Michigan and 7 of their eight children live to adulthood.   Both are buried at Hiram King Cemetery, Jackson County, Michigan. See photos of Eliza and Ruben.







































































































          i.    JOSEPH MALCOM, born on. 12 Apr 1835, Syracuse, Onondaga Co., New York State; died while visiting his daughter, Clara, on 08 Aug

             1914, at Decatur, Burt Co. Nebraska. He is buried at  Peiro, Iowa, Bethel Cemetery. (My Great Grandfather)

         ii.    WILLIAM G. MALCOM, b. 01 Jul 1838, Jackson County, Michigan; d. 1878, Avoca, Iowa.

        iii.    CHARLES F. MALCOM, b. 01 Dec 1843, Michigan. Death of an unknown cause or disappearance before

              1850. A burial site has never been found.

         iv.   DUNCAN DEVALSIN MALCOM, b. 09 Apr 1849, Hanover, Jackson County, Michigan; d. 30 May 1929,

              Anthon, Iowa.

Go to these hyperlinks for more information about Joseph Malcom, his family and his life in Tama County Iowa.  Since I have so much information to share about him, more than one page devoted to him will be necessary.  

Horatio's Life before Lucina's death              Horatio's Lands in Iowa


 2.  SAMUEL MALCOM, b. 19 May 1815, Wendell, Massachusetts. While Samuel is still young he moves with his parents and siblings to New York State and an 1820 census places them in Marcellus, Onondaga Co., New  York.  In 1830 they are still in New York but in Pike, Allegany County.  He meets and marries his first wife Juditha Kinney on July 14, 1834.  Samuel is only 19.  A son, Lewis Asa, is born to them there on August 5, 1835. 

        Notes for SAMUEL MALCOM: Samuel was a cooper, and shoemaker by trade but also farmed. He also dabbled in land speculation at times.

In 1837 Samuel, his wife and son plus his parents and others of his siblings move to Jackson County Michigan. Samuel becomes a sharecropper plus he labored on neighboring farms to earn a living.  In 1839 he moves to Concord Township and works as a Cooper making barrels and other wooden wares.  An 1840 store ledger shows that he earned $68.31 for making 253 barrels and 47 flour barrels earned him $17. 63.  A daughter, Lucy is born to them in 1840.  Samuel is becoming prosperous and is able to start his own business and have a partner in that business.  In 1844 they establish a boot shop in Concord, Michigan. However, just two years later Juditha dies on April 15, 1846.


   Children of Samuel and Juditha are:

        1.  Lewis Asa Malcom, born August 5, 1835, He leaves the family by 1851 and moves to California. He

             marries Olive Jane Strong Parcher on May 13, 1866 back in Tama, Iowa.  She is born March 15,

             1840.  They both die in Oregon, he in 1918 and she in 1931.  More about Lewis Asa Malcom and Olive Jane Parcher. 

        2.  Lucy Malcom, b. 1840, Jackson County, Michigan; d. 14 Feb 1874, Cedar Springs, Michigan; m. RICHARD Blackmer, on 12 Jan

           1862,  Mosherville, Michigan; He is born in 1837, Hillsdale County, Michigan


Samuel moves with his children to a farm in Pulaski Township.  He continues to make shoes but only as a sideline to farming.  (Shoemaking seems to be a talent and skill other members of his family possess including his brother Horatio and his nephew, Joseph Malcom).  This farm is close to his parent's farm and they likely help take care of Samuel's children until Samuel marries again on June 13, 1848.  His new bride is Harriet Drake who was born in New York State on April 9, 1819.  In 1851 Samuel and Harriet move back to Concord and Samuel again takes up shoemaking.  They have two more children and in the 1860 census, Samuel, age 45, is listed as a farmer with $600 in real estate and $1000 in personal estate monies.  Besides his new family he has a farm laborer and an assistant shoemaker and the assistant's wife living with them.


