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Samuel Malcom did quite well for himself and his family living in Concord, Michigan. He seems to have been a farmer, a shoemaker, a business man and a land speculator. He owned many different properties in Concord Township and in the Pulaski Township just south of Concord. He appears to have bought land at low prices and sold high. My grandfather George William "Billy" Malcom (Samuel's great nephew), seems to have followed this same course of "doing business" and became wealthy doing it.

The modest home below on the left is probably the longtime home of Samuel Malcom and his family in Concord. It is well kept and looks as if it has had some modern improvements such as the small foyer added at the front door and new siding. This home sits next to the road going south out of Concord which is sometime referred to as Jonesville Road and in town the road is is named Main Street. The house is located just north of the Maple Grove Cemetery, a piece of land Samuel purchased in 1851 and sold in February 1900 to Lee Rogers, his grandson by his daughter Harriet.  In fact, in 1865, Samuel sold two acres of this parcel of land to the Concord Board of Health for an expansion of the cemetery.

Below on the left is the home Samuel Malcom purchased in 1885 and then sells to his son Byron D. Malcom in February of 1900.  It looks as if Samuel now divests himself of all his properties at this time because he dies on November 6, 1900. This is a beautiful idyllic home and today the owners operate a sheep farm.▼

Concord today is a quiet, peaceful village, one that allows a traveler to imagine life as it was more than a century ago.

Samuel Malcom gravestone





In the photo below you see the Malcom cemetery plot at Maple Grove Cemetery in Concord.  The plot is near the front gate and in the older part of the cemetery.  The Malcom monument is quite tall and the individual grave markers are identical for all seven Malcoms buried there.  The are: Charles and Lucy, Samuel's parents; Juditha Kinney Malcom, Samuel's first wife; Harriet Drake Malcom, his second wife; Byron "Barney" and David D. Malcom (died at age 2), both his sons by Harriet.  Donna Meszaros told me that Samuel's grandson, Judge George Arthur Malcom, later "remodeled " the entire plot and gravestones, erecting the monument and installing stones that were identical in shape and size.  George Arthur Malcom always used the name "Malcolm" with the extra L when using his name.






















▼This next photo shows the Maple Grove Cemetery looking through the front gate.  You will see me sitting on the lower ledge of the Malcolm Monument .  You can see it is very large and really dominates that portion of this beautifully kept cemetery. The July morning was just the beginning of a glorious summer day.  My husband Greg and I found many distant relatives buried here, the Drakes, Penoyars and other Malcoms.



▼The last picture on this page shows just a portion of an antique map of Concord Township, Michigan and the Town of Concord.  The properties in yellow are ones owned at one time by Samuel Malcom and/or his wife Harriet Drake Malcom's family.  Samuel owned a lot more properties in the area that do not show on this particular map.  The red circles designate the home locations on the lots. The circle in the right center of the map shows the location of the first home in the first photo on the left side of this page above.  Just below Samuel's property you will find the location of the Maple Grove Cemetery.  The second red circle in section 33 designates the location of the large home later owned by Samuel Malcom (also shown above).  If you look in Sections 29 and 33, you will find large properties belonging to a George V.(or G.V.) Kinney.  This person may have been related to Samuel's first wife, Juditha Kinney Malcom.
Samuel Malcom      Elderly Samuel Malcom
in Michigan

Below, on the left, is the gravestone of Samuel Malcom.  His stone is just one of the seven graves in the Malcom cemetery plot in Maple Grove Cemetery.

Just below, is the gravestone of Samuel Malcom b.1815, d.1900. His stone is just one of the seven graves in the Malcom cemetery plot in Maple Grove Cemetery one of which is his father Charles' stone which is barely readable because of the lichens.