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This letter was written by William Edwin Humphreys to my great grandmother Emma Althea Lake Humphreys in 1937, 10 years after the death of her husband, Joshua H. Humphreys.   Emma lived with or near her sons in Ravenscrag, Saskatchewan, Canada after Josh's death.  Ravenscrag is not far from the US border and next to Montana.  Emma forwarded this letter to her daughter Minnie Humphreys Malcom, my grandmother, who lived on a farm in Oto, Iowa.  At the top of the letter Emma had penciled in a message for Minnie.  William mentions Dora Townsend, his second wife, his farm machinery business, his brother Frank (Dr. Francis Albert Humphreys) a Veterinarian , and his brother Fred, an Engineer.  Apparently Frank lived in Ottawa, Ontario at the time this letter is written. 

This letter was given to me by my cousin Guin Barcelou who has helped me immeasurably with researching the Humphreys.

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