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Ernest Lyle Miller

November 14, 1900 - August 26,1993

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Below is from the newspaper obituary of E. Lyle Miller.  It says that Lyle received his Bachelors degree from Wayne State University.  That is not the correct name.  It was Wayne State Normal School in Wayne, Nebraska.


































I remember Uncle Lyle as a quiet, thoughtful man.  He was much admired by his brothers and their wives for his intelligence and pleasant manner.  He was first and above all a school teacher and he liked conversing with others on many subjects.  He was the perfect pick to record his memories of the history of his family. 

◄ On the left is a formal photo of Lyle when he was Superintendent of Schools in Kidder, Missouri, 1954.   Lyle and Florence were still married at this time and Florence was also employed by the school district as a Home Economics teacher.  I do not have a photo of Florence nor do I know when she died.  They lived on a farm that I believe was originally owned by Florence and her brother and sister.  When my Dad and Mom took us to visit with them there near Kidder, the brother an sister lived with them. They probably worked the farm while Lyle and Florence worked at the school.


After Florence died (about 1958), Lyle  married Pauline in what must have been the 1960's.  We do not know much about her, not even her last name. According to my mother, their marriage was somewhat tumultuous.  I believe she died but they may have divorced.  If anyone reading this knows any more than these bare remembrances, please let me know.








Lyle's last marriage was to Emily Scott Turner.  She was a widow born in Missouri and a delightful lady.  Everyone seemed to think, whether it was said out loud or not, that Lyle had finally found a perfect mate for himself as she was as pleasant and personable as he.  They married in 1984 after Lyle had been alone for some years after Pauline.  Below is their marriage photo.▼ When Lyle died in 1993 at their home in Everett , Washington he left Emily, again, a widow.  He is buried next to his first wife back in Missouri.  Emily is buried next to her first husband in Washington State.