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Charlotte Aurellia Humphreys

I have very little Information about this family. Bill Humphreys in Windsor, Ontario sent this information about her in an email.  He spells her middle name "Orelia" but I have a legal document signed on September 12, 1871 by Charlotte and all her living brothers and sisters. There her middle name is spelled "Aurellia".   This document is a Quit Claim Indenture where all the children of Dr. John and Jane Warren sign and give up any claim to 100 acre Crown Patent finalized deeded to Dr. Humphreys in 1852.  This indenture signs over the property to Jane Warren Humphreys, Dr. John's widow.

Bill wrote: "Charlotte Orelia Humphreys, Born 1830 died 1908 in Ridgetown, abt 10 miles SW from Duart.  She married Hiram Owens and always lived close to her parents. She was baptized in the same church that we attended, Trinity Church half way  between Morpeth and Palmyra. 1/2 mile from the farm where I was born."

Later in September of 1887 Jane Warren divests herself of all her property and divides it among her children.  Charlotte receives 10 acres.  Charlotte sells this property to a George Watson in June 1888.

I recently received an email from Donald and Muriel Mae Moffatt saying that they were descendents of Charlotte Aurellia Humphreys.  Below is that Gmail.  I cannot explain why the email is signed Don and Betty. Maybe it is her nickname.

Ms. Marla;

Received your family site from a William (Bill) Humphreys, Windsor Ontario, Canada. Have gone over it lightly and will give it more later on.  Wanted to just get in touch and say that the Family Tree is Sprouting another Branch. I'll start with a familiar name Humphreys, Owens, Silcox, Shamley, Moffatt.  There are many more because of marriages but the above names are the main Players. Just a start, Charlotte Orelia Humphreys married Hiram S. Owens. They had 5 Girls and 1 Boy. In that group is a Mary Marie Owens B-08-29-1875. She married Silvester Silcox, 2 boys and 2 girls. One girl named Annie Mae Silcox 06-18-1898. She married a Charles Henry Shamley, having 2 girls and 2 boys.  One girl named Muriel Mae Shamley B-04-29-1926; She married a Donald James Moffatt. When this all boils down and figured out Charlotte Humphreys is Muriel (Shamley's) Moffatt Grt. Grd. Mother? Is this another branch sprouting on your Tree?  If this is true, would you like some genealogy on these families?

We are both retired and live in Jensen Beach, Florida, have 2 boys and 1 girl, all living with their families in Michigan. Glad to meet you even if it was by a web site 

 Betty and Don Moffat

Descendants of Charlotte Aurellia (Orelia) Humphreys

Generation No. 1

CHARLOTTE AURELLIA HUMPHREYS (DR. JOHN2, JOHN1 HUMPHREYS?) was born 15 May 1830 in  Brockville, Ontario. Brockville is situated on the St. Lawrence River not far from Ogdensburg on the New York side of the river. She married HIRAM SYLVESTER OWENS on April 21, 1860.   She died of Acute Nephritis in Ridgetown, Ontario on 29 Nov 1909. They are both buried in a cemetery at Duart.  Hiram was born in Oct 1833 in Morpeth, Ontario and died  Oct. 19, 1914.  We now know that this death date is incorrect., See update below   Someone recorded this date from the tombstone of Hiram and Charlotte in Duart Cemetery.  The tombstone for them was erected sometime after their death probably after their Granddaughter Nellie died in 1918, because her name and her Uncle John Owens' name are both inscribed on the tombstone.  It certainly would not be the first time that a tombstone inscription turn out incorrect.        

UPDATE: March 2011  I  received a very nice surprise this morning when I opened a Gmail and found a copy of Hiram Sylvester Owens' newspaper obituary.  It was published in the Blenheim Newspaper, (a town about 9.5 miles southwest of Ridgetown, Ontario) on November 3, 1904. We now can calculate the correct date of Hiram's death from the date of the newspaper and the information in the first sentence.  Hiram died on October 26, 1904, 5 years before his wife dies in 1909.  The short obituary also provides clues as to the various locations where their grown children lived and a couple of other relatives.    I am very pleased to have this little piece of history.  It was given to me by a descendent of Hiram's Sister, Mary Owens, a Ms. Linda Hole.  Thanks so much, M.H


    i. WILLIAM L.2 OWENS, b. Abt. 1856, Ontario.

   ii. FLORA ELIZBETH OWENS, b. 1861, Morpeth , Ontario; d. 10 Feb 1931, Thamesville, Ontario; m. HENRY WIBBERLY.

    iii. MARTHA JANE OWENS, b. 08 Oct 1868, Duart, Ontario; d. 05 Sep 1955, Chatham, Ontario; m. (1) RICHARD WILBER COULTER; m. (2) THOMAS RICHARD WOOD; m. (3) JOHN ANNAL.

     iv. SARAH CHARLOTTE OWENS, b. 1869, Orford Township, Ontario; d. 21 Mar 1948, Ridgetown, Kent Co.,  Ontario; m. (1) JAMES HAYES; m. (2) JOSEPH DEARY.

     v. JOHN H. OWENS, b. 1872, Orford Township, Ontario; d. 10 Dec 1907, Chatham, Ontario; m. NELLIE RUMBLE.  John is buried with his parents at Duart Cemetery. See Gravestone below.

      vi. MARY MARIE OWENS, b. 29 Aug 1875, Highgate, Ontario; d. 30 Jun 1951, Ridgetown, Ontario; m. SILVESTER SILCOX, 10 Oct 1890, Thamesville, Ontario; b. 07 Mar 1860, Southwold Township, Elgin Co., Ontario; d. 02 Sep 1946, Ridgetown, Kent Co.,  Ontario.

     vii. REBECCA A. OWENS, b. Abt. 1876. Nothing further is known about her.



































Generation No. 2


2. MARY MARIA OWENS (CHARLOTTE AURELLIA3 HUMPHREYS, DR. JOHN2, JOHN1 HUMPHREYS?) was born 29 Aug 1875. She married SILVESTER SILCOX on October 10, Thamesville, Ontario.  He was born on 7 Mar 1860 and died 02 Sep 1946.


           At the right is a photo of Mary Maria (Owens) and Sylvester Silcox.►



Generation No. 3


She married Charles Henry Shamley on 31 Dec 1919.

            Child of ANNIE SILCOX and CHARLES SHAMLEY is:

        i. MURIEL MAE "Betty" SHAMLEY, b. 29 Apr 1926. d. 8 Jun 2010 Petoskey, Michigan; m. DONALD JAMES MOFFATT.

◄ On the left you see the gravestone of Hiram S. Owen and Charlotte Aurelia Humphreys Owen at Duart. Just above ▲ you see a close-up of the inscription telling who is buried in the same plot.  This photo and the photo of Duart Cemetery (last on this page) in the Municipality of Chatham in Kent Count, Ontario were both given to me by Linda Hole, a descendent of Hiram Owen's sister.  They add so much to this page of my website.  The Duart Cemetery is well kept and is especially lovely in this early evening shot.  This gravestone was probably placed on the cemetery lot after the death of Nellie Silcox (age 26) in 1918 by her parents, Sylvester and Mary Owen Silcox.