Descendants of William Benjamin Miller

Generation No. 6

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1.  WILLIAM BENJAMIN6 MILLER  (JESSE E.5, JOSEPH4, SILAS3, ROBERT2, ISAAC ROBERT1) was born July 1837 in Butler County, Pennsylvania, and died 1927 in Hartington, Nebraska buried at Hartington City Cemetery.  He married CATHERINE ANN HOVER Bet. 1856 - 1857, daughter of JOHN HOVER and CATHERINE BARNHART.  She was born Jun 1839 in West Salem, Mercer Co., PA, and died 1913 in Hartington, Nebraska buried at Hartington City Cemetery.  Find out about our Pennsylvania Dutch heritage and the Hovers here

The 1860 census taken on July 19th, shows William and Catherine living with Catherine Hover, her widowed mother, in Cadiz, Green, Co., Wisconsin. Leticia, their first child, 8 months old, is listed along with Benjamin Hover (age 34), Catherine’s brother, occupation “miner”.
The US census taken on Aug. 13, 1870 shows William and Catherine with their 1st four
children living in Westburg Township, Buchanan Co. IA.  Post office is at Jesup.

Ten years later, on the 1880 Census, William, Catherine and 9 children are living Perry Township, Buchanan Co. IA.  Oddly enough, Art is missing on this record although we know he isn’t dead and lives to be an old man in Hartington, Nebraska.  Did the census taker miscount?  Did Mom and Dad have a moment of temporary insanity?

By 1885 they have moved to the most NW county of Iowa, Lyon Co., in Grant Township.  The children living with them at this time are Jesse-20, Charles-18, William E.-14, "Bertie" (Robert)-12, Arthur-10, Leroy-8, Minnie-5 and Alta.  William B. is 47 and Catherine is 45 and his occupation is “farmer.” 

◄At the left is William Benjamin Miller.  This looks like a photograph which has been painted to colorize.  This picture was probably created after the Millers had settled in Cedar County Nebraska. According to the 1900 Cedar Co., Nebraska Census, William (63) and Catherine Miller (61) had given life to 16 children, 9 of whom were still living in 1900.  On this same census, Charles, age 34, William, age 28, and Alta, age 17, were still residing with their parents.

1920: After Catherine has died in 1913, William (82) is living in Hartington, Nebraska with his grandsons Ernest Lyle. Miller (18) and Ronald(6). He is listed as a retired farmer.  They live next door to his son Art Miller and his family who has two more of William’s grandchildren living with them, Glen (21) and Joyce (20). This census was taken on January 4 1920.  I do not know where Lee and Dale Miller are living at this time.  Alton, age 12, is living with his father in Texas.

iv.    WILLIAM E. MILLER (WILLIAM BENJAMIN6, JESSE E.5, JOSEPH4, SILAS3, ROBERT2, ISAAC ROBERT1) was born Sep 1870 in Buchanan Co. IA, and died 1943 in Buried at Hartington City Cemetery, Hartington, NE.  He is buried in his parent's lot.  He married ESTELLA "STELLA" B. TEED Bet. 1907 - 1908.  She was born 1889 in Missouri, and died 1951 and is buried at Hartington City Cemetery, Hartington, NE.  Stella (under Estella Isabella Miller) is buried separately in a plot purchased by an Edgar Miller???  See William in the group photo above.


Notes for WILLIAM E. MILLER: W.E. Miller is the Cedar County Superintendent, an elected office, from 1906-1914.


Recorded on the 1920 Census taken in Bancroft Township, Cuming Co, NE, W.E. and Estella are both public school teachers.  W.E. is a Superintendent.  Gale their daughter is 11.  They have a female boarder who also teaches school.  They rent their home.


By the 1930 Census taken in Cedar Co, Nebraska, (Precinct 5) William E. and Stella are living in a rented home and have a lodger. They are both retired or at least not employed.  Their daughter, Gale, who is 22, is still living with them.  This census reveals that William was 37 and Stella was19 when they married. 



 i.     GALE L. MILLER, b. 06 Apr 1908, Nebraska; d. 10 Oct 1998, Anahiem, California; m. CLEVELAND (first name unknown.) 

