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Descendants of William Ewing

WILLIAM EWING, SR. (For our purpose we will call this William Ewing- "SR." but there is reason to believe that his father may also have been a William Ewing)  He died in 1841 and was buried in Blain Cemetery, Perry Co., PA. he married JANE WESLEY. Jane was born about 1784. She died on 28 Apr 1858.  She was buried in Presbyterian Cemetery, Academia, Juniata Co., PA.

Academia Cemetery records indicate a Jane Ewing, Row 6, who died 4/28/1858 at age 74 years, 4 months.









Generation No. 2


 William and Jane Ewing had the following children:   (Information about their children was updated in 2010 by Patty Frank  She is a descendent of Joseph and Susan Barnhart Ewing).

1.     JOSEPH EWING was born on 24 Mar 1801 near Blaine, Toboyne Twp., Cumberland Co.*, PA. He died on 29 Jun 1869 in Pennsylvania. He was buried in Morrison Cemetery, Kistler, Mifflin Co., PA.  Joseph married SUSAN BARNHART daughter of John BARNHART and Sarah VANSCYOC in most likely in Perry Co., PA.  Susan was born 14 Jan 1811 in Fannett Twp., Franklin Co., PA. She died on 13 Mar 1863 in Pennsylvania.  She was buried in Morrison Cemetery, Kistler, Mifflin Co., PA.

2.    DANIEL EWING was born between 1802-1804 near Blaine, Toboyne Twp., Cumberland Co.*, PA.  Daniel died after 27 Mar 1890 most likely in Romney, Hampshire Co., WV.

3.    ARMSTRONG EWING was born on 06 May 1807 near Blaine, Toboyne Twp., Cumberland Co.*, PA. He died on 10 Jul 1847 in Middletown, Dauphin Co., PA.  He was buried in Old Carlisle Cemetery, Cumberland Co., PA.  Armstrong married Eliza ZIMMERMAN daughter of John ZIMMERMAN on 31 Jul 1828 in Middletown, Dauphin Co., PA. Eliza was born on 03 Dec 1811 in Toboyne Twp., Cumberland Co., PA.  She died on 21 Jul 1879 in Carlisle, Cumberland Co., PA. She was buried in Old Carlisle Cemetery, Cumberland Co., PA.

4.    WILLIAM EWING, JR. (Our family is descended from this William Ewing so we will focus oh his descendants only) He was born on 31 Aug 1809 near Blaine, Toboyne Twp., Cumberland Co.*, PA. He died on 15 Mar 1890 in Thompsontown, Juniata Co., PA. He was buried in Church Hill Cemetery, Turbett Twp., Juniata Co., PA.  William married SARAH ALLISON daughter of Jacob ALLISON and Catherine on 08 Mar 1831 in Toboyne Twp., Perry Co., PA. Sarah was born on 11 Oct 1810 in Mechanicsburg, Cumberland Co., PA. She died on 30 Dec 1888 in Walker Twp., Juniata Co., PA. She was buried3 on 02 Jan 1889 in Church Hill Cemetery, Turbett Twp., Juniata Co., PA.

5.    JAMES E. EWING was born Blaine, Toboyne Twp., Cumberland Co.*, PA between 1811-1813. He died on 29 Mar 1849 in Juniata Co., PA. He was buried in McCulloch’s Mills Cemetery, Tuscarora Twp., Juniata Co., PA. James married AGNES HARPER daughter of Michael HARPER and Nancy CAMPBELL.  Agnes was born in either Fannett Twp or Metal Twp., Franklin Co., PA. She died in 1849-1850 in Juniata Co., PA.

6.    JOHN M. EWING was born on 07 Mar 1814 near Blaine, Toboyne Twp., Cumberland Co.*, PA. He died on 27 Mar 1867 in Logansport, Cass Co., IN. He was buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Logansport, Cass Co., IN. John married JANE KINNEAR on 12 Jun 1838 in Logansport, Cass Co., IN. Jane was the daughter of Ann KINNEAR. Jane was born in Ireland in 1818. She died on 03 Apr 1887 in Logansport, Cass Co., IN. She was buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Logansport, Cass Co., IN.

7.    ANTHONY B. EWING was born on 22 Aug 1816 near Blaine, Toboyne Twp., Cumberland Co.*, PA. He died on 01 Apr 1895 in Mt. Union, Huntingdon Co., PA. He was buried in Mt. Union Cemetery, Huntingdon Co., PA.   Anthony married MARY ANN JOHNSTON.  Mary Ann was born on 13 Feb 1817 in Cumberland Co., PA. She died on 11 Sep 1889 in Mt. Union, Huntingdon Co., PA. She was buried in Mt. Union Cemetery, Huntingdon Co., PA.

