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Below is Excerpt 1 from Gale Miller Cleveland's letter to my mother.  In my research I did definitely find that the Millers were from Scotland arriving in the USA in the 1750s.  I did not find the name McMiller but perhaps that is true.  The Hovers were of German extraction and therefore could qualify as Pennsylvania "Deutsch".  I did not find any direct Herbert Hoover connection but haven't had time to research that angle much. It is interesting to read about the Miller brothers and their contentious natures and about the death of Catherine Hover Miller.

Below is Excerpt 2 from Gale's 3 page letter to Mom.   It is indeed true that the Millers are intelligent by nature and perhaps impossible to remain close-knit because of their divergent directions in life.  I do know that by the next generation, the sons of Robert Benjamin Miller enjoyed being with each other enormously and managed to do it quite often.  Memorial Day in Hartington, Nebraska together was the family custom.

The violin thing is great!  Uncle Ernest Lyle Miller mentioned in his 1983 recorded narrative, that Great Grandfather William B. Miller himself played the violin well but not often.  It is certainly true about high blood pressure and stroke running throughout the family tree.