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I am dedicating this part of my website to the Benson Family.  The Benson branch of the family came from New York and Ohio and can trace their history back to John Benson of Oxfordshire, England who came to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1638.  Matilda Benson, born in 1804, is my great great great Grandmother.  My Grandmother, Minnie Matilda Jane Humphreys Malcom was named after her and Matilda's daughter, Sophia Matilda Taft.

I am sorry to report that I have no photos of the Bensons to share.

Who did the the Bensons marry/divorce?  Who were their parents, brothers and sisters, children's names, dates, where they lived, etc., etc?   Click here to view the Benson family genealogy report.  Here you will find as many photos, history and details of the Benson family as I have been able to find.  I think you will find it interesting.

 Click here to link to a Benson personal history story as written by Fred H. Benson of Syracuse, NY in 1920 which I found to be a fascinating read.  You can access Fred Benson's entire book on the internet at Genealogy.com for a fee.

If you should find any mistakes in what I have presented here, I would be happy to hear from you.  Also, if you have further information or photos to share concerning the Bensons, I would be glad to add it to these pages.  You can contact me at the following E-mail address: miller.malcom.ft@gmail.com







The Benson Family