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Seen here are the grave markers for William O'Neal Payne at the Potomac Cemetery in Potomac, Ill.  The first monument is elaborate and large.  Both look like they are attended regularly and well-kept even today.  He was a veteran of the Civil War.  For a photo and more details about him, see what information his great-granddaughter, Alice Marie Beard, has compiled here. 6.  The only thing I would like to differ with Alice's information is that I believe he owned two butcher shops, one in Potomac and one in Marysville. Recently I received a message from Alice Marie Beard saying that William and Elizabeth did not adopt any children. She related that Elizabeth brought a boy into her marriage with William either from a former marriage or perhaps born out of wedlock.  This boy dies before 1880.  They did have several children, most of whom died as babies.  Two survived into maturity.