8.    David L. EWING was born in 1822 near Blaine, Toboyne Twp., Perry Co.*, PA.  He died 13 Sep 1883 in Muscatine, Muscatine Co., IA. He was buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Muscatine Co., IA. David married (1) REBECCA B. WALLACE in Juniata Co., PA. She was born in 1822 in Pennsylvania.  She died on 09 AUG 1879 in Muscatine, Muscatine Co., IA. She was buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Muscatine, Muscatine Co., IA.  David married (2) ELLEN M. WRIGHT in Muscatine, Muscatine Co., IA on 31 AUG 1881. Ellen was the daughter of W.P. WRIGHT.

9.    HANNAH JANE EWING was born 13 Feb 1824 near Blaine, Toboyne Twp., Perry Co.*, PA.  She died on 05 Mar 1888 in Hartwood, Stafford Co., VA. She was buried in Hartwood Presbyterian Cemetery, Hartwood, Stafford Co., VA. Hannah married WILLIAM LEMMON BEALE son of William BEALE and Hannah MCCONNELL on 21 Oct 1845 in Mifflintown, Juniata Co., PA. William was born on 13 Jan 1822 in Juniata Co., PA.  He died 26 Dec 1903 in Stafford Co., VA.

10.    MARY J. EWING was born in 1828 near Blain, Toboyne Twp. Perry Co.*, PA. She died after 27 Mar 1890 most likely in Beaver Co., PA.  Mary married WILLIAM PATTERSON PATTON on 02 Nov 1848 in Pennsylvania. William was born on 08 Nov 1813 in Pennsylvania. He died before 1880 most likely in Pennsylvania.

* Birth locations for the Ewing siblings are either in Cumberland or Perry County. Perry County was originally part of Cumberland County and was created in 1820.  Birth dates on or after 1820 will indicate Perry County, NOT Cumberland County.


The Ewings arrived in Cedar County, Nebraska before the arrival of our Millers.  We know that Grandmother Besse Ewing was the oldest of 6 children and her younger brother William Neely Ewing was born in Nebraska in 1877.  On the Miller side, our grandfather, Robert Benjamin Miller's oldest sister, Letitia, gave birth to the first Miller child (Mabel) born in in Nebraska in 1885.  It is interesting to note that both family's ancestry came from Pennsylvania.  I know my father, Lee Merle Miller, often went to visit "Uncle Dave" my grandmother's (Besse) brother, David Earl Ewing in Wayne, Nebraska whenever he was near Wayne.  This Dave lived not more than half a block from the home of my first husband's parents in Wayne.  It was a nice big Victorian home on a corner lot of Windom and 7th street.  I received the majority of the following information about the Ewings from David Plumer Ewing the ggg grandson of William Ewing Sr.(read below).   David P. in turn received a lot of well documented information from Patty Frank, well-known Ewing Genealogist and many other relatives. If you would like a complete copy of this information, please contact me at  

Port Royal Times

March 27, 1890


William Ewing (Jr.), ▼the subject of this memoir, was a son of William Ewing, who lived midway between Andersonburg and Blain, in Perry County, Pa., where William Jr., was born in the year 1809, the father dying in 1841, and was buried at Blain. The mother of these children is buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery at Academia. The remains of the deceased members of this once large family are scattered widely, no two of them reposing in the same cemetery.








Generation No. 3


 i.     William H. EWING (b.16 Jan 1833) He married Margaret J. MILLIKEN (b.27 Nov 1836; m. 30 Mar 1865              

 ii.    JAMES M. EWING (b.14 Oct 1833; d.17 Feb 1902) James married (1) Sarah C. SOUDER in1871 in Juniata Co., PA.  Sarah died in Sep 1890 in Lock Haven, PA. Both are buried in Church Hill Cemetery Juniata Co., PA. James is listed with William and Sarah in the 1850 Census of Saville Township, Perry County, PA.  (2) Sarah BEAR (b. 23 Oct 1832;d.14 Jul 1917)

iii.    MARGARET JANE EWING was born on 10 Nov 1834. She died in 1932. She was buried in McCulloch Mills, Juniata Co., PA.  Margaret married John NEELY son of John NEELY and Margaret MCFEATERS on 13 Jan 1853. John was born on 6 Jun 1814 in Tuscarora Valley, Juniata Co., PA. He died on 30 May 1892 in Tuscarora Twp, Juniata Co., PA. He was buried on 1 Jun 1892 in McCulloch Mills, Juniata Co., PA.              