Notes for GALE L. MILLER:  Gale at age 22 still lives at home in Hartington with her parents, (1930 Census).  She writes a letter in 1992 to my mother, Mrs. Lee M. Miller, that contains her personal recollections of the Miller family.  See this letter


v.    ROBERT (BERT) BENJAMIN MILLER My Grandfather (WILLIAM BENJAMIN6, JESSE E.5, JOSEPH4, SILAS3, ROBERT2, ISAAC ROBERT1) was born 28 Feb 1873 in Jesup, Buchanan Co. IA, and died 03 Dec 1940 in McAllen, Texas, buried at Hartington City Cemetery.  He married (1) ELIZABETH (BESSE) IRENE EWING, daughter of DAVID EWING and ANNA SHUMAN in 1897 probably in Hartington, Nebraska.  Read here about the Ewings. She was born 04 Dec 1874 in McCoystown, Pennsylvania, and died 23 Mar 1913 at age 38 in Hartington, Nebraska and she too is buried at the Hartington City Cemetery.   (2) He married ADELINE “ADDIE” COMERLY RIGGS.  On their South Dakota marriage certificate, she is listed as divorced.  Bert is listed as a widower.  See their marriage certificate.

Children of JESSE E. MILLER and ANNA MICKELS are:  For more about the children and grandchildren of Jesse and Anna, click Yellow links below  More will be added as more is learned.  See the obituary for Anna Mickels Miller here.

i.  MAUD MILLER, b. Jul 1889, Nebraska; m. ROBERT O'TOOLE; b. 1888, Missouri. Notes for ROBERT O'TOOLE: Maud's  husband was a Colonel in the US Marine Corps.  They lived in Washington, DC until his retirement.  He then worked for a magazine company.

ii.  FLOYD E. MILLER, b. Jun 1891, Nebraska.  Notes for FLOYD E. MILLER: In 1910 Floyd is working as a hired man for a Clark Family in Magnet, Cedar Co., Nebraska .  He is 18 years old. His parents live near by.

iii.  HERBERT E. MILLER, b. Sep 1893, Nebraska. Click here

iv.  LESLIE HARRISON MILLER, b. Apr 1895, Nebraska; d. 1967.      New 2010 information Click here

v.   VERN OR VERNON R. MILLER, b. Feb 1897, Nebraska.

vi.  ALMA MILLER, b. Sep 1898, Nebraska; m.(1) JACOB MINEAR., (2) ? BARGER)

vii.   WILMA MILLER, b. 1901, Nebraska. m. FARR

viii.   THEODORE "TED" Roosevelt. MILLER, b. 1902, Nebraska.  (See his obituary here)

ix.   HAROLD BUSTER MILLER, b. 1905, Nebraska.

x.    MARGARET MILLER, b. 1906, Nebraska; d. 1906.

xi.    FRANK MILLER, b. 1907, Nebraska; d. 1909, died from drinking lye from under the kitchen sink,

xii.   OSWYN MILLER, b. 1909, Nebraska.

xiii.   RALPH I. MILLER, b. 1913, Nebraska.


i.      PERCY A.COMBELLICK, b. Abt. 1891, Nebraska.

ii.     HAZEL I. COMBELLICK, b. Abt. 1892, Nebraska 

iii.    LETITIA JOY COMBELLICK, b. 27 Mar 1899, Nebraska; d. 26 Sep 1899, Hartington, Nebraska and is buried at Hartington

        City Cemetery. She died before her family moved to Montana where Verne is born.

iv.     VERNE E. COMBELLICK, b. Abt. 1901, Montana.

v.      NEIL W. COMBELLICK, b. Abt. 1903, Washington.

iii.    JESSE E. MILLER (WILLIAM BENJAMIN6, JESSE E.5, JOSEPH4, SILAS3, ROBERT2, ISAAC ROBERT1) was born Mar 1864 in Green Co., Wisconsin, and died in 1933.  He married ANNA MAY MICKELS sometime after 1885 and before 1889 when their first child, Maud, is born.  An Iowa census, taken in 1885, lists Jesse as age 20 living with his parents in Grant, Lyon Co., Iowa.   Anna was born Dec 1868 in Michigan, and died 1945. Both are buried at Hartington City Cemetery.


