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Dale E. Miller

June 22, 1903 - January 27. 1999


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Dale is the Miller brother of the family I know the least about and have few personal memories of him.  I do know that he, along with his other brothers, appeared to believe that "Family" was important and did not miss gathering with his brothers whenever possible.  Despite the fact that their family was broken by the death of his mother, Besse, in 1913, somewhere along the line they all seemed engrained with this strong love of family despite their differing opinions, different walks of life and differences in their outlooks on life.

I know that Dale was educated as a teacher and probably attended Wayne State Teachers College in Wayne, Nebraska as did his brothers Lyle and Lee.  His first marriage is to one of his students (Esther, last name unknown) which today is frowned upon mightily but in those days teachers were required to have only 2 year of education to be a certified and in many cases students in high schools were no younger than their teachers by 2 or 3 years.  I do not know what became of their marriage or if they had any children.

In the photo on the left ◄ Dale looks very young and this may be his College graduation shot.  The reason I believe this is because the photographic style and the background brushstrokes are the same as in my father's college graduation photo. Did Dale attend High school in Mc Allen, Texas and live with his father as did his brother Lee?  I don't know.

I do know that as a young man, Dale was as good looking as his brothers. Pictured below is Dale maybe five years later and perhaps still a teacher.  I do not know if Dale continued his teaching career.  I remember that later he worked for his brother Alton for a while in Oklahoma.
June, Alton's wife, told me that Dale continued to work for Alton as a contractor/builder until his retirement
Below is  a photo of the "Wives of the Miller Boys" taken in February 1970.  The pretty lady on the left is Eva, Dale's second wife, I think.  She brings a daughter into this family. It is the only photo I have in which she is pictured.  I do know that Eva outlived Dale who died at age 95 in 1999.  Eva died in 2008. They lived in Spencer, Oklahoma, not far from Alton and June in Bethany Oklahoma, both suburbs of Oklahoma City.
Ladies L -R  are: Eva; Maybelle (Lee's wife); June (Alton's wife); Pauline (Lyle's wife) and Myrtle (Glen's wife).   I think this photo is taken at the farm home of Glen and Myrtle in Hartington, Nebraska.  Aunt June still lives in Bethany, Oklahoma.