iv.    Ellen Catherine EWING (b. Abt. 1836-PA)  Ellen married James Kirk MCCLURE (b.29 Aug 1830-Tuscarora Twp, Juniata Co., PA; m.20 Dec 1858; d.4  May 1905)

v.    DAVID S. EWING (Our family is descended from David S. Ewing so we will focus on his descendants only) David S. was born on 4 Jul 1838 in New Germantown, Perry Co., PA. He died on 22 Jan 1915 in Hartington, Cedar Co., NE. He was buried in Hartington, Cedar Co., NE.  David married Anna S. SHUMAN daughter of Joshua SHUMAN and Elizabeth PARTNER on 6 May 1873 in Messiah Lutheran Church, Milford Twp., Juniata Co., PA.  Anna was born on 3 May 1840 in Licking Creek VA, Juniata Co., PA. She died on 8 Mar 1918 in Hartington, Cedar Co., NE. She was buried in Hartington, Cedar Co., NE.

      Notes for David S. Ewing:  According to Jun 14, 1880, Leslie Pct., Nebraska Census information David S. Ewing

 probably lived about 1 1/2 miles south of Wakefield, NE., in what is now Logan Pct.


Records of the County Supt. of Schools, Wayne County, NE., indicate that David S. Ewing signed a petition on April 20, 1880, for the formation of School Dist. 13 The school was located in Section 8, TWP 26N, RGE 5E 1½ miles south of Wakefield and is commonly known as the "Dilts School". When it closed, it was moved intact to the campus of Wayne State College, Wayne, NE. where it presently sits. Inside are the desks and books in place when the school was closed. David S. Ewing was one of the first 3 members of the school board for Dist. 13.  The first term began Nine pupils enrolled including Bessie Ewing, our grandmother, and Sadie Ewing. (1938 History of Wayne County, pp.182-184, November 7, 1881)

David S. Ewing was a member of the first church organized in Wakefield, NE., the Wakefield Presbyterian Church, organized May 16, 1882, with seven members of which David Ewing served as a trustee.

Remembrances of David H. Ewing and Susie Wert (Granddaughter of David S. and Anna Shuman Ewing) of family conversations are that David S. Ewing was a traveling salesman of patent medicine with a team and wagon.


 "Granddad Ewing came (After the death in of his daughter, Bessie) and farmed a while and then he was carpenter......According to some of the information I get, he was a book-keeper down a the Kraus-Mercantile Company for a while." --E. Lyle Miller  (My Uncle, from a recorded interview done in 1983)



Continuing here with the children of William Ewing, Jr. an Sarah Allison Ewing


vi.    MARY ANN EWING was born about 1840 in PA.  Mary married ALFRED W SNYDER on 25 Dec 1862.

vii.   JOHN W. EWING was born about 1844 in PA. He died on 21 Aug 1887 in Grubville, MO.  The 1890 Memoriam for William Ewing lists him as "Dr. John W. deceased"

viii.   SARAH A. EWING was born on 4 Apr 1848. She died on 8 Mar 1924. She was buried on 12 Mar 1924 in Lower Tuscarora Presbyterian Cemetery, Academia, Juniata Co., PA. Sarah married (1) WILLIAM B. MILLIKEN on 21 Jan 1869 in METHODIST EPISCOPAL, PORT ROYAL, JUNIATA CO. PA . William was born on 27 Feb 1836. He died on 25 Jan 1890 in Beale Twp., Juniata Co., PA. He was buried in Lower Tuscarora Presbyterian Cemetery, Academia, Juniata Co., PA.

ix LIZZIE EWING  The 1890 Memoriam for William Ewing lists her as "Lizzie, who resides with her brother, Samuel at Thompsontown"

x.    SAMUEL A  EWING. Samuel married ADA LEONARD .













































The obituary (below) for David S. Ewing published in the January 29, 1915, Hartington Herald and taken from the microfilm records of the Hartington Public Library (the title and parts are missing from beginning and end of the text on the microfilm record for that page)


"……...Germantown, Penn., July 4th, 1838, and was united in marriage to Miss Anna Schumann May 6, 1872.  To this union were born two girls and four boys, four of whom, and the aged wife survive him.

      Mr. Ewing moved to Nebraska in May, 1877, settling at Dakota City, where he resided until 1884.  He then moved to Cedar County, where he has since resided.

