Descendants of George Leininger I, Born 1737              


Generation No. 1


GEORGE LEININGER I (I will refer to this George as George I to avoid mixing him up with other “Georges” in the family.) was the son of SEBASTIAN LEININGER who was born 06 Aug 1696 in Ofterdingen, Tubingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, and died 16 Oct 1755 in Penn's Creek Massacre in Snyder Co., Buffalo Valley PA. Sebastian’s wife was MARIA REGINA ROSINE WURCHERER. She was born 02 Jan 1697/98 in Reutlingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, and died in Berks Co., Pennsylvania, United States.  For more information about Sebastian Leininger, wife Regina, and other family members Click here

  Will:  2 Apr 1782 /probated 14 Jun 1782 Manheim Twp. York Co. PA.  A will was written by George Leininger I on 2 Apr 1782 and probated 14 Jun 1782 in Manheim Twp. York Co. PA. These dates indicate that George died sometime between the two dates. Exact date is not yet located because no tombstone has been found.

June 1, 1784:  Estate of George Leininger, deceased, shows a balance of 3 lbs., 5 Shillings, 2 pence. 

Note: York Co. PA Orphan Court Docket: Jun 1 1784, Phillip Long is appointed guardian of John (aged 18) and George 2 (about 16) the two only known children of the late George Leininger I and his wife Catherina of Manheim Twp., York Co., PA .

Dr. Thomas Leininger (Leininger family Historian) reports this information from the will of George Leininger dated 2 Apr 1782. Wife, Catherine is listed in will but children are not named. He does will his eldest son his bible.  Phillip Long was named executor of his will.
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 Notes for CATHERINE/CATHERINA In1783 Widow Leininger was listed in York, Manheim Twp. tax list living on farm consisting of 100 acres, a house, an outhouse, one cow, two sheep and seven inhabitants. Value of Property was 53 pounds, 15 shillings. 1783 is 1 year after the death of George. This census (the same as the tax list) listed 6 people living with her. Many more facts found in this article can be found in the main part of this text. Since her oldest son John, only 18 at this time, and George II, the younger son 15 or 16 years old, they probably still live with their widowed mother.  Who are the 4 extra people? There is some evidence that Catherine takes in boarders who may help work the farm of 100 acres or contribute rent money to help the family survive.  Also could be elderly parents or hard up relatives. Not an unusual circumstance in those days. Catherine is still alive in 1798 listed on a tax record.  She is renting her home to a George Krone.  Her son John would be age 33, George II, 30. John and his wife Sophia, according to the 1800 census, already have 3-4 children. George II and his wife Elizabeth also had 3-4 children in 1800. I do not know what year Catherine dies. I do think that after her death, one or both of her sons continue to live in the house on the farm until she dies or until they move away with their families. 

         Children of GEORGE LEININGER l and CATHERINE/CATHERINA are:

         i.   JOHN LEININGER, b. 08 Mar 1765, Manheim Twp., York Co., PA; d. 14 Mar 1841, Plain Twp., Stark Co., Ohio.

         ii.   GEORGE LEININGER II, b. 19 Jul 1768, Manheim Twp., York Co., PA; d. 11 Jul 1848, Stark Co., Ohio.

             York Co. Church Records of Baptism. Vol. 1 states that Geo. I Leininger and Catherine had their two children baptized at the St. Pauls'

         Evangelical Lutheran Church (Zeigler's.)


Generation No. 2

JOHN4 LEININGER (GEORGE3, SEBASTIAN2, HANNS1) was born 08 Mar 1765 in Manheim Twp., York Co., PA, and died 14 Mar 1841 in Stark Co., Ohio.  He married SOPHIA KOBER/COVER, daughter of JOHANN KOBER/COVER and MARIA EBERHARD.  She was born 1760 in Westminster, Frederick Co., Maryland, and died 04 Mar 1828 in West Salem Twp., Mercer Co., PA.

Notes for JOHN LEININGER: I believe John, as eldest son, lived with his widowed mother Catherine until her death sometime before 1800. His younger brother, George II also lived there at least until he married.  After his mother dies he and Sofia and their children moved west through Westmoreland County and then to in West Salem Twp. Mercer Co. PA before 1810.

In 1800 there is a John Leininger living in Hempfield Twp., Westmoreland Co Pa.  John would be 35 at this time. There are 2 males under 10, 1 male between 10-15. John is listed between 28-44, 3 females under 10, 1 between 10-17 and wife Sophia listed as between 26-44 who would be age 40.  

There is a John Leininger listed on the 1810 Census in West Salem Twp. Mercer Co , Pa in the age "45 and older" bracket at age 45.  His wife Sophia is in the same age bracket at age 50.  

