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   Here is a photo of William "Henry" Poore and his surviving 6 children after the death of his wife, Hattie May, in 1901.    Their first born child, William died in infancy.  Florence stands in the back.  Frederick is left of his Father, and Andrew is on the right.  In the front row left to right are Ned,  baby Leroy, on his  father's lap, and Erma Imogene. Henry Poore looks to be a  handsome man and Erma has a determined look about her even at age four or five. The children appear to be well-dressed. 

    The photo was taken in Ainsworth, Nebraska about 17 miles west of Bassett, Nebraska, where Hattie's relatives lived, including her mother, Sophia Matilda, and her sister     Minnie. This photo looks like it was taken about 6-8 months    after the death of Hattie judging by the baby's age. It makes me wonder if Hattie died of complications of childbirth after Leroy was  born. When I enlarged this photo with Adobe Photo Shop, it  looked as if Henry has a bandage on his right hand  holding  the baby.

   This photo was made available courtesy of Dawn LaVerne

 Coon Barber, a great-grand daughter of Hattie May Lake and Henry Poore.