    When a young man of seventeen years he united with the Methodist church and remained a member of this faith until he moved to Hartington, when he affiliated with the Presbyterian church, of which he was a member at the time of his death and having served as one of the elders of the church.  He was also a charter member of the Hartington lodge of Odd Fellows having been one of the first Odd Fellows in Hartington.

    He died at his home in this city on January 22, 1915, death being due to the effects of several strokes of paralysis.

    The funeral services were held from the Presbyterian church Tuesday morning and were conducted by Rev. G. M. Pendell, pastor of the Methodist church.  He preached an impressive sermon from the text, "There is but a step  between me and death."  The music was furnished by Mrs. F. O. Robinson and Mrs. R.G. Mason and Messrs. F. W. Barnhart and C. B. Wingett. 
     The late D. S. Ewing was a man highly respected and esteemed by all who knew him, a kind and loving
husband and father, a good neighbor and an upright and honorable Christian gentleman.  In the church, in the lodge and in the community he will be greatly missed and his loss will be greatly felt.  Also, in the home circle, now broken by his death, his loss will fall as a crushing blow and to the bereaved wife and children and other......."

Notes for Anna Shuman Ewing

The records of the Cedar County clerk, Hartington, NE. show that "Anna Shuman" of Fulton County, IL, purchased the W½SE¼ of Section 34, TWP 30 North, RGE 2 East of the 6th P.M., Cedar County, NE., for $200 from William & Martha Adair of Dakota City, NE., on March 20, 1872.  (A full year prior to her marriage to David S. Ewing?)

According to the research of Richard Franklin Mayne (Anna's Grandson), the marriage records of the Messiah Lutheran Church, by Rev. D. M. Blackwelder, Mifflintown, PA., show that David S. Ewing and Anne Shuman were married May 8, 1873, rather than 1872 as shown in David S. Ewing's obituary.  Richard also shows that Anna died March 4, 1918, rather than March 8th.


Following her husband's death, Anna Ewing continued her Lutheran heritage after moving to Wayne, NE, according to Dorothy Nyberg's 1938 History of Wayne County history of Wayne St. Paul Lutheran Church.


The following is the obituary of Anna S. Ewing as reported

 in the Cedar County News, March, 1918.


"Mrs. Anna Shuman Ewing, a resident of Cedar county for over 35 years, was called to her eternal reward last Saturday death coming to her at St. Gertrude's hospital where she had been taken just a few hours earlier in the hope of prolonging her life.  She had been quite seriously ill during the winter and had apparently recovered and was able to be about.  A severe cold resulted in a hemorrhage of the lungs which cause (sic) death."


"Mrs. Ewing was born near Williamsport, PA., in 1840.  She was married to David S. Ewing in 1873.  They came to Dakota County in 1877, and a few years later moved to near Wakefield, finally coming to Cedar county, settling south of town in 1882.  Mr. Ewing died in January 1915, since which time Mrs. Ewing made her home with her children, who did all they could to make smooth the path of her declining years."


"The funeral service was held at the Congregational church Monday afternoon.  Rev. J. G. Munsell, conducting the service.  Interment was made in the Hartington cemetery."


"Mrs. Ewing is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Richard Mayne, of El Paso, Ill., and three sons, William, Frank, and David of Hartington."
























Generation No. 4


Children of DAVID EWING and ANNA SHUMAN are:

i.    ELIZABETH (BESSE) Irene EWING, my grandmother, b. 04 Dec 1874, McCoysville, Pennylvania. She died after complications from childbirth on 23 March 1913, Hartington, Nebraska.  She married Robert Benjamin MILLER in 1897. See here for details and continued history of the descendants of Robert and Besse Miller

ii.     SADIE KATHERINE EWING, b. 13 May 1877, McCoysville, Juniata Co., PA; She died in 1957 in Bloomington, McLean Co., Ill.  She was buried in 1957 in Evergreen Cemetery, El Paso, Il.  Katherine married RICHARD MAYNE on 25 Jan 1899 on Henry Shuman Farm, El Paso, Woodford Co., Illinois. Henry Shuman is probably her cousin. His father is Samuel  Shuman, b. 1934, who also farms in Woodford County, Ill.  Richard was born on 20 Jul 1874 in El Paso, Woodford Co., Ill.  He died on 15 May 1968 in El Paso, Woodford Co., Ill. He was buried on 18 May 1968 in Evergreen Cemetery, El Paso, Ill. They  had two sons, Robert Eugene Mayne, (Father of Richard Franklin Mayne) b. Dec. 29 1900 - d. July 21, 1988, and  Ernest Lyle "Pete" Mayne, b. June 2, 1908 - d., Jan 3, 1981.