Notes for JESSE E. MILLER: His name is the same as his grandfather’s name back in Butler Co., PA.  It was this name and because he was the first born son of William and Catherine that I deduced that it was a real possibility that I had found our Pennsylvania connection.  It was a very usual custom to attach a family name from the past to a first born son. I still have not found out what the middle initial E. stands for.  Please see great great grandfather Jesse E. Miller’s will.   This will confirms that Jesse E. Miller in Butler County,  PA is our ancestor.


In 1900, Jessie, Anna and 6 children (so far) live in Precinct 12, Hartington, Nebraska. Jessie is listed as a "day laborer".


In 1910 Jessie and Anna live in Magnet, Cedar Co., Nebraska.  He is listed as a "laborer-odd jobs."  The children living with then at this time are Maud-age 20, Leslie-age 15, Vernon-age 13, Alma-age 11, Wilma-age 9, Ted-age 7, Harold-age 5 and a baby, Oswyn-age 1.   What becomes of Oswyn is unknown.  He probably dies early.


In 1920 the census lists Jess E. and Anna living in Precinct 12, Hartington, NE.  He is listed as a "farmer" and rents his home.  Vern R.- age 22, Theodore R.- age 17, Harold B.- age 15 and Ralph I. - age 7, live with them.  Vern and Theodore are listed as "laborers."


Before his death of a heart attack, Jesse owned and ran a general merchandise store at Gross, SD in Brule Co.  After his death, Anna went to live with her daughter, Maud, in Cincinnati. The 1930 census lists sons Vernon (33) and Ralph (17) living with them. Vernon is a “farm laborer” and Ralph is a clerk in the general store. Below on the left is a wedding photo of Jesse and Anna.  They are a handsome pair.  It is a beautiful photo and looks to be taken at the same photography studio as the photo of Robert and Besse Ewing Miller below. This photo is courtesy of William Ramsey, their great grandson.


In another 1920 Federal Census taken on January 21, in Gregory Co. South Dakota, William Miller (82) has moved in with his sister, Martha J. Miller Grubbs (80) who in turn lives with her daughter, Anne (or "Anna") M. Ayers (56).   Anne’s daughter, Nathole (15) lives with them. The census records that Anne is "divorced". They live in the “Young's Addition to Bonesteele,” South Dakota.  Martha, Anne, and Nathole had lived at this place of residence for at least 10 years. (1910 census)  I imagine Anne is caring for both of these elderly people and probably is able to earn some money by doing so.   These facts dovetail with Lyle Miller’s recorded narrative (on Page 3.) when talking about his grandfather, William, “And then he later went on to live with Sister in at Bone Steel and he later went to live with Jess (Jessie E Miller, William’s son) and his wife”. In 1908, Hyle Miller, Jessie Miller’s grandson now living in Hartington, Nebraska confirms this story and told me that William, before he died in 1927, lived with his son, Jesse, and his wife, Anna May, at Gross, SD in Brule Co.


i.     LETITIA J. MILLER, b. Dec 1859, Green Co., Wisconsin. (See More below)

ii.     MARTHA "MATTIE" E. MILLER, b. Abt. 1863, Green Co., Wisconsin. (See More below)

iii.   JESSE E. MILLER, b. Mar 1864, Green Co., Wisconsin; d. 1933, Hartington, Nebraska buried at Hartington City Cemetery. (See More below)

iv.   CHARLES (CHARLEY) F. MILLER, b. 04 Mar 1866, Buchanan Co. IA; d. 30 Jun 1906, Hartington, Nebraska, buried at Hartington City Cemetery.

