At the left is Elizabeth A. Humphreys  pictured on the front of a postcard  addressed to her brother, Asa Eliakim  Humphreys, in Casnovia, Michigan.  However, the greeting reads "Dear  Brothers".  The date on the post card  cannot be read but judging from her  clothing the photo would have been taken  in the late  19th Century or early in the  Twentieth.  She was born in 1876 so she  would have been still young.  This woman  looks to be in her 30s or 40s.  The man on  the right is her husband, Gene Hutchinson.   In her postcard, Elizabeth expresses her  regret at missing her brothers when they  came back through town and that if she had known they were back, she would have had them for dinner. She tells Asa that she has heard from her sister, Sarah, and that Sarah's baby is now walking.  She sends a message to Robert, her brother, saying that she is glad he is home again.


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