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Erma Poore, her two husbands and her many descendants.

Children of ERMA POOR and WALTER VALLEY are:

 i.    EVELYN Harriet (Hattie) VALLEY, born 29 Jun 1913 at Caron, Sask.; died 02 Dec. 2000; M. CHESTER B. VITITOE on August 31, 1934.  He was born at Welston, Ohio.  They have two sons.  Richard and Glenn Freddie, both born in Columbus, OH.


        Nothing further is known of Evelyn and Chester.


I have just recently received (Sept. 2009) a newly found family photo from Darrla Westberg.  (See Darrla and her family at the bottom of this page.)  It is a photo of Evelyn Harriet Valley with her two step brothers, Woodie and Glenn. ▼They are a good looking bunch and in the prime of their youth.  The child in front has not been Identified.  Evelyn (m.1934), "Woodie" (m.1936), and Glenn (m. 1937) all married in the 1930s so I am assuming that this photo was taken in the late 1930s.   "Woodie" is on the left of Evelyn. (See photo below on the right)


At the left is a photo of Imogene and Evelyn Valley and  their baby half-brother Woodrow or Woodie" Westburg.  I estimate this photo was taken late summer 1916.


ii.   IMOGENE EMMA VALLEY, born 23 Nov 1914, Cambridge, Minnesota; died 22 May 1988, Crooksville, Ohio.  Imogene married (1) Montford Josleyn Coon on October 13, 1931 at Reno, Nevada.  He was born Feb 3, 1896. 





Their three children are:


1.   Dawn LaVerne Coon, b. Oct 16, 1934 at Carson City, Nevada.   See a photo of Dawn sent to me of herself on Jan 13, 2012 at the bottom of this page.

2.   Montford Charles Coon, b. Dec 21 1935 at Carson City, Nevada.

3.   Ermalyn Faith Coon, b. Dec 13 1936 at Cleveland, Ohio.

Imogene and Montford J. Coon were divorced at Virginia City, Nevada on Nov. 3, 1939.  Imogene married (2) WILSON R. HUNDLEY. 

Their children are: Susan Hundley, Catherine Hundley, Garry Hundley, and Jerry Hundley.


At the right is the photo of Woodie, Evelyn and Glenn, all grown up with children of their own.  What year this photo was taken in unknown.  This appears to be a reunion of family siblings. ►

(See Imogene's Obituary)







Children of ERMA POORE and JOHN WESTBERG:    

i.   WOODROW "Woodie" AUGUST WESTBERG, born 02 Feb 1916, Grandy,

   Isanti Co.,  Minnesota   

ii.  GLEN LEROY WESTBERG, born 22 Nov 1917, Cambridge, Minnesota
The Westberg boys are pictured at the right.  Woodie is about age 4 and

Glen is about 3. 1920-1921?       ►


See One more photo of John Westberg and his boys.










At the left is a photo of Erma, John and three of the children.

  Glen has not yet been born.  This was taken in the spring of

 1917 on the farm at Rush Point, Minnesota.  Erma may be

 pregnant at the time.  The baby in the front is "Woodie". 

  Evelyn is peeking through and Imogene is on the right.





Read here the story of Erma Poore who leaves and divorces John Westberg and becomes the Purple Angel.







Generation 3


3.   WOODROW AUGUST WESTBERG (ERMA IMOGENE POORE, WILLIAM HENRY) was born 02 Feb 1916 in Grandy, Isanti Co., Minnesota, and died 28 Dec 1998 in Rapid City, South Dakota, Buried in Summit, SD.  He married MABEL THELMA LEGAARD 10 Sep 1936 in Sissiton, So. Dakota.  She was born 28 May 1918 in Summit, So. Dakota, and died 09 Apr 1999 in Summit, So. Dakota.


 Children of WOODROW WESTBERG and MABEL LEGAARD are:     (See Family Photos)

 i.     JANICE LEE WESTBERG, b. 21 Mar 1937; m. OMAR PAUL HALVORSON.         

 ii     JOHN " JACK" ARNOLD WESTBERG, b. 16 Dec 1938; m. BARBARAJack was killed in a hit and run accident in June of 1973 while walking across a street in Omaha, Nebraska and is buried in Summit, South Dakota

iii.     ROSALIE "Rose"  WESTBERG, b. 1941; m. CHARLES OVERBY.

                    iv.     ELAINE MARIE WESTBERG, b. 24 Mar 1945; m. (1) DWIGHT ROWAYEN  HAGEN; m. (2) DAVID


                    v.      RICHARD "RICK" DEAN WESTBERG, b. 11 Feb 1950, Braham , Isanti Co. Minnesota.

                    vi.     MICHAEL WAYNE WESTBERG, b. 01 Mar 1956; m. (1) CINDY; m. (2) BARBARA OHS.

                   vii.     CINDI KAY WESTBERG, b. 18 Sep 1959; m. JOHN RIES.


4.  GLENN L. WESTBERG (ERMA IMOGENE POORE, WILLIAM HENRY) was born 22 Nov 1917 in Cambridge, Minnesota, and died 25 Dec 2001 in Whitewood, So. Dakota, Buried at Black Hills National Cemetery, Sturgis, SD.  He married MILDRED WULLUM 12 Jun 1937 in New Hampton, Iowa.  Glen was a rancher an businessman and was an active man in local civic affairs at Whitewood, So. Dakota.  See Glen's obituary and a photo of him.


            Children of GLENN WESTBERG and MILDRED WULLUM are:

                 i.     GERALD WESTBERG.

                 ii.    TONY WESTBERG.

                 iii.    KAREN WESTBERG.

                 iv.    KATHY WESTBERG.

                 v.    JEFF WESTBERG.


Generation No. 4


5.  RICHARD "RICK" DEAN  WESTBERG (WOODROW AUGUST3, ERMA IMOGENE2 POORE, WILLIAM HENRY1) was born 11 Feb 1950 in Braham, Isanti Co., Minnesota.  He married DARRLA JEAN HENDERSON 14 Jun 1970 in Lead, So. Dakota, daughter of DARRELL HENDERSON and PATRICA HILLIARD.  She was born 24 Aug 1951 in Belle Fourche, So. Dakota. 

                                                                               Darrla and Rick are pictured below on vacation in Hawaii, 2005.▼










         Dawn LaVerne Coon Barber,
b. Oct 16, 1934 at Carson City, Nevada
the great grand daughter of William and Hattie Poore, granddaughter of Erma Imogene Poore Valley and daughter of Imogene Valley and Charles Montford Coon, Sr.
Now lives in Hilliard, OH.  She has made many contributions to this website with both information
and photos             Thanks, Dawn!