iii.   WILLIAM NEELY EWING  was born in 1877. He died in 1956. He was buried in Hartington, Cedar Co., NE.  William married  Emma Florence MCGREGOR on 15 Apr 1908. Emma was born on 13 Jan 1888 in Carroll, IA.  She died on 11 Oct 1945 in Hartington, Cedar Co., NE.  She was buried on 14 Oct 1945 in Hartington, Cedar Co., NE.  "Uncle Will Ewing  was a  Carpenter and a farm worker."  E. Lyle Miller 1983

The funeral card for Emma Florence Ewing shows that the service was held October 14, 1945, at the Congregational Church, Hartington, NE. The gravestone may show 1885 as the birthdate rather than 1888. I have taken the liberty to highlight some names and add information within this Obituary transcription which was printed on  10/18/1945 in the Cedar County News.



Longtime County Resident Survived by Husband and 6 Children

   Funeral services were held at the Congregational church here Sunday afternoon for Mrs. William Ewing, 57, who died at her home here last Thursday morning of a heart attack.

   Rev. Harry Houghey officiated at the services and burial was in the Hartington cemetery under supervision of the Jones Funeral Home.  Active pallbearers were Glen, Dale (My Uncles) and Merle ( My father 'Lee Merle') Miller, Edward and Archie McGregor and Harold Olsen.  Honorary pallbearers were Mrs. G. A. Carlson, Mrs. N. I. Morten, Mrs. Charles Erickson, Mrs. Pete Lindsay, Mrs. Loren Porter and Mrs. Lyle Ferris.  Members of the Royal Neighbor and Rebekah lodges attended the services in a body.

   Mrs. Ewing is survived by her husband; four daughters, Mrs. Wilma Carstens and Florence of Hartington (See this page for more new details about Florence), Mrs. Susan Wert ('Susie' Wert, who has contributed many Ewing family details to this website.) of Wayne and Mrs. Marjorie Garvey of Fayetteville, N. C.; two sons, Wayne and Glen, both in the army; three sisters, Mrs. Lulu Olsen and Mrs. Minnie Olsen of Hartington, and Mrs. Nellie Childs of Mills, Nebr., and three brothers, Edward McGregor Sr. and Roy McGregor of Hartington, and Alex McGregor of Chow Chilla, Calif.  She also leaves seven grandchildren.

    Emma Florence McGregor, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Ewing (this is an error and should be McGregor), was born at Carroll, Ia., January 13, 1888.  She moved to Cedar County with her parents when she was eight years old.  She was married to William Ewing April 15, 1908, and since then had made her home in Hartington.  Mrs. Ewing was an active member of the Royal Neighbor and Rebekah lodges.





iv.    Samuel Shuman EWING was born on 23 May 1880 in Wakefield, Wayne County, NE. He died on 10 Oct 1905. He was buried in Hartington, Cedar Co., NE. The obituary of Samuel Ewing as published in the October 12, 1905 issue of the Cedar County News shows his birthdate as May 10, 1880 while the stone at the cemetery shows May 23, 1880.  Lyle Miller, my Uncle, told us is 1983:  "Uncle Sam died of a ruptured appendix, back when they couldn't do a thing for him."

v.    FRANK EWING, was born on 17 Jul 1882 in Wakefield, Wayne County, NE. He died in December 1938 in County Hospital, Los Angeles, CA.  Frank married MILDRED MAE TINKCOM on 1 March 1913 in Hartington, Cedar County, NE.  The marriage ended in divorce. Mildred was born on 14 Apr 1890 in Hartington, Cedar Co., NE.  She died on  9 Apr 1975 in Vallejo, CA.     

Notes: Frank and Mildred lived on a farm near Hartington before moving to town when daughter Virginia was about 3 to 5 years old.  They then moved to Omaha, NE., on to Colorado and then moved on to Los Angeles about  December 1929.  Frank and Mildred divorced sometime before Frank died in 1938.

vi.    DAVID EARL EWING, (David S., William, William) was born on 7 Jan 1884 in a farm house, Cedar Co., NE. He died on 11 May 1964 in Wayne, Wayne Co, NE. He was buried in Hartington, Cedar Co., NE.  David married LAURA JOHANNA LOUISE BUCKENDORF daughter of Louis Agustis BUCKENDORF and Johanna Louise Caroline STEMWELL on 26 Aug 1908 in Norfolk, Madison Co., NE. Laura and David E. Ewing were married in her parent’s home at Norfolk. Laura was born on 2 Dec 1882 in La Porte Co., IN. She died on 27 Apr 1979 in Wayne, Wayne Co., NE.  She was  buried on 1 May 1979 in Hartington, Cedar Co., NE.

