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The gravestone of
William Orr
D. Jan. 3. 1769
Aged 62 yrs.


The Gravestone of
 Sarah Orr wife of
William Orr
D. Sep. 5.1760.  Aged 51 yrs

These two records were taken from a page of burial records of the Silver Spring Presbyterian Church and Cemetery, located in Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
As I began my research into the Orr family, I thought Andrew's sister Mary, who married a William Orr, may also have resided in Cumberland County. I thought they might have moved to Cumberland Co. along with her brother Andrew.   I have since been convinced otherwise by good evidence sent to me by a genealogist, Dan Orr, who is a descendant of the of the Orr family.   See here Information that Dan has found   I decided to keep this research on this particular William Orr family as it may be helpful to another branch of the Orr family who are looking for their ancestors.

   The following information comes from the pages of a volume named: History of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, Rev. Conway P.
 Wing D.D., and Others, Philadelphia 1879.
 You can find a copy of this book at

There was a William and John Orr residing in East Pennsboro Twp. on the east side of Cumberland County in 1762. (On page 61: John Orr, 90 acres of patented land, 6 shillings and William Orr, 160 acres of patented land, 9 shillings.) Also, on p. 61 are listed 4 men named McCormick residing in East Pennsboro Twp: Samuel, John, James and Thomas McCormick. The McCormicks all seem to be well-to-do, all owning over 100 acres of patented or warranted land.  In 1757 there was a private fort (known as "McCormick's" Fort) or blockhouse located on the Conodoguinet Creek in East Pennsboro,Twp. Both Andrew Luckey, Sr. and William Orr mention members of the McCormick families in their wills.  Andrew has a son- in-law whose name is Adam "McCormick". William Orr names a Thomas "McCormick" as one of his Executors. I found this compelling that the Luckeys and this William Orr family may have had connections. Also, In the abstract form of William Orr's will ▼ he has daughters named Agnes and Mary. Both these common names are Luckey traditional family names for females so I thought this may be a clue.    

As the reader can see, I also took some liberties with the name of Sarah Orr, wife of William Orr which turned out to be false suppositions.  Perhaps the reader may understand my mistake after seeing the following four reasons for my thinking so.  

 1.) As in the case of Sarah "Elizabeth" Lucky who married Rev. James Dunlap on this page .  Sarah is named in her father's will as "Sarah" but apparently she preferred to be called "Elizabeth" as the latter name is used on other later historical documents.  2.) Sarah Orr fits the approximate age when Mary was born.  3.) The name "Mary" is the name of one of her daughters, a traditional thing to do: name one son after the father and one daughter after the mother. 4.) Lastly, the Orrs name one of their daughters "Agnes" perhaps named in honor and affection after Mary's sister, Agnes. I don't not know the whereabouts of Agnes Luckey Pendry who married Robert Pendry as I could find no definitive records of them. They may have removed to South Carolina as did other Luckey brothers and sisters who took that route. If any reader who has other compelling documents which may shed light of the Orr family tree branches, please send to me at the address below.   

If you have any comments or corrections please contact me, Marla Miller Hembree, at:


Chester County, Pennsylvania Wills, 1713-1825  
about William Orr                                                                               


 William Orr



Prove date:

 26 Mar 1770




 William Orr of East Pennsborough.  Will written 23 Mar 1768. sons, John, Samuel and William. Daus,

 Agnes, Mary, Margret and Elizabeth. Exs., son John Orr and Thoms McCormick.