v.     WILLIAM E. MILLER, b. Sep 1870, Buchanan Co. IA; d. 1943, Buried at Hartington City Cemetery, Hartington, NE. (See More below)

vi.   ROBERT (BERT) BENJAMIN MILLER, b. 28 Feb 1873, Jesup, Buchanan Co. IA; d. 03 Dec 1940, McAllen, Texas, buried at Hartington City Cemetery. My Grandfather. See More below)

vii.   CLARENCE A. MILLER, b. Abt. 1875, Buchanan Co. IA.  No further information is known of him. Did he die early?  Was he a twIn of Art Miller? 

viii. ARTHUR "ART" C. MILLER, b. Feb 1875, Iowa; d. 1955, Hartington, Nebraska buried at Hartington City Cemetery. (See More below)

ix.    LEROY "LEE" A. MILLER, b. 09 Feb 1877, Buchanan Co. IA; d. 25 Oct 1942, Hartington, Nebraska buried at Hartington City Cemetery. (See More below)

x.     MINNIE A. MILLER, b. 28 Mar 1879, Buchanan Co. IA; d. 07 Apr 1886, Hartington, Nebraska buried at Hartington City Cemetery.

xi.    ALTA C. MILLER, b. Mar 1883, Buchanan Co. IA. (See More below)

See here the Newspaper Obituary for William Benjamin Miller





















Generation No. 7

(Children of William and Catherine Hover Miller)

i.    LETITIA J. MILLER (WILLIAM BENJAMIN6, JESSE E.5, JOSEPH4, SILAS3, ROBERT2, ISAAC ROBERT1 ) was born Dec 1859 in Green Co., Wisconsin.  She married WILLIAM BRUNNER.  He was born Abt. 1860 in Wisconsin.


Notes for LETITIA J. MILLER: I found what I know about Letitia from a 1920 census taken in Hauser precinct in Kootenai Co., Idaho. This county is not more that 25 miles from Spokane, Washington where her sister Martha lived.    Her husband's father was from Switzerland and his mother was from Germany.  William is listed as a hay farmer. At the time of this census she is 60 and he is 63. All the children except Earl still live at home.  The two girls, Vera and Violet (I assume to be twins) are listed as grade school teachers. Letitia and William probably both died in Idaho.  (See Letitia and William in photo below.)


i.      MABEL M. BRUNNER, b. Abt. 1885, Nebraska.

ii.     EARL C. BRUNNER, b. Abt. 1889, Nebraska.

iii.     VERA C. BRUNNER, b. Abt. 1893, Nebraska.

iv.     VIOLET C. BRUNNER, b. Abt. 1893, Nebraska.

v.      ELSIE M. BRUNNER, b. Abt. 1895, Nebraska.


ii.    MARTHA "MATTIE" E. MILLER (WILLIAM BENJAMIN6,JESSE E.5, JOSEPH4, SILAS3, ROBERT2, possibly ISAAC1) was born Abt. 1863 in Green Co., Wisconsin.  She married ALONZO COMBELLICK.  He was born Abt. 1876 in Illinois.


Notes for MARTHA "MATTIE" E. MILLER: At the time of the 1910 Census, this family is all living at Port of Elgin Precinct, Spokane, Washington.  Notes for ALONZO COMBELLICK: Both of Alonzo's parents are from England. Alonzo and Mattie probably die in Washington State.  She is probably named after her father's sister.

