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Subject: George Arthur Malcolm, Samuel Malcom's grandson. 






Much has been written about George Arthur Malcolm as he became quite famous as a Justice of the Supreme Court of Philippine Islands appointed by President Woodrow Wilson in 1917.  George A. Malcom was only 36 years old at the time. He remained in this position until 1935 when the Philippine Islands became a Commonwealth.  G. Malcolm then remained in the Philippines until 1940 as a member of the staff of the US High Commissioner.  It seems that the the lavish attention laid upon George A. by his parents was certainly well-placed.



◄  At the left is a photo of George at age 16.

The people of the Philippines held Justice Malcolm in their high esteem and affection even after his death on May 16, 1961.  Below is a model of a large city square built in 1961 as a memorial to him and his distinguished service to the Philippine nation.

























This is quite an impressive monument built to honor the service of one man.  I do not know if this monument still stands in Banguio City.  Below on the left is a list of the symbolic meanings of the memorial and on the right below is a short biography of the Justice Malcolm.

















 George A. Malcom did not marry until December 13, 1932 when he was age 51.  The bride, age 27 was Lucille Margaret Wolf and was given away by Theodore Roosevelt Jr. who was then Governor General of the Philippines.  Justice Malcolm recalled:

"I, like  General Douglas MacArthur, met a most appealing young lady from the homeland  on a  Pacific voyage.  It was not a easy case to win . Not only was she my junior in years,  she  was also engaged to another man.  But I react to hard cases, and I applied myself to win this one just as assiduously as I ever did to succeed in a court battle.  The verdict was in my favor."   From the book American Colonial Careerist, p.35,  by George A. Malcolm




When George A. Malcolm died in Los Angeles in 1961, General Doulas MacArthur was an honorary pallbearer at his funeral. The General sent the following telegram dated May 18, 1961 to George's widow:

 "Jean and I are shocked and grieved at the death of your distinguished husband.  I held him in highest admiration and esteem.  He has left and indelible stamp on the administration of justice in the Philippines.  We send you our deepest sympathy and affection.  I will be proud to be listed as an honorary pallbearer."        Douglas MacArthur                                        From a photocopy of the telegram in the possession of Donna Meszaros. 

For those who wish to read a more complete biography of Justice Malcolm, you may follow the hyperlink below to an article written in Current Biography, Who's Who and Why-1954, Published by the H. W. Wilson Co. n.y., n.y.  Click here.