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Minnie Malcom’s notes on John and Jane Warren Humphreys

 This script was found on 5 X 7 ¾”, wide-lined paper.  The words were written in pencil and very faded especially where the papers had been folded.  The paper has yellowed over time and the handwriting appears to be that of Minnie Matilda Jane Humphreys Malcom.

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 John Humphreys  -  Borne at Manchester, England.  (His father was a worsted (wool) manufacturer.  Lost all his money when the bottom fell out of prices after the 10 Year War with France.)  John graduated from the marine College of Surgeons, Jan 1, 1801.   When he went into this college, he had to enlist for 21 years.  He served under Admiral Nelson.  He was in the battle of Trafalgar on the ship where Nelson was killed.  He and his brother, William started for Quebec but the ship was

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blown out of the way.  They landed at New York.  From there they started for Canada about the last of Aug. but Grandmother was taken sick and father (Joshua) was borne, Sept. 11, 1841 at Ogdensburg, St. Lawrence County, New York.  William decided to stay here but the English gov……unreadable words here……all pensioners must reside on British territory so he moved to Prescott (Ontario), then to New London, then to Kent Co., Ontario to a place called Chatham, then to Morpeth, moving about 6 miles in the county near where Ridgetown now is.  He died

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 in 1870.  He was a member of the Church of England of welsh decent.

 Jane Warren   Her father’s name was William Warren.  He was a shoemaker.  She was borne near Dublin,  Ireland.   They were married at a church called Temple Shambo about 3 miles from Dublin,

 V.A. Lake was borne at Kingston (Ontario) below the 1000 Islands near Fort Henry. 

  V.A Lake is Valentine Amey Lake, Emma Althea Lake’s father.    Emma was married to Joshua Humphreys.


TempleShambo or TempleSanbo (◄see photos) is an ancient church in Ireland founded in the 7th century.  The original church is in ruins and a new church was built in the 1800s.  The church is located in County Wexford about 30 miles south of Dublin.  All the other locations mentioned in the narrative check out as real places.  Admiral Nelson died at Trafalgar in 1805 aboard his ship.


This is the first time I have heard of a brother (William) to (Dr.) John Humphreys, Joshua’s father. 


The following is copy of an Email from William (Bill) Humphreys on September 11, 2006.  These are his follow up comments after he read a copy of Minnie’s notes that I forwarded to him electronically.   Bill is a Great-grandson of Dr. John Humphreys and lives in Ontario, Canada.


"Minnie's notes are very interesting to read. They help to backup what I have heard from my Father and sister Ruth and brother Robert. I never heard anything regarding Dr. John’s father.  I do know that Dr. John was born in Manchester and we had his graduation certificate from the College of Surgeons.  My Father gave the Certificate to one of the Newcombe family and it was understood that it would be given to a Museum.  We have never been able to locate it and all the people from that time are all gone so I have no one to ask about it.  It was common knowledge from my father and brothers and sister, Ruth that Dr. John was in the Battle of Trafalgar and that he was on the same British Man-O-War that Admiral Nelson was on.  My father said that Dr. John had a brother in Canada or the USA.  The page 2 of Minnie's notes has spurred my interest again with regard to the mention of Morpeth.  I was born 2 miles east of Morpeth so if I live long enough I want to visit the graveyards in this area to see if there is any gravestone with the name William Humphreys on it. Strange both brothers dying the same year??


 Well Marla, I must thank you again for some first hand information from way back in time.

All the best wishes to you and family

Wm. Humphreys"