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◄ At the right is George and Minerva's son, John Jasper Malcom. (1856-1907)He is killed at age 51 when a steam powered threshing machine he was riding on crashes through a bridge.  He and his wife Emma Bell Lucas, have one son Bernard Bertran Malcom and apparently live near Anthon, Iowa as he is buried there.  She marries for a second time in 1912 to Charles Groom but divorces him in 1919. ▼ Below on the right is a photo that was identified in writing as "Emana" Belle Lucas and John J. Malcom. The handwriting looks very like my Grandmother Minnie's script.  These two men could be the same man only the one below was taken at an earlier age. Something about the nose and mouth look the same to me.  I received a very poor photo copy of this picture with a note written on the side.  The note said, "Can you identify these people?" and signed "Lee".   "Lee" is Laura Lee Malcom Beyer.  It may have been sent to my Uncle Vincent who corresponded with Laura Lee before he died.  Her signature is the same on those sent to Vincent that were given to me and signed by her.

A 1930 census finds and Bernard  Emma living in Sioux City, IA. as boarders in a private residence.  She is listed as a "servant", age 67 and he is listed as a "janitor", age 31.


Below on the left is the obituary for Emma Belle Lucas Malcom. She died in 1935 of influenza in Sioux City, Iowa where she lived with her son, Bernard. He was only 8 years old when his father dies in the accident on the bridge. After his mother's death, Bernard's whereabouts are unknown.












































The last photo on this page pictures the grave stone for George, Minerva and Charlie Malcom (their son).  This stone is erected in the Maple Grove Cemetery in Tama County, Iowa just southeast of Montour, Iowa.  Sara had Minerva's remains moved from the Murty pioneer cemetery gravesite (located near Garwin in Carlton Township, Iowa just north of Indian Village Township) to join her father at Maple Grove Cemetery. 
The photo on the left side of this page shows Sara with her sister Ora Josephine (called Josie) and her half brother and sisters from her mother's second marriage to William Murty.  It appears that they remained close over the years.  Sara is the middle woman in the back row of this photo and looks to be about 50 or 60 years old.  Josie is on her right.























◄ To the right is George and Minerva's daughter, Sara. (1835-1930).  When young, she is a school teacher.  While visiting her Uncle Horatio and his family after they had moved to Pottawattamie County, Iowa near Council Bluffs, she meets and marries a man named Harry Green.   He dies just a year and a half later.  She then marries William Sharp and when he dies in 1901 she marries her last husband, James Lockwood. 

Sara and James both die in Lodi, California in 1930.