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Joyce Miller Heaps

Birth year About 1899 - Died about 1946


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Below on the right are Joyce Miller and her husband Mike Heaps.  My mother told me that Joyce was very hard working.  She was strapped at an early age with much responsibility when her mother died of complications in childbirth.  She was charged with cooking, cleaning and keeping house for her widowed father (when he was home), and taking care of her younger brothers, Dale (age 10) and Alton (age 6) .  She was age 14 at the time.  She was assisted by my father, Lee (age 11), with the household chores. Dad's oldest brother Glen (age 15) assisted by their Uncles Art and William, kept the family farm viable with the help of his younger brother, Lyle (age 13).  The two grandfathers, W. B. Miller and Dave Ewing also helped keep this family together.   Remember that both Art and William had their own farms and families to attend.  Ronald, the baby, was "farmed out" to their father's brother and his wife, Art and Myrtle Miller. 

My sister Barbara, tells me that after the war (WWII) in 1945 or 46, Joyce and Mike came to visit us in Cherokee, Iowa.  They had been stationed in Oklahoma or Texas.  Joyce was taking some dangerous conflicting medicines that changed her heart beat to extreme opposites.  Mom sent Joyce to see our family physician, Dr Seely.  He told her to stop these medications but she refused.  They returned home and Joyce died soon after. 

Can anyone tell me what military rank insignia is on Mike's uniform? Sergeant?  I do not know what happened to Mike.  Again, more information is needed.

On the left is a picture of Joyce taken when she looks to be between 18 and 20.  What I have here is a poor copy of a poor copy and apparently the original was deteriorating.  I have no idea who has the original or if it still exists.  I think this photo was taken at the same time as a photo of her brothers was taken in about 1917.  Joyce is missing from that photo.   This is uncharacteristic as when group shots were taken of the Millers all were present if they were available.  You can see that photo here.

































Another photo of Joyce is below.  She is wearing a stylish frock and toeless pumps.  My guess she is in her early 30s here.  Other guesses are welcome.