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Ronald B. Miller

March 13, 1913 - 1963

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RONALD B. MILLER  was born 15 Mar 1913 in Hartington, Nebraska, and died 1963 in Washington State.  He married GLADYS M. ISRAELSON after 1930 as she is listed as age 17 on a 1930 census living with her parents in Hartington.   She was born there in 1913.  Her father, Enock T. Israelson, was a carpenter and was born Jan. 3, 1886 in Sweden. Her motherís name was Caroline M. (maiden name unknown.)  Enock died in October, 1977.

Notes for RONALD B. MILLER: Uncle Ron managed a public swimming pool and a bowling alley (owned by his father-in-law) in Hartington for some time outside of town to the east. 

When we visited Hartington every year on Memorial day we were always in great anticipation that it would be warm enough to go swimming in that public pool.  I can't recall the time that it was ever warm enough in northeast Nebraska at that time to year to go swimming.  Anyway, it was a great place for exploration.

He also had geese on his farm that used to chase us as children.  He also raised rabbits for food and mink for fur in cages. The mink were mean little critters and we were warned not to touch the cages. 

Ronald died of lung cancer.  He was a heavy smoker.  As you can see, even in this informal wedding photo, he is holding a cigarette between his fingers.  I have very few photos of Ronald but he can be seen in group photos of the family elsewhere on other Miller pages.

Ronald, Gladys and the boys moved out west to Washington state before I became a teenager.


              i.      RICHARD MILLER.

              ii.     CRAIG MILLER.

As and aside, my sister Barbara told me that she was a flower girl at Ronald and Gladys' wedding.  I am betting that my mother, Maybelle Malcom Miller, who was quite a seamstress. made her dress. 

 ◄ Left is a studio photo of Barbara in her dress.