      Notes for David Earl Ewing:

David E. was born in a rented farm house on east side of Highway 15 about 4 miles south of Hartington.


He taught school at Constance, NE, about 10 miles northwest of Hartington and south of Yankton, SD.  He would walk home every Friday.  From the Hartington Herald: Friday April 25, 1902, cover page:  "School District No. 11 decided to discharge their teacher, David Ewing, two months before the term expired, on account of a few cases of smallpox in the district.  Mr. Ewing brought suit to recover his wages for the whole term as it was too late to secure another school.  The case was tried before Judge Bridenbaugh this week and Mr. Ewing was awarded a judgment against the district for $71.25 and costs, nearly $30 more." (Source: Gary Morten at the Nebraska State I.O.O.F. headquarter in York, NE.)


Proprietor of Globe Clothing in Hartington --E. Lyle Miller, 1983 David E. worked in the Globe Clothing Store, Hartington, beginning in 1903. He purchased the interest of T.B.A. Watson in 1903 and later bought out the interest of C.M. Jones, the remaining partner who needed money after the failure of a local bank in which he was officer.  D. E. Ewing operated the Globe until 1943? when he sold the business.  The Globe was then sold to Jack Konz and then to his son, David Konz.  It is the oldest operating business in Hartington.


He was the official weather recorder at Hartington for many years.

Notes for Laura Buckendorf Ewing

Laura worked as a milliner in Miss Ballantyne's Millenary Shop in Hartington. Miss Ballantyne lived above the shop which was on the east side of Broadway south of the bank.  The January 2, 1908, edition of the Cedar County News contains a short paragraph stating, "Miss Laura Buckendorf came up from Norfolk Saturday for a visit with Miss A. Ballantyne."  (Perhaps this is when she met David Earl Ewing.  M.H.)

Two Obituaries follow below ▼



"Last Tuesday morning the community was shocked with the news of the death of Samuel S. Ewing, son of Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Ewing living in the west part of town.  He, with his brother Will, had been working up on the Santee reservation building a house when on Thursday last he suffered a severe attack of peritonitis.  He was immediately brought home and on calling medical aid an operation was decided necessary.  The operation was performed about ten o'clock Monday night by Dr. Bowman of Sioux City. The patient rallied after the operation and rested easily until about two o'clock when he suddenly passed away.


"The deceased was born in Wakefield, Nebraska, May 10, 1880, coming to this country with his parents in 1882 where he has since resided.  He was a young man of excellent habits and numbered his friends by his acquaintances and words can but poorly express the sorrow felt by the passing away from among us, one in the brightest and best days of young manhood.  Besides his aged parents he leaves two sisters and three brothers to mourn his loss. 


"The funeral services were conducted from the Presbyterian church this afternoon in charge of the local lodge of Odd Fellows of which he was a member and the large number of friends which came to pay their last respects show in small measure  the esteem in which he was held.  The News joins with many friends in sincere condolence to the bereaved parents and family."




























The obituary from the May 13, 1964 Cedar County News is:




"Funeral Services for David Earl Ewing, 80, were held this afternoon (Wednesday) at First Congregational church here.  Rev. Robert S. Shirck officiated.  Mr. Ewing died May 11, at the Wayne hospital.  Burial was in the city cemetery.


Pallbearers were Jack Konz, Willard Burney, Lawrence Rositer, Don Miller (my first cousin), Ray Bettenhausen and James Buchanan.


Mr. Ewing was born in Hartington, January 7, 1884, the son of Mr. and Mrs. David Ewing.  He married Miss Laura L. Buckendorf of Norfolk, August 26, 1906, at Norfolk.  They have been Hartington residents since then.


Mr. Ewing taught school for several years before entering the clothing business.  He was affiliated with the Globe Clothing for several years before purchasing the establishment.  He retired in 1943.  He also served as a member of the Hartington school board, was a member of the Masonic Lodge and the First Congregational church.


Mr. Ewing was made a Master Mason in the Hartington Lodge No. 155, Mar. 25, 1908.  He received a 50 year button April 23, 1958.  He was the wearer of the Jordan Medal since May 23, the same year, and was the Worshipful Master of the Hartington Lodge from July 1911 to July 1913."