Below ▼ is a very nice family group photo.  Mattie Miller is standing on the far right, and her husband, Alonzo, standing on the left.  I am willing to bet this was taken on the occasion of a visit from her brother William E. Miller who is standing next to Alonzo.   All the Miller sons of Robert Benjamin Miller in the next generation bear a remarkable resemblance to him. The Combellicks live in Spokane, Washington.  Next to Mattie is one of her sons, probably their oldest, Percy. Seated below are Mattie's sister Letitia Miller Brunner and her husband, William Brunner.  The Brunners live in Idaho but still only about 25 miles from the Combellicks.   It was a great opportunity for a mini family reunion.  I am very happy to have this photo as I do not have any other photos of those relatives that are shown here.  This photo was one of two photos sent to my mother (Maybelle Malcom Miller) in 1992 accompanied by a letter written by Gale Miller Cleveland (William Miller's only child) who lived in Anaheim, California.  See here excerpts from Gale Miller Cleveland's letter to my Mom.
































































Children of ROBERT MILLER and ELIZABETH "Besse" EWING are:  More information on Children of Robert and  Besse, click on yellow hyperlinks below.

 i.     GLEN ROBERT MILLER, b. 14 Mar 1898, Hartington, Nebraska; d. 22 Oct 1973, Hartington, Nebraska buried at Hartington City Cemetery. See Glen, Myrtle and Family here

 ii.    JOYCE ALGA MILLER, b. Abt. 1899, Nebraska; m. MIKE HEAPS.  Notes for JOYCE A. MILLER: Joyce died of stroke and high blood pressure in spite of her young age, in her 40's, I believe. She is buried in Hartington City Cemetery beside her parents.  In 2010 I learned from a Ewing relative that Joyce's middle initial A. stood for "Alga".                               See here photos of Joyce

 iii.    ERNEST LYLE MILLER, b. 14 Nov 1900, Cedar Co. Nebraska; d. 26 Aug 1993, Everett, Washington; m. (1) FLORENCE, Abt. 1927; b. Abt. 1895; .  Buried in Kidder, Missouri in the same cemetery plot as his first wife, Florence ; m. (2) PAULINE ?; m. (3) EMILY JANE SCOTT TURNER, 1984; b. 26 Dec 1907, Winston, MO; d. 02 May 2004, Everett, Washington.  Lyle Miller never fathers any children as far as we know.    At the time of the 1930 Census taken on April 18, Lyle and Florence were residing in Doniphan Village, Doniphan Township in Hall County, NE.  He is listed as a teacher.     More photos of Lyle.

iv.    LEE MERLE MILLER, b. 12 Mar 1902, Hartington, Nebraska; d. 28 Oct 1988, Sioux City, Iowa.  My Father

v.    DALE EWING MILLER, b. 22 Jun 1903, Hartington, Nebraska; d. 27 Jan 1999, Spencer, Oklahoma; m. (1) ESTHER M.(unknown last name); b. 1909, Nebraska; m. (2) EVA (last name unknown).   Notes for DALE E. MILLER:  I found a Dale E. Miller in the 1930 Census taken Rawlins City, Carbon Co., Wyoming.  He is listed as a school teacher.  He is 26 years old which is the right age for Dale and the recorded place of birth for his mother and father are correct.  Esther was born in Nebraska but both of her parents were born in Sweden.  Apparently they have been married for just a few months.  More info & photos of Dale.

vi.     ALTON " PETE" EVAN MILLER, b. 18 Mar 1907, Hartington, Nebraska; d. 04 Dec 1995, Bethany, Oklahoma .       More about Alton and his family

vii.   RONALD B. MILLER, b. 15 Mar 1913, Hartington, Nebraska; d. 1963, Washington State.   More about Ronald Miller, and Gladys, his wife.

 On this page see group photos of the Miller siblings through the passing of years. 

vi.    ARTHUR "ART" C. MILLER (WILLIAM BENJAMIN6, JESSE E.5, JOSEPH4, SILAS3, ROBERT2,ISAAC ROBERT1) was born Feb 1875 in Iowa, and died 1955 in Hartington, Nebraska and is buried at Hartington City Cemetery.  He married MYRTLE R.  She was born May 1877 in Iowa, and died 1969 in Hartington, Nebraska.  Both are buried at Hartington City Cemetery.

