Here is a photo sent to me by Jan Pedatella, and if you are a Miller, Jan is our mutual "cousin" several times removed.  This photo pictures Mary Ann Miller Bayless surrounded by her family when she is an elderly woman. It seem to be a happy family get together on some special occasion.  She is the sister of Jesse E. Miller, my Great Great Grandfather and if you are my 1st cousin on my father' side, he is also your's .  The words below the photo are Jan's.  Sarah is seated in the center of the photo dressed all in blackThanks to Jan I am able to put a face and some flesh on the bare bones (cold statistics) of our ancestors
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Sarah Jane Miller Bayless


This is the King family, 1900.  Mary Ann Miller (Bayless) was the daughter of Joseph Miller, and sister to Jesse Miller.  She would have been about 90 years old at the time.


Back row: Anna King, Frank King (my ggg grandfather) Charles King, Martha King (child) William King and Belle McCrum King, his wife.

Front row: James King, James jr. (child) John King,  Helen Esther King  (child), Sara Bayless King, daughter of Mary Ann Miller Bayless, seated next to her, Elizabeth Langfolk and Margaretta Weidman, sisters of John, and Will King jr. (child)


The little girl in the front, Helen Esther was named for Helen Keller.  John King was a gardener for a wealthy man, who was Helen Keller's Uncle.  She often visited the estate.  Anyway, in the 1960's, Helen Esther wrote this about Mary Ann Miller Bayless...


"Grandmother King (Sara Bayless) was a very tall, thin woman.  Her mother, whom we called Grandmother Bayless (Mary Ann Miller Bayless) lived with the family.  She lived to be in her nineties,  She was a very religious woman who read the Bible every day.  She had lots of visitors.  But I don't remember having seen her do any kind of work.  She had her own room with a coal fire place, a beautiful rocker, a Martha Washington bedside table, and she rocked herself and sang psalms,  and knitted very fine white lace with thin steel needles.  She looked like the picture of Whistlers mother.  She taught me a lot about the Bible and also a lot of Nursery Rhymes."