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Early in 2008, I asked Bing to send me information about is life and occupation.  The ever efficient Bing sent me back the following memo. Bing is a man of varied interests and remains active both mentally and physically.  For instance, he remains an active voice in Canadian politics and is much interested in gardening and horticulture.  The HUGE garden he maintains every year helps keep him in good shape.            

                Below the memo see Bing's garden "patch".  ▼

   November 11, 2008
Off to the Remembrance Day parade!



"Cousin Bing" sent me these two photos of himself dressed up with all his WWII medals and ready to join the Canadian Remembrance parade on Nov. 11, 2008.  He looks terrific and "fit as a fiddle"  considering that he is now 88 years old, born on Feb 25, 1921.       
           John "Bing" George Humphreys ▼