Notes for Art and Myrtle Miller : The 1920 census lists Art as a "general farmer".  All three daughters are still living at home. With them lives Glen and Joyce A. Miller, his nephew and niece.  Glen is a "farm laborer" and Joyce is listed as a telephone operator.  Next door, or close by in Precinct 9, lives Ernest Lyle Miller, age 18, Ronald B Miller his brother, age 6 and their Grandfather, William B. Miller, a widower at age 82.


As growing up we (my family) went to visit great Uncle Art and Aunt Myrtle.  They lived in a large house in Hartington which had a front and back stairway.  I found this impressive as a child.   I remember Great Aunt Myrtle as having a crippling form of arthritis and her hands were much deformed.


        Children of ARTHUR MILLER and MYRTLE R. are:

          i.    MARJORIE O. MILLER, b. Nov 1899, Nebraska; m. SMITH.

          ii.    LELA M. MILLER, b. Abt. 1902, Nebraska; m. WILLIAM E. ZOLL, Abt. 1928; b. Abt. 1905,

                llinois.  Notes for LELA M. MILLER: in 1930 William and Lela live in Chicago and work at a meat

               packing plant. He is a salesperson and she does general office work.

           iii.  GEORGIA “Georgie” MILLER, b. Abt. 1919, Nebraska; m. LON BROWN.


vii.    LEROY "LEE" A. MILLER (WILLIAM BENJAMIN6, JESSE E.5, JOSEPH4, SILAS3, ROBERT2, ISAAC ROBERT1) was born 09 Feb 1877 in Buchanan Co. IA, and died 25 Oct 1942 in Hartington, Nebraska.  He married MAUDE C. (Maiden name unknown).  She was born 17 Mar 1881 in Ohio, and died 09 Nov 1940 in Hartington, Nebraska.  Both are buried at Hartington City Cemetery.  Leroy was an automotive Ford garage proprietor in Hartington.

          Children of LEROY MILLER and MAUDE C. are:

i.     DUANE B. MILLER, b. 1906, Iowa; d. 1961, Buried at Hartington City Cemetery, Hartington, NE;

       m. MARY(last name unknown); b. 1905; d. 1967, Buried at Hartington City Cemetery,

       Hartington, NE. Duane was An Automobile Salesman at the Ford Garage with his father.

ii.     DORIS K. MILLER, b. 05 Jan 1908; d. 23 Dec 1930, Hartington, Nebraska buried at Hartington City

       Cemetery.  Hyle Miller reports (2008) that Doris was killed in a car accident, 4 months before the

       1930 census  (April 19) was taken.

iii.     MAXINE MILLER, b. Abt. 1909, Nebraska.

iv.    KENNETH L. MILLER, b. 01 May 1912, Nebraska; d. 05 Mar 1973, Hartington, Nebraska buried

       at Hartington City Cemetery.   See the children of Kenneth Miller

vii.    Alta C. Miller  (WILLIAM BENJAMIN6, JESSE E.5, JOSEPH4, SILAS3, ROBERT2, ISAAC ROBERT1) was born in Buchanan Co., Iowa and married late in life at age 32 to Ben M. Benson.  Ben was born in Norway in 1886 and immigrated to the US in in 1888.  The 1920 and 1930 US Census records that they resided in Deer Park, Washington.   In 1920, Ben is listed as a "plānner mechanic" in a lumber mill and in 1930 he has been promoted to "Forman" in a "plānner lumber mill".  Alta and Ben live about 20 miles NW of Spokane, Washington where her sister Martha "Mattie" and her husband, Alonzo Combellick live. The Bensons probably die in Washington State.   At the right is a photo of their family.  Pictured is a son named Robert. This photo was taken in May 1927 the same year that William Benjamin Miller (Alta's father) dies in November. Robert is not mentioned on the 1920 or 1930 census.  On the back of the photo Alta writes, "The Benson Family May 1927 and a school girl who stayed with us last year. Many more happy birthdays is our wish .  Ben  Alta  Robert"


Robert doesn't look to be much older than 7 in this photo and I cannot explain why he is not recorded in 1930 unless he has died or is attending boarding school ????? 



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