He is also listed on the1820 census in the same Twp. and County, still in the "45 and older" bracket (age 55) along with his wife Sofia, who would be age 60.  She died in March 1828 at age 69. I believe this John Leininger to be the cousin of Elizabeth Leininger Barnhart as he is marked in the "45 and older" bracket and still alive in1820.  He would be about the same age as John Leininger born in York Co., PA on 8 mar 1765 and was the son of George Leininger. Both his family and Adam Barnhart's family appear on the 1810 census for the first time located in West Salem Twp., Mercer County, PA.   The census that year in Mercer County is only 4 total pages of data.  Adam is 4th from the bottom on page 3 and John is at the top of page 4.  To me this indicates they may have lived somewhat close together there. Adam falls into the same age bracket (45 and older) as John on the 1820 census. Adam Barnhart, in 1810, is only age 37 (b. 1773 according to his tombstone inscription.) indicating he is younger than John. Both families belong to the Good Hope (Lutheran) Church located in that same Twp.  John continues to live there until Sophia dies on 04 Mar 1828 at age 68. Her tombstone below is located in the Good Hope Cemetery as is their daughter Elizabeth b. 1790 and died in 1840.  John then moves, sometime after her death, (he is almost 63 year old at the time) to Stark County, Ohio to live with one of his children or perhaps his brother George II who lives in Stark Co. Ohio.  He is not recorded on any census record after 1820 as he is not listed in Ohio as a head of a household.  He died there on 14 Mar 1841 at age 76.


Notes for SOPHIA KOBER/COVER Leininger: Sophia is buried at Good Hope Church cemetery in West Salem Twp, Mercer County, PA.  At the right see Sofia's gravestone in Mercer Co PA. Sofia was the daughter of Johann Daniel COVER\KOBER, b. 10 Oct 1723 in Manubach, Rhineland, Germany, d. 13 Nov 1769 in Frederick County, Maryland He married MARIA EVA EBERHARD 1730 in Bayern, Pfalz, Rhineland, Germany, d.1800 in Westminster, Maryland. Johann and Maria became prominent persons in the Westminster, Maryland Community.  To see the progression of the Kobers as immigrants 18th Century in America, go to this page.




i.   SAMUEL LEININGER, b. 04 Nov 1789, Frederick, Maryland; d. 22 Mar 1850,

Hancock County, Ohio; m. CATHERINE; d. 16 Dec 1847, Hancock County, Ohio.
         Notes for SAMUEL LEININGER:

Maryland, Births and Christenings Index, 1662-1911 about Samuel  Leininger

Name: Samuel Leininger Gender:  Male
Christening Date: 4 Nov 1789

          Christening Place:  Evangelical Reformed Church, Frederick, Frederick, Maryland
Father's Name:  Joh Leininger
Mother's Name:  Sophia
FHL Film Number:  13931

There is a Samuel "Lininger" who is listed as a Private in the war of 1812 under Captain Robert Mann, serving under Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Christy in the 135th PA Regiment.  Captain Robert Mann's Co. musters up in Greenville, Mercer Co. PA. Recorded on pgs. 299 & 300 in the History of Mercer Co. Samuel, at age 61, died of Dyspepsia. Both Samuel and his wife, Catherine, are buried at Hickory Grove Cemetery in Vanlue, a very small town, in Hancock Co. Ohio.

 ii.   GEORGE LEININGER, b. Bef. 1790. The fact that I could not find any Christening record for this George could mean that he may have died before he was Baptized or Christened. There is an odd rumor on the internet concerning Sophia that is definitely not true. "Moved out of Maryland prior to 1790, nothing else known. A minister wrote that Sophia had gone insane after birth of daughter and died in 1796. Probably was post partum depression." The source of this rumor is not named. I don't know quite what to make of this but she may have lost a child during this time period.  Also, it was the belief of many Christian churches in those days that if a child wereto die before they were Baptised or Christened, they would not go to Heaven, and probably have no gravestone. 

 iii.   ELIZABETH LEININGER, b. 1790, Maryland; d. 25 Sep 1840, Mercer Co.. PA,  Buried in Good Hope Cemetery West Salem Twp.; m. SAMUEL KAMERER; b. 30 Jun 1791, Westmorland Co., PA; d. 28 Dec 1863, Mercer Co., PA.  Buried in Good Hope Cemetery, West Salem Twp.

