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Generation 8

Herbert Everett Miller and Family

 At first, I could not find information on the all the children and grandchildren of Jesse E. Miller and his wife, Anna Mickles.  Most the information about offspring # 3 (Herbert) were found on census records and because Leslie's grandson, Hyle Miller, told me about himself, his parents and siblings. However, recently (Jan 2010) I was contacted by other Miller relatives who have been greatly helpful to me in adding historic details to this website.  The new information on this page was contributed by Joyce Ramsey Jackson who is a great great Granddaughter of William Benjamin Miller and Catherine Anne Hover Miller and my "cousin".  


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iii.   HERBERT E. MILLER (JESSE E.7, WILLIAM BENJAMIN6, JESSE E.5, JOSEPH4, SILAS3, ROBERT2, POSSIBLY ISAAC1) was born Sep 1893 in Nebraska.  He married GRACE Olive BoeRNer.  She was born 1899 in Nebraska.


Notes for HERBERT E. MILLER: In 1910 Herbert is living with a Burgess Benson family in Precinct 17 in Hartington, NE.  He is a hired man and works as a general farm laborer.  He is age 17.


In 1920 Herbert is a married man with a 1 year old child. They rent their home in the town of Hartington, Precinct 12 and he is classified as a farmer.


      Child of HERBERT MILLER and GRACE is:

                i.     MERYN E.9 MILLER, b. March 27, 1918, Nebraska.  See below for more information about Herbert and his children by Grace Olive Boerner

                     Miller sent to me by Joyce Ramsey Jackson.


   Hi,   This is what is in the book I have ( Miller Family Reunion Family History Book Dated 7/28/90?) about Herbert E. Miller.

   Joyce (Ramsey) Jackson


Name: Herbert Everett Miller

Born: December 12, 1892

Died: September 17, 1969

Occupation: Farm hand, Clerk of Courts, Insurance and Real Estate

Birthplace: Hartington, Nebraska

Residence: Gettysburg, SD

Married: June 6, 1917

Spouse: Grace Olive Boerner








Interests/Hobbies: Politics, dedicated Oddfellow


Informal Bio:

Herbert Everett Miller was born on December 12, 1892 near Hartington, Nebraska and passed away September 17, 1969. His schooling was through the eighth grade and a short term at Wayne Nebraska College. His early manhood years were spent working on farms, one of which was the Henry Boerner farm near Randolf where he met and eventually married Grace Olive Boerner on June 6, 1917. He moved near Winner, SD in 1918 where he farmed until 1927. They moved to Winner where he managed a produce station and drove the school bus. He ran for Clerk of Courts of Tripp County in 1932 and held that office until 1941 when they moved to Gettysburg, SD to accept a position with the Federal Land Bank. When that office was moved to Mobridge, he remained in Gettysburg and conducted an insurance and real estate business for almost the rest of his life. He was a staunch Democrat and was chairman of Potter County Red Cross for many years. He was also a dedicated Oddfellow. He was good-natured but also quite a tease, and he thoroughly enjoyed people.


Submitted by Vera Nauman, daughter of Herbert Miller


More information about Herbert and Grace's son Meryn Miller

Born: March 27, 1918

Died: June 3, 1988

Occupation: Automobile Salesman

Birthplace: Hartington, Nebraska

Residence: Winner, SE - Sioux Falls, SD  -  Mesa, Arizona

Spouse: Mary Bradt








Melvin, born on June 10, 1955 at Winner, SD.


Interests/ Hobbies: Sports Fan, Fishing, Billiards, and Card games