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As this website grows, other Family names will be added.                                     

Poore/Westberg  These two families are connected to the Lake family
CrossmanThe Crossmans are part of the Malcom family
The Chase ancestors are on the Malcom pages

EnglishThe English family are ancestors on the Miller pages

EwingThe Ewings are linked to the Miller Family

HoverThe Hovers are linked to the Miller Family

Biggs/CairnsLinks to both these Families are on the 1st Miller page

GailbraithConnected to the Miller Family

RiceThis is the Rice Family related to the Malcoms

BarnhartsThe Barnhart family is closely related to the Hover family

LeiningerThe Leiningers connect with the Miller Family via the Barnharts

CruikshankThe Cruikshank family is connected to the Miller family

LuckeyThe Luckeys connect to the Miller and Cruikshank families.