              Notes for CATHARINA LEININGER:
                       The date 19 Aug 1792 is the Christening date at Evangelical Lutheran of Middletown, Frederick, Maryland. She may have been born in
                       Pennsylvania where
John lived with his widowed mother in West Manheim Twp. in York Co., PA. The two places are only about 40 miles
apart as the crow flies. She is
probably named after his mother, Catherine.
                      Maryland, Births and Christenings Index, 1662-1911 about Catharina Leininger

                        Name:  Catharina Leininger
                        Gender: Female
                        Christening Date: 19 Aug 1792
                        Christening Place: Evangelical Lutheran of Middletown, Frederick, Maryland
Father's Name: John Leininger
                        Mother's Name: Sophia Kober
FHL Film Number: 13934

 v.   JOHN LEININGER, b. 22 May 1792. I received the following info from Andrea Mastrianni who also has done research on the Leiningers. In 1812 John (Sr.) (b.  1765) would be too old.  His son John, b. 1792 would be just about 20 so there is a possibility that this is his son.

"A John Lininger Jr. is listed as a volunteer (Private) in the War of 1812 in Pennsylvania. This implies his father's name was John."  (This John, b.1792, would be age 20 in 1812 M.H.) "I believe John and Henry Lininger listed in Mercer Co in 1810 and 1820 are probably Elizabeth's brothers.  I surmise that Elizabeth's Leininger Barnhart's father was also a John Lininger." (who was a son of Sebastian Leininger.  My words. M.H.)

 vi.    HENRY LEININGER, b. 07 Jul 1797, Westmoreland Co., PA.

         Notes for HENRY LEININGER: Henry is listed on the Births, Baptisms of the First Lutheran Church Records of Westmoreland Co. in Greensburg PA.

         He was baptized on 10 Aug 1797, His Parents John and Sophia "Lininger", are named in this record.


 vii.   RACHEL LEININGER, b. 10 Jan 1804, West Salem Twp. Mercer Co., PA.

        Notes for RACHEL LEININGER:  Records for Rachel from the Brush Creek Lutheran Church, which later became the Good Hope Lutheran Church.
        She was baptized on 11 Aug 1805 by Pastor John Michael Steck.

One thing I find odd about the two children, Samuel and Catherina, (who are recorded in the Maryland, Births and Christenings Index, 1662-1911,) they were not Christened at St. Benjamin's/Kreiders Reformed Union Church located in Westminster, Maryland. Sophia's parents were founding members of that church in 1760. Sophia's mother "EVE", was still alive and living near Westminster when both these children were born.                        

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 Since I have found much more information about George Leininger II, younger brother of John,

                       b. 1765, I will move that information to a new page.

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Sophia's gravestone reads: In Memory of Sophia Lininger
who Departed this Life March 4th, 1828  Aged 68 years
Sophia Leinniger gravestone

1.  GEORGE3 LEININGER I  (SEBASTIAN2, HANNS1) was born 26 Jan 1736/37 in Reutlingen, Baden-Wuettemberg, Germany, and died Bef. 02 Mar 1782 in Manheim Twp., York Co., PA.  He married CATHERINE/CATHERINA. (last name unknown).  Notes for GEORGE LEININGER : Christening or birth: 26 Jan 1737, Germany.  At the right is a clumsily merged birth record for Georg (George) Leininger I taken from a photo record of a deteriorating microfiche record at the Reutlingen Evangelical Church in Reutlingen, Baden-Wuettemberg, Germany. This church was established in 1517, so you can imagine that the original pages are also in a stage of deterioration.  
   The merge shows two parts of one page which was too large for this space so I just merged the top of the page, which clearly shows the year, and Georg's birth record located at the bottom of the original page. The date is clearly "26 Jan".  Sebastian and Regina, the parents are on the left and the God parents or sponsors on the right side. If any reading this record would like to translate the rest I would be glad to have it.
 My HS friend, Jim Scott, who is military, lives in Germany and he kindly traveled to the church and took the photos.  I am very grateful to him.

Below is a copy of the record book cover
of the Reutlingen Evangelical Church


Notes concerning George Leininger I and his wife Catherine.

Event:  Military 12 Aug to 12 Oct 1781 York, Co. Militia, private on pay Roll of Capt. Samuel Fulton's Company. George is about age 44. We have no proof that George fought in the Revolutionary war. When that war began in 1775 George would be about 38 and he already had a wife and two children at that time.  See first record below

Note:  A PA muster roll of Capt. Samuel Fulton's Co. of York Co. Militia names George Leininger as a guard for prisoners of American Revolution at Camp Security under the command of Major John Edie, Sept 1781. Dr. Thomas Leininger conjectures that George may have contracted some sickness or was injured during this period of duty causing his death 4-5 months later.  While American success in the Revolution seems obvious today, it wasn't at the time. The war for American independence began with military conflict in 1775 and lasted at least until 1783 when the peace treaty with the British was signed.

The payroll record below this first record shows what compensation George I received for his military service which was issued in 1785. after George's death. A further payroll record for George I is issued on 10 Aug 1790 for 1 lb., 18 Shillings and 6 pence.

George I Payroll record


German church Record book
Georg Leinger Bap1737
George l Millitia REcord