Silver Spring Presbyterian Church and Cemetery, is located in Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Mechanicsburg is located along the Forbes Road crossing East and West through Cumberland Co.






















 Dan Orr continues:   I have been trying to figure the William Orrs of Lancaster Co, PA, especially William Orr of 1749 and 1750 land warrants in Little Britain Twp. and William Orr's across the Susquehanna River in York Co, PA.  I do not have any proof of who belonged to who, but what I will tell you is that I have used DNA testing to prove my pedigree to Arthur Orr b 1734 in ?? d. 1808 Washington Co, VA and who lived in Manor Twp of Lancaster Co and later York Co. (which later became Adams Co.) prior to emigrating to Washington Co., VA in 1795.  In the course of DNA testing with my fifth cousin that I match 109 out of 111 markers, I also match 66 out of 67 markers with a descendant of William Orr of PA, father of James Orr b 1755 and 108 out of 111 with a descendant of another William Orr of Mecklenburg, NC. 

Yes, it appears the Orrs of PA were allied with the Luckeys who had a presence in Mecklenburg, NC and  there were a whole slew of Orrs in Mecklenburg at least in the 1790 US Federal Census.  I believe the William Orr of 1749 and 1750 Little Britain Twp land warrants was the husband to Mary Luckey, and in fact she was his second wife.  I believe he died about 1755 and had five sons, William, Patrick, Daniel, Nathaniel, and John.  Mary Luckey was probably the mother to Nathaniel and John.  See (below )excerpted pages 21 & 22 of "Nine Generations of Orrs in America"  by Warren H. Orr, Published 1954

 Dan Orr continues:  The early generations of this book are not proved and there are errors in the book.  Donna Jean Ford has done a nice job researching these Orrs and her corrections are at This is a very thorough and nicely done research project.  However, the research mostly covers the generations of Orrs that descended from John Orr.  What is written in the "Nine Generations" book beyond Chapter Four contains no further information about William Orr who marries our Mary Luckey.  In trying to untangle  the ages of Mary Luckey and William Orrin my own mind, I tried my hand at a small mathematical  excercise.   William Orr is said to be a twin of John Orr. and that they came to the US in 1730 and were said to be in their middle twenties.   So if they were, lets say 25 in 1730, they would have been born abt. 1705.  William Orr is dead by 1755 which means he died before he is age 50.  His son Patrick is also dead in 1755 and he has an estate that requires an administrator but he has no surviving heirs except his brothers. This means that he must be an adult at least 20 old or older. If he is 20 (which is pretty young to have and estate) that would make him born about 1735, after his father arrives in this country. Patrick is the second son born after his brother, William.  I am guessing that the elder William and his wife perhaps had one or two sons with them when they came to America about 1730 and the Author of the " Nine Generations....." (Warren H. Orr) either did not mention them or did not have that knowledge.  He was, after all, researching the ancestor of Arthur Orr, son of John Orr the other twin.  If this all seems a tangled web and if you, the reader, can help to untangle this, please let us know.

 It makes me wonder if there was an epidemic of some dread disease that swept through Little Britain Twp. in Lancaster Co. PA at that time  such as cholera, smallpox, diphtheria or other. Not unusual in those days.  I am still very unsure what year Mary Luckey was born and all the years and ages in the above paragraph are approximate suppositions


The following helps to prove that this William Orr was a husband to Mary Luckey and perhaps her step son William Orr supported her for 8 years and 8 months until Mary Luckey Orr's death.  

"Abstracts of Lancaster County, PA Orphans Court Records, 1768-1782, (2001), by Edward N. Wevodau:

Application of Executor John McDOWELL:  He requests monies for his expenses & troubles in settling the estate.

Page 125 -- 25 Oct 1775 Orphans Court -- Robert LUCKEY, dec'd (278)

 << "Abstracts of Lancaster County, PA Orphans Court Records, 1768-1782, (2001), by Edward N. Wevodau:

Page 77 -- 03 Jun 1772 Orphans Court -- Robert LUCKEY, dec'd (12)
Application of Executor John McDOWELL: He requests monies for his expenses & troubles in settling the estate.

Page 125 -- 25 Oct 1775 Orphans Court -- Robert LUCKEY, dec'd (278)
Report from the surviving executor John McDOWEL: By his last will & testament, the deceased ordered his sons Samuel & Robert to provide for and support the widow. The said sons had given the executor a certain sum in bonds for this purpose; however, additional monies are now needed. One William ORR provided for and supported the widow for eight years and eight months until her death. The amount given in bonds by sons Samuel & Robert is insufficient to pay William ORR for his troubles and expenses. >>

The page 77 and 125 entries were obtained from Lancaster County Miscellaneous Book, 1772-1776, pages 12 & 278.


The Orr family as researched by Dan Orr.
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Dear Reader,  Since I entered the theory concerning Mary Luckey and her marriage to William Orr, I  received a gmail from a descendant of the Orr family who presents pretty good evidence that my first  theory is incorrect.   His name is Dan Orr and his ancestry is connected to Arthur Orr, a brother or a cousin to our William Orr.  He gave me lots of credible evidence to  back his story up.  Dan Orr's words are written in this type color. My words are written in this type color.


I am not sure the William Orr of Cumberland Co is the same William Orr, the husband of Mary Luckey of Martic Twp, Lancaster Co, PA. On page 14 of Five Typical Scotch Irish Families of the Cumberland Valley by Mary Craig Shoemaker which is available to read available at  It appears that the William Orr of Cumberland Co. was an immigrant with his wife Sarah, also an immigrant, from Ulster. If  true, this would not fit your theory.  Below are two excerpts from pages 14 and and 22 of the above mentioned  book.  These excerpts help disprove my theory that this William Orr and his wife, "Sarah" is our William Orr.MJH