Descendants of Michael Malcom

Three generations: 1752 through 1890 - Michael through Horatio Malcom and his siblings.

 Horatio is the eldest child and son of Charles Malcom and is my great great grandfather.


 The appropriate anecdote you see below was given to me by Darrla Westberg,

a newly found relative found on the Hattie May Lake Page of this web site.



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Generation I. AQUILA CHASE (Sr.), son of Richard Chase, was baptized in Chesham, England on August 14. 1580, and died  Est. 1621-1681.  He married JOAN BISHOP Est. 1593-1636.  She was born Est. 1576-1599 in England, and died Est. 1621-1687. One of their children is: ▼       See here a history of both Aquila Chases

Generation II. AQUILA CHASE II, b. 1618, Cornwall, England; d. 27 Dec 1670, age 52, Newbury, MA.  This Aquila immigrated to America at Hampton, NH in 1639.  His brother Thomas also settled here.  He married ANNA WHEELER in 1644 at Hampton, NH, She was a daughter of JOHN WHEELER and ANNE YEOMAN. She was born 1618, and died 21 Apr 1687. They moved to Newbury, MA in 1746. Aquila and Anne had 11 children   Their 9th child is : ▼ 


Generation III. DANIEL CHASE who was born 9 Dec 1661 in Newbury, MA, and died 08 Feb 1706/07.  Daniel married MARTHA KIMBALL 25  Aug 1683, daughter of HENRY KIMBALL and MARY WYATT.  She was born 18 Aug 1664 in Wenham, MA, and died Abt. 1728. They had eight children.  

               Their 4th child is: ▼                 


Generation IV. ISAAC CHASE, b. 19 Jan 169, Newburyport, MA; d. 27 Feb 1786, Sutton, MA.  Isaac marries (1.) HANNAH BERRY 29 Oct  1710, daughter of AMBROSE BERRY and HANNAH  ???.  She was born 30 Jul 1686, and died 08 May 1771. After Hannah dies, Isaac marries (2) Hannah Tenney, a widow of Moses Tenney, in Mendon, MA on Nov. 8, 1772.  At this time Isaac's occupation is Wheelwright and Husbandman. Isaac died at about 98 years of age of Scrofulous sores. (Tuberculosis of the lymph nodes).  Isaac and the first Hannah had thirteen children.    Short history of Isaac Chase here.


       Their 7th Child is:

Generation V.  DANIEL CHASE, b. 05 Mar 1716, Sutton, MA; d. 1769, Greenwich, MA. This Daniel married MARGARET SAMPSON called Lawson on the Church Records and Samson and Lamson on vital records), b.17 Feb 1742 in Grafton or Sutton, Worcester Co., MA. in 1715. Her parents are Isaac and Sarah Barlow Sampson.

Above is the Chase family crest.

   Their motto is "Ne Cede Malis"
(Yield not to misfortunes).


"I suspect (and have always suspected) that Michael is connected to the Malcoms who lived in Boston and Maine. They came to America in the early 1700's, along with a wave of Scotch-Irish. The Scotch-Irish were Scottish Protestants who were invited to settle in Ulster in the 1600's, pushing out the unruly Irish Catholics. After about 100 years, the situation there was not so favorable for them so they emigrated to America. My problem is trying to figure out what our Michael was doing in central Massachusetts when the rest of the family was on the east coast."  Donna Meszaros, February 2007

Below are the first three generations of our branch of Malcoms in the United States that can be verified.  Much of the information on these ancestors was accomplished after many years of genealogy research by Donna Meszaros.  She spent years gathering documents and was in contact with various members of the Malcom Clan including: my uncle, Vincent Valentine Malcom, Laura Lee Malcom Beyer, Willard Burden, my aunt, Fanny Maud Malcom Hensler, Leora Malcom Gundlach and Mikkel Nelson.  Because of her career as a librarian she was able to access and research official census records, birth and death records, newspaper obituary accounts, and history books.  Now she has retired and continues to spend much of her time traveling to various locations in the United States to research records, visit distant relatives and walk through cemeteries.  She has been generous with her findings and knowledge.  Because of her, I have many photos of ancestors to share on these pages.  Donna is thorough, persistent and never careless about being factual.   She was the editor of the Malcom Family Newsletter which she published in 1987 through 1994.  All of our Malcom descendents owe her our gratitude for Illuminating our past and for making all those "dearly departed" come alive for us.

Donna has told me that she is preparing her own website which will show exactly from whom, where, and how her research is founded.  As soon as her site is prepared for viewing I will connect the reader from my site to hers.  She will have many more details than I have included here. 

Generation No. 1


1.  MICHAEL MALCOM  was born 1752 in Greenwich, (this town no longer exists) Hampshire Co., Mass., and died After 1796.  He married LUCY CHASE 07 Mar 1791 in Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts, daughter of DANIEL CHASE and MARGARET.  She was born 1756 in Greenwich, Massachusetts, and died 26 Jun 1853 in Orange, Franklin Co., Massachusetts.


The name of Michael Malcolm first appears in the town records of Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts in 1791 as living in the 2nd school district and also as "joined in lawful wedlock" to Lucy Chase on March 7, 1791 before the Justice of the Peace, Joseph Metcalf. 


Lucy Chase comes from a well-known and prolific New England family.  Below is a very abbreviated generation account of her Chase ancestry going back 5 generations. I have indicated in brown the important names and those names of Lucy's siblings that are mentioned in the narrative.  





They have 12 children▼
Generation VI  Children of DANIEL CHASE and MARGARET SAMPSON  are:

i.   SARAH CHASE, b.1742, Greenwich, MA; she dies in Croyden, New Hampshire; m. JONATHAN ELLIOTT,

17 Oct 1771, Orange, MA; b. 28 Feb 1750, Sutton, MA; d. 31 Oct 1818 also at Sutton. He served as a private

 in the Revolutionary War.

ii.  MARK CHASE, b.1744 in Petersham, Worcester, Massachusetts.

iii.  SIMON CHASE, 18 May 1746 in Petersham, Worcester, Massachusetts; d. 9 Sep 1839 in Woodbury, Washington, Vermont. He marries Hannah Chase on May 11, 1769 in Sutton, MA. She is probably a cousin of sorts. He marries a second wife, Sarah Lawson, on 5 May 1786. He is 93 when he dies.  

iv.   EDITH CHASE, b. 1748, Greenwich, MA; dies young.

v.   JOEL CHASE, b. 1750, Greenwich, MA; Joel and Jonas are probably twins.

vi.   JONAS CHASE, b.1750; Greenwich, MA; Joel and Jonas are probably twins.

vii.   PAUL CHASE, b.1755;

viii.  LUCY CHASE, b. 1756 in Greenwich, MA.; d. June 26,1853, Orange, MA, age 97; m. MICHAEL MALCOM, March 7, 1791, Orange, MA.  Michael is born 1752??  He disappeared or died 1798- 1811. (These are our direct ancestors)

ix.   FREEDOM CHASE, b. 1758; m. JOHN CHRISTIAN MILLER of Warwick,

x.   JUDITH CHASE, b.1760 d. 1801; m. CROMWELL LUTHER,

xi.   AARON CHASE, b. 03 Jan 1761, Greenwich, MA; d. 03 Oct 1828, Swanton, Franklin Co., VT

xii.  Margaret "PATTY" CHASE, b.1765 ; m. SAMUEL SMITH,