  Generation No. 5


i.  ANNA LOUISE EWING (David Earl, David S., William, William) was born on 7 Sep 1909. She died on 10 Feb 1989 in Ilinois. She was buried in 1989 in Hartington, Cedar Co., NE. Anna married RAYMOND M. PARKER on 6 Jun 1932. Raymond was born on 18 Jan 1907. He died on 27 Nov 1982. He was buried on 29 Nov 1982 in Hartington, Cedar Co., NE.  

Notes: Raymond was T. Sgt US Army in WW II and was awarded Purple Heart.  He served in Italy, India and Japan? They lived in Evanston, IL. He worked for Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  They had two children.

ii.   EDGAR LOUIS EWING was born on 17 Jan 1913 in Hartington, Cedar Co., NE. He died on 3 Jul 2006 in Pasadena, CA. He was buried in Forest Lawn, Glendale, CA.   Edgar married SUZANNA P. GIOVAN, a Greek woman and former art student at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1938.  Suzanna was born on 23 Mar 1916. She died on 8 Jan 2005 in Pasadena, CA. She was buried in Forest Lawn, Glendale, CA.  Edgar and Suzanna Ewing had no  children.

Edgar Louis Ewing was a well-renowned artist.  Below is a short list of his career events.  If you would like to see a more complete list please contact me at miller.malcom.ft@gmail.comYou can also easily find him, a list of his artistic achievements and examples of his art on the internet.   I am exhibiting here below just two of his paintings (which I liked) displayed for sale at  Sullivan Goss, AN AMERICAN GALLERY.

Ewing is described as an: "American Modernist: Classical Revival & New Forms"

          by Jaimie Lilienstein for the Sullivan Goss American Gallery of Art

"Although productive and powerful throughout his sixty-year career, the artist’s period of greatest prominence extended from the mid 1940s to the early 1970s. His output during this time is characterized by strong Post-Cubist tendencies gleaned from the Paris School. Ewing’s career was impressive by any standard. In addition to over thirty solo exhibitions at museums and galleries, Ewing was featured in survey shows at nearly every major American museum. Sullivan Goss is pleased to present the Estate of the Artist." 

1931 - 1935   Student, age 18 , School of the Art Institute of Chicago, study

             with Boris Anisfeld [1879-1973]; later as instructor at  AIC.

             Worked  as WPA artist in Illinois

1935 - 1937    Edward L. Ryerson Fellowship for Foreign Travel and Study.

              Worked, studied, and traveled extensively in France, Spain,

             Italy, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Scandinavia, North

             Africa, and England.

1937 - 1943    Member, Faculty of the Art Institute of Chicago

1943          Berthe Aberle Florscheim Memorial Prize for Oil Painting, 54th

              Annual Exhibition of American Painting and Sculpture, Art

              Institute of Chicago.

1943 - 1946   Served in the Army during WWII in a map unit member, Corps

             of Engineers attached to CPIC-RAF (British intelligence) India;

             Southeast Asia Command, China, Burma Theatre, later the    

             Philippines (briefly as General  J. W. Stilwell’s courier), and


1946          Professor of Fine Arts, University of Southern California

1948 - 1949    Louis Comfort Tiffany Grant for Oil Painting, New York

1952         First Purchase Award for Oil Painting, Los Angeles and

              Vicinity,  Los Angeles County Museum of Art .

1957           Samuel Goldwyn Award for Oil Painting, Los Angeles Artists

              and Vicinity, Los Angeles County Museum of  Art. 

1962           Ahmanson Purchase Award, City of Los Angeles Exhibition

1964           Artist in Residence, American Academy in Rome, Travel in

              Portugal, Spain, England, Holland, Germany,  France, Italy,

              Greece, Lebanon, Jordan,  Turkey, Egypt, India, Thailand,

             Hong Kong, and Japan.

1968 -1969    Andrew W. Mellon Chair, Carnegie-Mellon University,

              Pittsburgh,  Pennsylvania

1971 - 1972     Sojourn in Athens, Greece and established studio in Athens.

1972 - 1976     Academic years at University of Southern California,

              Summers  in Athens studio. 

