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Just below is a section of a page lifted from the Westmoreland County Deed Book, Volume A, Part 1.  It shows that a Gedion (Gideon) Miller and his wife Martha sell their 400 acres of land in Huntingdon Twp. to a Gaspard Marklien. (There is an existing grist mill on the property) This sale is to be finalized in May of 1775 after several agreements have been completed by the seller. The narrative reveals that Gedion's land that in 1773 already abuts the land owned by our Robert Miller across the Big Sewickley Creek.  That would seem to imply that Robert could have homesteaded his land before Gedion or at least at the same time as did Gedion.  Since families seemed to stick closely together out in the untamed wilderness, it is a real possibility that they were related.  This is the last of what I could find out about Gideon Miller and his wife, Martha.  Robert Miller is killed by Indians in Oct, 1775 while working on his property the same year as Gideon Miller's land sale is finalized on May 1, 1775.  Were Gideon and Martha killed in the same raid?  It's certainly possible.  Further research is needed.  See here more reasons to be persuaded that Robert, Samuel and Gideon Miller may be related.

This a good place to point out that the spelling of a person's name in those days was not given any particular attention. Garspard, over the years, was spelled Caspard, Casper, and even JasperMarklein evolved to Marklin, Merklin, and even Markle. There are probably other variations that are not mentioned here.

Caspar Marklin (born: Johann Gaspard Merklein) was quite business man and became a large land owner.  He eventually bought much of the land surrounding Robert Miller's land and even the original Robert Miller homestead property after Robert's son, Isaac, dies in 1799. Casper Marklin, and Robert Miller and his son Isaac Miller were not only neighbor but friends.  Their families were deeply entwined with each other and continue in that relationship for many years.  After Robert Miller's death in 1775, Caspar is named as guardian over several Miller children.  Below you will see two excerpts from the original February 6, 1776 Orphan's Court record proceedings. Because Robert Miller dies intestate, this court is charged with settling the dispensation of his estate and what will happen to his children until they reach their "majority".   This court was presided over by Robert Hanna at the home of Robert Hanna in Hannastown, PA., the historical county seat of Westmoreland Co.  The first shows Caspar being appointed "Guardian" of Joseph Miller "being above the age of 14" but still considered to be in his "minority".  In 1776, Joseph, Robert Miller's 4th son is about 18 years old.  I do not know when children were considered to be the age of "majority" though it may be at age 25 because Isaac, Robert Miller's oldest son, age 26 at this time, has no guardian appointed for him.  He and his mother, Agnes are named administrators of Robert Miller's estate on October 7, 1775. This means that Robert must have been killed that same year shortly before this date.

Again, below, from the same 1776 court record, a Jasper Merkle is appointed guardian of all the children of Robert and Agnes under the age of 14. I believe 'Casper' and 'Jasper' were the same person just spelled in a different way.  Lastly on a Patent Index, Page 417 for South Huntingdon Twp, is a *notation saying that Casper Marklin's land had a mill called "Markles Mill" and a "Markles Blockhouse" drawn on the "detailed tract map".   See here a picture of this blockhouse and further information about Casper Marklin.

Next ▼you see a 1785 survey of Casper Marklin's property.  He has divided his 400 acres that he purchased from "Gedion" Miller and sold half to his brother, Peter.  You can see that his property lies directly south of Robert Miller's land across the Big Sewickley Creek.  At this time Robert's property is designated as The Heirs of Robert Miller.   The heirs of Clemens Finly (Clement Finley mentioned in the above document) still own the land just to the east of Casper's land. .