Children and grandchildren of Joshua Frederick Humphreys
Below is a gmail received the same day from Suzanne Bailey Humphreys, Glenn's wife. Lots of good information.


I have read with a great deal of interest your web site on Dr. John Humphreys and his wife Jane Warren. My husband, Glenn Douglas Humphreys, born August 29, 1945, is the son of Albert Humphreys and Eleanor Gane. Albert's father is Joshua Frederick Humphreys. Your photo of Joshua is the first photo that I have seen of Glenn's grandfather. His family never made an effort to keep track of their relatives so I was amazed to see how many relatives they have.  Albert Humphreys worked as an accountant in Toronto. Glenn was a high school English teacher in Sault Ste. Marie.  Glenn married me (Suzanne Bailey) on September 5, 1970 and we have two daughters - Elyn and Laura. Elyn is married to Michael Treberg and they have one daughter, Clare Eleanor.  Gregory Humphreys born in 1948 married Patricia. They have two sons - Eric and Andrew. Greg was an instructor at Guelph University. Thank you for all the work you have done on this website. It's especially interesting to me to note the continuation of the name Ellen and Eleanor since I named my daughter Elyn.  Both Glenn's mother and mine share the name Eleanor.
Suzanne Humphreys


My wife Suzanne found your website on our family history this afternoon, and told me to do some digging so I could send you a quick note. I am the Glen (actually spelled "Glenn") Humphreys, grandson of Joshua F "Fred" Humphreys found on your website:

My mother's maiden name was written as Eleanor Gane. This was changed by the family from "Ganske" during the second world war, after one of the daughters (my aunt Harriet) decided to Anglicize her name. My mother Eleanor died last spring, and dad (Albert Edwin) died the previous year. So far, my brother Greg and I are still alive and kicking.

Greg has a lot of the family documents, but I have a fairly extensive photo album from my parents, which includes the attached photo, which picks up from the photo on your website page, maybe taken close to the same time. Left to right: Joshua "Fred" Frederick Humphreys, Glenn Humphreys (me), Albert Edwin Humphreys. Dad would be in his 30's, I suspect. I look about 1 year old, so that would have the photo taken about the summer of 1946.

Glenn Humphreys

This letter below is from Glenn Humphreys who gmailed me on March 6, 2009
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Glenn attached this three generational photo which pictures himself (about age 1) his father, Albert Edwin and his Grandfather, Joshua Frederick Humphreys. As he says in his letter, he estimates this photo to be taken in 1946