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Barbara returns home to a new life after her escape from the Indians

who kidnap her during the Penn's Creek Massacre 1755


Descendants of Barbara Leininger and Peter Ruffner

Generation No. 1 

Many thanks for much of the following info that was given to me by Peggy Ruffner, a descendant of Peter and Barbara. She is a careful researcher. Her contributions are in blue type.


BARBARA3 LEININGER  (SEBASTIAN2, HANNS1) was born 1743 in Reutlingen,Baden-Wuettemberg, Germany, and died 06 Sep 1805 in Cumru, Berks Co., PA.  She married PETER RUFFNER 01 Feb 1761 in Trinity Lutheran Church, New Holland, Lancaster, Pa, son of SIMON RUFFNER and MARY SCHILTZ.  He was born 1735 in Switzerland, and died 1824 in Cumru, Berks Co., PA.


Notes for BARBARA LEININGER: After Barbara's escape, she made her way to Lancaster, PA where subsequently she married Peter Ruffner in the Lutheran Church in New Holland, PA which is just south of Reading. This church is now known as Trinity Lutheran. Barbara and Peter had three children that are known, or that lived. The children were named Regina, George, Conrad and after Barbara's brothers and mother or sister. The marriage bans were read three times in the church as certified in the church record still in existence. Barbara is about 17 when she marries Peter Ruffner. Peter is about age 25.

What you see on the right is their marriage record I found on page 314 from the "Evangelical Lutheran Church". Sorry I didn't write any more information on which Evangelical Lutheran Church in Berks county it was. There are several Churches with similar names or exactly the same. Peggy reports where she found her record as follows:


Record of the marriage of Peter Rufner and Barbara Leininger can be found in the records of the Trinity Lutheran Church located in New Holland, Lancaster Co., PA just south of Reading.  Sounds like the same one I found. The minister who performed the ceremony is in red.


Barbara died 06 Sep 1805 at 62 years of age of dysentery. She is buried in the Allegheny Reformed Churchyard. The church is located in Brecknock, Cumru Twp. Berks Co. PA. The church and its records are in existence today.  Part of Peter's plantation, Suabia, was located in this township.


Notes for PETER RUFFNER:  Peter is somewhat successful in life and acquires a goodly amount of property.

After Barbara dies, Peter Ruffner and Marie Bertless are Married: 25 April, 1806 in Reading, Berks, PA.  Note: A record of this marriage was found in the Lutheran Church in Reading. The other source was a newspaper notice of the marriage.


Peter died SEP 1824 in Cumru Twp., Berks, PA. In establishing the exact date of death for Peter Ruffner, one needs to look at the date that George Ruffner, his oldest son, appeared at Orphan Court asking to be released as Administrator of the estate. This occurred on 8 Sep 1824. Therefore in establishing a date of death one might assume that Peter died sometime in the last week of August or the first week of Sep in 1824. Based on the assumption that he was born in the early 1730's he would have been in his nineties when he died, following the longevity pattern of this family.


Resource: Estate Settlement Papers of Peter Rufner (Spelled this way in the paperwork. .   

I (Peggy Ruffner) received 6 pages of very dark copy. It was difficult to read. Much of the spelling is in the Old English. Spelling is as words sound for the most part. The document names Peter Rufner, the intestate, as having three children, George, Conrad and "Rachael." All three were over the age of 21. (In that period of history, most states settled wills and estates under the Orphan Court Process.) George, as the oldest, refused his right to Administrate the estate, preferring to name a man named John O'Dear. Mr. O'Dear may have been an attorney. All other pages are concerned with Mr. O'Dear and his presentations to the Court. One page is devoted to O'Dear asking the court for permission to sell 12 acres of Peter's property to pay his debts. Yet the debt pages seem to be missing. There is an inventory sheet naming his personal effects which were meager to say the least. The recent finding of the Estate Settlement Papers of Peter Rufner do not tell us much. His personal property was very small. It included a feather bed, some clothing, 2 books and a German Bible. A sale of these personal effects was held in Jan of 1825. There is nothing to indicate who bought what or how much was made on the sale.  It does state that land had to be sold to pay his debts. What happened to all of his acres of "Suabia" is not known. The most interesting thing listed was "German Bible."  Nothing says whether the Bible was sold or whether a family member was permitted to keep it.


There was a sale held in January of 1825 to sell the few belongings. Of course, this did not satisfy the debt and so the 12 acres of land was sold. Basically that is all the 6 pages offered. A final accounting and settlement is not there, probably lost to posterity.


