Whoever read the stones many years ago wrote:

Louisa, d. March 23 1858.


Ebenezer, d. Sept 29, 1817, aged 78.


Betsy, d. Nov 10, 1858, aged 75.


and Ira, d. Apr 17, 1863.  aged 58




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What you see below is the Kingsville Cemetery beside the Presbyterian Church in Kingsville, Ashtabula Co., Ohio.  The six graves in a row in the middle of the picture are all Tafts.  We went to the Ashtabula Co. Genealogical Society and they gave us a list of names of those who are buried this cemetery.  These stones are very old and very difficult to read, impossible in many cases.  They listed only 4 Tafts that are buried there.  The two smaller stones are probably children, but whose, we can only guess.  All these photos were taken on July 4, 2007










Louisa is Ira Taft's first wife, Louisa Daniels.  She dies in March 1858 and he marries Clarissa G. Olds in November of the same year. Clarissa is a member of the "Oldsmobile" family.  He divorces Clarissa in the year before his death at age 58.

Ebenezer actually died on September 29, 1849 at age 78.  Perhaps the stone was difficult to read even then or an error in typing was made.  Betsy is Ebenezer's wife, Betsy Corey. The information given for Betsy and Ira is correct. Ira is Corey Taft's younger brother. The gravestones below are in the positions from left to right as in the photo above.  We all must somewhat rely on those persons who read these graves a long time ago, probably as part of a WPA project in the 1930s.


The first gravestone below ▼on the left is Ira Taft's.  The middle stone is Betsy Corey Taft's stone. The third stone on the right is probably Ebenezer Taft's but it is impossible to read.


































The first stone below ▼on the left (In the photo at the top it is located 3rd from the right) is one of the smaller unidentified gravestones and is too deteriorated to read.  The middle stone is also a smaller stone and impossible to read .  On the right is the tall gravestone at the right end of the Taft row.  It has some letters that look like something that might be read, but not enough to read the words.  All this is very tantalizing and frustrating!  To me, the first two letters of the name on this last stone look like "OR" and a group of letters below that look like "MAY".