       Children of Samuel and Harriet are:

             1.  Harriet Malcom, b. Jul 1849; d. 29 Jun 1916; m. (1) Jacob Q. Rosenbrook; b. 1839, New

             York State; m. (2) Wheeler Rogers, 1874.   Harriet and Jacob Rosenbrook are buried at Concord,


            2.  David D. Malcom, b.1853. d. 1855 Buried at Concord, Michigan.

               3.  Byron Dayton Malcom, b. 02 Oct 1856; d. 14 Sep 1944, Alma, Michigan, Buried in Concord, Mich.

             Marries Carrie A. MacKensie Dec, 1, 1880.  She is born Dec 26, 1860 and dies June 4, 1947. 

They had one son, George Arthur Malcom, born, 11/5/1881 Died in 1961.

Look here for more about Byron Dayton Malcom and his family.

Look here for more information about their son, Justice George A. Malcom

         Children of ELIZA MALCOM and REUBEN PENOYER are:

                               i.    Lafayette Penoyar, b. 1848. Died young.

                  ii.    James Penoyar, b. 1849 in Michigan

                  iii.   Franklin Penoyar, b. Sept. 1851.

                  iv.    Theodore Penoyar, b. May 1856.

                  v.     Eliza Penoyar, b. 1858 in Michigan.

                  vi.    Cornelia Penoyar, b. Dec. 1860 in Michigan.

                  vii.   Ruben  Penoyar, b. 1865 Michigan.


             8.     ALMEDA S. MALCOM was born 04 Aug 1829 in Steuben County, New York, and died 23 Sep 1904 in Concord, Michigan.  She married WILLIAM R. DRAKE 26 Dec 1846.  He was born in 1829 and died the 19th of March 1897.  Both are buried in Concord, Michigan.  His sister, Harriet Drake, married Almeda's brother, Samuel Malcom.  The Drakes were farmers most of their lives but William also was a harness maker.  They lived near Almeda's parents and Almeda was often called upon to care for her elderly father.   When her father Charles dies,  Almeda writes a letter to her brother Horatio informing him of his death along with other news of the family.  (See letter) 

                         Children of ALMEDA MALCOM and WILLIAM DRAKE

                              i.    Francis Elizabeth DRAKE, b. Jul 1848.

             ii.    Clarissa (Clara) Louisa DRAKE, b. Jul 1850.

            iii.   John L. DRAKE, b. Aug 1852.

            iv.    Marion W. DRAKE, b. 01 Aug 1854.

            v.     Guita DRAKE, b. Jan 1856.

            vi.    Emma A. DRAKE, b. Jun 1861.


           9.     JOHN MALCOM, b. 01 Nov 1831, Pike, New York; d. 04 Mar 1852. He was 20 years old and there has been no record found as to the cause.  He is buried at Buck Cemetery, Jackson County, Michigan.


          10.    MARY MALCOM, b. 15 Jun 1833, Pike, New York; d. 07 Feb 1920, Mancelona, Antrim County, Michigan. Mary married Edwin Meeker sometime in the 1850s.   He earned a living as a blacksmith for most of his life.  He died sometime between 1900  and 1910.  She was 82 years old when she died.  (See photos of Mary and Edwin Meeker)

                        Children of Mary Malcom and Edwin Meeker

                     i.    Edwin Meeker , b. Oct. 1854, Michigan

                    ii.    August Meeker, b.1856, Michigan

                    iii.    Frank? Elwin Meeker, b. Dec 1857, Michigan

                    iv.    Etta or Hettie Meeker, b. abt. 1862, Michigan

                    v.    William Meeker, B. abt. 1863, Michigan

                    vi.   Charles Meeker, b. Feb. 1866, d. 1922  Mancelona, Antrim County, Michigan

                    vii.   Oscar Meeker, B. Nov. 1866. Michigan

                    viii.  Mollie or Fannie or Maude Meeker, b. abt. 1869, Michigan

                    ix.   Luther or Lewis Meeker. b. Nov. 1871, Michigan

                    x.   Melvin Meeker, B. abt. 1876, Michigan

                    xi.   James  Meeker, b. Sept. 1877,  d. 1914 Mancelona, Antrim County, Michigan