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▼Isaac Chase

The Chase family of America can trace their ancestry to a Thomas Chase who lived in the 1400s.  As you can see in this narrative, lifted from a large volume called Worchester County, we start with the sixth generation in the 1500s. Hampton is a sea coast town in New Hampshire less that 20 miles north on the sea coast from Newbury, Massachusetts.   According to Coffin's History of Newbury, the 7th generation Aquila is referred to as "the Mariner from Cornwall, England".


The first of his branch of the Chase family to move to Sutton, Massachusetts, is  Isaac Chase.  He is our ancestor.  He and his family join many other family members from other Chase branches of the family already residing there.  We do not know how well Isaac fared after he moved to Sutton, MA.  His son Daniel moves to another part of Massachusetts in Hampshire County perhaps to "seek greener pastures" which is a great motivator.  Daniel and Margaret have 12 children and he dies in 1769 at age 53 leaving his wife and younger children in what appears to be a destitute or at least a desperate condition.  The younger children are placed in a guardianship and are probably "farmed" out to relatives or friends. Margaret remarries again in 1791 and removes to New York state with her new husband.   So, in the big picture, our family did not descend from the part of the Chase family who did very well here in America.  However, individuals in our early linage show perseverance and "pluck" and eventually succeed and prosper in our own way, as you will see.