Career events cont.
1978        Retirement as Professor Emeritus, University of 
             Southern California
1987        Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University
             of  Southern California
1987 - 1992   Return to Athens studio to Present: 
             Resident, Los Angeles studio
2003        Lifetime Achievement Award, American 
             Watercolor Society

Continuation of Generation 5  ▼


iii.    DAVID HAROLD EWING (David Earl, David S., William, William) was born on 21 Feb 1915 in Hartington, Cedar Co, NE. David married MARIE AUGUSTA PLUMER, daughter of Charles Christopher PLUMER and Augusta Pauline TURK on 6 Feb 1943 in Lutheran Church, San Diego, CA. Marie was born on 21 Jan 1915 in a farm house, Oak Twp,, Mills Co IA.  She was christened on 22 Jun 1924 in Salem Lutheran, Mills Co., IA.


          Notes for David Harold and Marie Plumer Ewing:


Marie Plumer, and her siblings, Luella and the twins, Alfred and Albert, were among the last people baptized at the "little brick church" at Plumer Settlement.  They were all baptized together in one ceremony performed by Rev. Alfred Hoff.


David H. worked at five jobs during high school in the depression.  He got up at 5:00 A.M. to light the fire in the Globe Store furnace, then as baker's assistant where he would punch down the dough at the bakery, then on to light the furnace for Mrs. Ballantyne's hat shop and then sold newspapers at the train station.  On weekends, he worked at the Globe for his father.  He made about $90 per month.


After high school, he got a job with the local Federal Land Bank office.  At age 20, he went to St. Louis to work for the General American Life Insurance Co. where he was promoted to farm manager.


He served in the Pacific in WW II seeing action on Iwo Jima with 5th Marine Division and then on to Japan.


David H. Ewing formed Midwest Land Co. in 1961, Professional Farm Sales and Management, Over 50 Years of Service, Residential Sales, Farm Management, Farm Land Sales, Real Estate in Pilger, Wakefield, Laurel, Dixon, Concord, Winside and all of Wayne County.


Generation No. 6


David H. and Marie Plumer Ewing had the following children:


1.    DAVID PLUMER EWING (David Harold, David Earl, David S., William, William) was born on 15 Jan 1945 in Jennie Edmundson Hospital, Council Bluffs, IA. He was christened on 17 Mar 1945 in Council Bluffs,  IA..  David married DONNA LYNN GETSCHER, daughter of Ellsworth Phillip GETSCHER M.D. and Naomi (Harti) HARTMAN on 31 Jul 1971 in Risen Christ Church, Lincoln, NE. Donna was born on 2 Nov 1945  in Durham, NC. She was christened in St. Aloysius, Meriden, KS.


David P. and Donna Getscher Ewing had the following children:

 i.   LISA ANN EWING was born on 30 Dec 1973 in Livonia, Wayne Co., MI. She was  christened on 6 Jan 1974 in St. Maurices, Livonia, MI.

ii.    MARY CHRISTINE EWING was born on 28 Feb 1977.

iii.   KRISTIN LYNN EWING was born on 30 Oct 1981 in Lincoln, Lancaster Co., NE. She was christened in St Mary's Church, Wayne, NE.

2.  PATRICIA MARIE EWING (David Harold, David Earl, David S., William, William) was born on 2 Sep 1949 in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., IA. She was christened on 17 Dec 1950 in First Presbyterian Church, Wayne, NE. Patricia married MARION ALEC ARNESON on 6 Jul 1975 in Redeemer Lutheran Church, Wayne, NE.  Marion was born on 13 Dec. ??  Patricia  was born at Methodist Hospital, Sioux City.  Attended Wayne State College, Wayne, NE, and University of Nebraska, Lincoln.  Patricia is a professor at Wayne State College, Wayne, NE.

Patricia and Marion Alec Arneson have the following children:

i.   Erin Elizabeth ARNESON was born on 22 Nov 1982 in Providence Hosp, Wayne, NE.  She was christened in Redeemer Lutheran, Wayne, NE.  ii.   Alex David ARNESON was born on 14 Apr 1992 in Wayne, NE.


Title:    Billiard Room, San Simeon Series.

Artist:      Ewing, Edgar.

Price:      Price on Request

Medium:    Oil on canvas. Size: 50 x 38 inches














































Description of Edgar Ewing's painting on the right  ► 


"Ewing's largest painting acquired by the Sullivan Goss American Gallery outside of the estate, Metamorphosis treats a Greek hilltop city as a geometric puzzle, a face, and an abstract composition. The pentimento in this work is particularly seductive and Ewing's trademark draughtsmanship works to spectacular effect in the creases and crags of the mountain."

60 x 70 inches, oil on canvas, Available for sale at the Sullivan Goss Gallery.