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To me the following story is about a family lost and then found.   I received a g-mail in January 2010 from a Shane Davis, a man looking for his relatives on his mother's side.  His mother and father were divorced and his mother probably remains a mystery to him even today.  He saw my story about the Ewings on my web site and contacted me.  He has quite a story to tell and below he tells it in his own words.   Shane's narrative is in BLUE print.  My comments are in RED

My name is Shane Joseph Davis from Oxnard, California. I have been researching for my mother who had left us when I was 4 years old. She lived a very mysterious life. We re-met when I was 18, briefly. I am now 53 years old and after contacting my sister whom I had not seen in 30 years, we decided together to find out more about her life that she kept so secret.  We have her birth certificate. I would be happy to send you a photo copy, if you so wish. (Shane did send this to me)


Mother's name was Florence Jean Ewing, born in 1928 to William Neely Ewing and Emma Florence McGregor who lived in Hartington, Nebraska. She was their youngest child of William and Emma. He was 51 when she was born. She was the youngest of 6 children, one of which was still born. My Mother died in 1977 from a massive heart attack. She died in Delran, New Jersey.  Her 2nd husbandís last was name was Bilardo and she was known as "Jean Florence Bilardo."  I also have a copy of the death certificate. At the time of her death and funeral she had 2 sisters who were at her funeral. They were from Hartington Neb., but I cannot remember their names and am now searching for them.  I believe one of them was a teacher in Hartington.

◄ At the left is a photo of Florence Jean Ewing Davis (abt. age 27) taken with her brother,

   Glen Ewing, in Seattle, Washington, 1955. This is before Shane, her son, is born.

Florence had 2 biological children that we know of, myself and my younger sister Kimberly Marie Davis. When we met briefly she had indicated that I had an older brother in Nebraska from a previous relationship before meeting my father. When we met I also got to know my other sister, Carla Bilardo, who Florence claimed to have had after leaving my father. Carla is now 48 and she  found out that actually she was not Florence's daughter biologically. And, in fact, through birth records she was adopted.

The photo on the right ►is taken in about 1954, before the above photo. From Left to right are: Joseph C. Davis (Robert "Bob" Davis" father), Loren Davis (Bob's half brother and Shane's Uncle), Gay Davis, (Bob's step-mother), Florence and Bob.  Shane explains:  Loren, with whom I was raised, is only 7 years older than me and is more of a big brother to me than an Uncle.

Last night I went to visit my father and to borrow the photos to scan to send you.  I hadnít told my father about Carla and me making contact with each other. I had been putting it off. I wasnít sure how he or my other sister Kim would take it. You have to remember when Florence left, it was very traumatic for my father and also for me. Kim was an infant at the time. 13 years later when Florence made contact with my father to try to see me, she didnít want to have contact with Kim, why? I still donít understand, even today. But Kim found out anyway, and she was a teenager at the time, so she was deeply hurt.  Florence had told my dad (at that same time) that, Carla was also his daughter.  So that was the belief for many, many years. So I thought. My father was amazing, last night.  His response I didnít expect. He felt that it was something I needed to do and he was full of information and confirmation, which I will provide for you in notes. He also gave me some cautious advice.    (1.) Handle the information that I find, discreetly. Why? (2.) I may find things I may not have wanted to know. And, (3.) He requested that any information I share about him or Florence, to be of a positive nature only.   (Sounds like wise and kindly advice to me   MH)

On the left is a photo of Shane
   Davis and his mother, Florence
   Ewing Davis. Taken in 1959, the
   day of Shane's sister Kim Davis'

     On the right ►is another
   baptismal photo.  From left to
   right is Shane, Loren (his Uncle),
   Gay Davis (Shane's step grand
 mother) holding Kimberly Marie
(Shane's sister) and

   ◄The photo on the left was taken after 1960 and after Florence Davis left her family (Shane, Bob & Kim)  It looks

    like one of those photos taken at a carnival booth or a county  fair.  Still it's pretty cute.

    Shane's narrative continues below.


   The two men my mother married, Robert Lee Davis, and her 2nd husband, Dominic  Bilardo, were madly in love with her. Carla and I are both really astonished how much these men loved Florence. She definitely had the magic over them. And I knew both of them. Even  now at 81, my father (who has been over 35 years with his 2nd wife), still has a flame for
 Florence Ewing.  At  one point in our conversation last night, he literally cried and I hugged  him  and told him he did the best he could in the relationship with her.  All he said was he  felt he  could have done better.  Dominic was the same way when she passed away on him.  Unfortunately, Dom past away about 15 years ago.
 Both Carla and I rely on her memories of Dom and Florence. She was the child who lived with Florence the longest and was adopted at 8  and was just 15 when Florence passed away.

Now the notes, information which were confirmed by my Father.

1. William Neely Ewing, (My grandfather) was a Carpenter. He was not just a carpenter; he was a very respected craftsman. William Ewing was (according to my mother, Florence Ewing and my Uncle, Glen Ewing), was responsible for building a school in Hartington, Nebraska.
 This information was told to my father by both my Mother and Uncle.

2. William Neely Ewing did come to California to visit Florence and my father in 1956. I was just born.  He only stayed briefly. And Emma, his wife
Emma Florence McGregor Ewing) had already had passed away when Florence was young. My father remembers William only staying for less than a week. and remembers William being very elderly and hard of hearing. During that visit my father felt that Florence and William had a strained relationship, but did not know nor was told what it was. William returned to Nebraska and he soon passed away.  I donít believe my mother went to attend the funeral.

3. My father confirmed of what I was told by Florence years later. She had indicated to him that she had another child before me but would not tell him anymore. She had told me years later that she did have another child before me in Nebraska. She told me it was a boy. She claimed that she gave him up to a family there that she knew, and had been in contact over the years on his whereabouts. That he had became a teacher and possible principle of a school.
 I am hoping that Mr. Dave Ewing of whom you have been forwarding my e-mails to may have some information on this.

4. Glen Ewing, Florenceís older brother, moved to Seattle, Washington, and became a candy maker to a major national candy Company. My parents visited him in 1955. Pictures to follow.

Well thatís what I have so far, and itís after midnight here.

I will try to scan the pictures tomorrow and send them to you.
  You know Carla and I have only been in contact with each other for about a month and we both agree the information and the way we grew up sounds like something only Hollywood could make up. And believe me I would know. I worked in Hollywood film industry for 30 years before I was recruited by the US navy as their civilian videographer and cinematographer 6 years ago.  Life can be strange.

I ask Carla, How did we survive it all? Because we are survivors.


                            Shane told his story well, don't you think?  M.H.