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Here is the family of another daughter of Dr. John and Jane Warren Humphreys.  Again, I have very little information about them.  Is that because she is a "female?"   It makes one wonder.  Apparently Mariah and her husband stayed around Highgate, Duart and Orford Township, Ontario all their lives.  They are buried close by Dr. John and Jane.  Here is a photo of their grave in the Duart Cemetery. 

Descendants of Mariah Humphreys

Generation No. 1

1.  MARIAH3 HUMPHREYS  (DR. JOHN2, JOHN1 HUMPHREYS?) was born 1839 in Orford Township, Ontario and died 1898. She is buried in Duart Cemetery, Orford Township, Ontario.  She married AMARIAH BROOKS 25 Dec 1862, son of JACOB BROOKS.  He was born 20 Mar 1835 in Vermont, and died 17 Apr 1901 and is buried in Duart Cemetery, Orford Township, Ontario.


          i.     MELVIN J.J.4 BROOKS.

         ii.     MELINDA M.J. BROOKS, b. 1865; d. Duart Cemetery, Orford Township, Ontario; m. SMITH.

        iii.     MARTHA M.J. BROOKS.

        iv.     EMMA O.C. BROOKS.

         v.     AMARIAH C.H. BROOKS.

        vi.     WILLIAM J.H. BROOKS.

        vii.     ORLO J.O. BROOKS.

       viii.     CHARLOTTE BROOKS, b. 1879; d. 1881, Duart Cemetery, Orford Township, Ontario.

        ix.     EVA BROOKS, b. 1881; d. Duart Cemetery, Orford Township, Ontario.

        x.     ESTHER BROOKS.




 At the left is a photo of Mariah Humphreys Brooks.  She is a sister of Joshua H. Humphreys.  Her hair do looks very modern, don't you think?



Below is a historical narrative record of Amariah and Mariah Humphreys Brooks and their families taken from pages 789 and 780 of a book entitled Commemorative Biographical Record It appears to contain historical records of persons who lived in Orford Township or Kent County in Ontario.  It must have been written between 1905 and 1910.







Amariah Brooks1

Amariah Brooks