The other mysterious thing about theses papers is the naming of the daughter as "Rachael" and I have her as Regina. Her name could have been Regina Rachael and they called her Rachael. )

I can explain this as I have encountered this oddity before while researching genealogy. "Agnes" a Scottish name anglicized, for instance, becomes "Nancy". "Rachael" or "Rachel" is the anglicized form of the German name "Regina". Don't ask why.  MJH     


        i.   REGINA4 RUFFNER, b. 1762. ( See more information below)

       ii.   GEORGE RUFFNER, b. 10 Aug 1763; d. 17 Aug 1842, Buried at Allegheny Union Cemetery, Berks Co. PA.

       iii.   CONRAD RUFFNER, b. 05 Jan 1765; d. 03 Aug 1835, Canton, Stark Co., Ohio; m. EVA MEYER, 16 Dec 1788, Cumru Twp., Berks Co., PA; From misc.

           records of Rev. Carl Friedrich Wildbahn, b. 1766, Lancaster Co., PA; d.1850.


                        Notes for CONRAD RUFFNER:

Conrad is listed on the 1810 & 1820 Census as living in Stark Co., Ohio.  Interestingly enough, this is the same state and county in which his Cousin George Leininger (1768-1848) resides.


Generation No. 2

REGINA RUFFNER (BARBARA3 LEININGER, SEBASTIAN2, HANNS1) was born 1762.  She married JOHANNES KOCH 09 Jul 1787 in Brecknock, Berks Co., PA; Misc. Records of Rev. Carl Friedrich Wildbahn. 



        i.   BENJAMIN5 KOCH, b. 03 Aug 1802, Cumru Twp, Berks Co. PA.



GEORGE RUFFNER (BARBARA3 LEININGER, SEBASTIAN2, HANNS1) was born 10 Aug 1763, and died 17 Aug 1842, is buried at Allegheny Union Cemetery, Berks Co. PA.  He married BARBARA NEUZENHOLTZER.  She was born 1772, and died 04 Aug 1849 in Buried at Allegheny Union Cemetery, Berks Co. PA.


Notes for GEORGE RUFFNER: George remains in Cumru Twp., Berks Co., and he is listed on the 1810 and 1820 there.   If he lives until 1842 and remained there is still to be researched.



              i.   BARBARA5 RUFFNER, b. 04 Dec 1793.

                 Notes for BARBARA RUFFNER: Baptized on 30 May? 1794

Conrad Rufner (BARBARA3 LEININGER, SEBASTIAN2, HANNS1)  was the second son and third child of Peter Rufner and Barbara Leininger. He was born in Cumru T., Berks Co. PA on 5 Jan1765. He married Eva (EVE) Meyer, daughter of Johannes and Ottillia Meyer on 18 Dec 1788 at the Trinity Lutheran Church in Reading PA. Conrad was 23 years old when they married. There were four known children in this marriage, Johannes, Samuel, Elizabeth and Ann. There may have been other children who did not live.

Research indicates that Conrad was a diligent worker and a financially successful man. He was on the Tax Lists in Berks Co. increasing significantly between 1791-1792. To date no property deeds have been found for Conrad in Berks Co., but undoubtedly he owned property if he paid taxes. At some point in the early 1790's, Conrad sold his property in Berks Co. and purchased 121 acres in W. Pennsboro Twp., Cumberland Co. PA. The exact location of this property is not known, but tax lists show Conrad living West, North West of Carlisle in Frankford Township.  Jim Holt lists interesting information on this home: a log dwelling house, 22 feet by 24 feet with 1 1/2 stories, 4 windows and 42 lights. There was a barn. He had horses and cattle. There is rumor that Eva was sighted for some illegal act, but I do not know what the problem was. Further evidence could probably be found in Probate Court Records.

Conrad moved his family to Stark Co. Ohio prior to 1806 as the history of Stark Co. Ohio has listed him when the school district lines were drawn. The history has Conrad instrumental in founding the Warstler Lutheran Church, now known as Trinity Lutheran Church in N. Canton, Ohio. A number of property transactions can be found at the Recorder of Deeds Office. His property was located in North Canton in the area of the present Municipal Airport. Conrad was evidently a prominent figure in the Canton area as he seems to have been present when community decisions were made. Conrad was a farmer and a miller, and owned his own mill. The mill was operated until at least 1830 or longer. At some time between 1825 and 1830 Conrad sold property to
Johannes, Samuel, and both girls.

Conrad died in 1835 and was buried at Warstler Cemetery. His tombstone is still readable. Eve died in 1851. Both Conrad and Eve had wills.  Johannes was the executor of Conrad's estate, Eva (EVE) named her son-in-law, Jonathan Holben as her executor. Both wills are available at the Stark Co. Probate Court. Samuel was not mentioned in Conrad's will since he preceded Conrad in death. There was a typhoid fever epidemic in the 1830s in that area. Eve was well provided for during her lifetime, as were both daughters, but Johannes, now referred to as John, received the greater part of the estate. Conrad prepared well for his family.

A copy of the will is in my possession.

   Peggy had a lot of information about Conrad so I included it all here as she wrote it.


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