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Descendants of John Humphreys (Son of Dr. John)

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN HUMPHREYS (Seated with child on his lap in photo below taken in 1878)(DR. JOHN2, JOHN1 HUMPHREYS?) was born 10 May 1833 in Ontario, Canada, and died 21 Jul 1902 in Casnovia Township, Muskegon, Michigan. He married ESTHER CHARLOT JANE NEWCOMBE (Seated with child in photo below taken in 1879) 08 Jul 1866. She was born 1847.  John and Esther moved with their first five children to Casnovia, Michigan in 1873.  See more photos of John and Esther











i. JOHN ELIJA4 HUMPHREYS,(Shown at upper left in photo at the right) b. 25 Mar 1867, Orford Township, Kent County Ontario; d. 04 Jun 1941, Casnovia Township, Muskegon, Michigan; m. JENNY VAN ADRICHEM on 04 Jan 1898, she was born on June 20, 1880 in Ridderkerk, The Netherlands .

ii. ASA ELIAKIM HUMPHREYS, (Shown at upper right in photo at the right) b. 16 Aug 1868, Orford Township, Kent County Ontario; d. 29 Sep 1956, Chatham, Ontario.

iii. WILLIAM ALBERT HUMPHREYS, (Shown standing between his parents in photo at the right) was born 15 May 1869 in Orford Township, Kent County Ontario, and died Abt. 13 Dec 1937 in Michigan. He married (1) DELLA ?.  He married (2) ALICE ELLA AUSTIN 1893. She was born 01 Mar 1877, and died 1949. Children of WILLIAM HUMPHREYS and ALICE AUSTIN are:

       i.  HAZEL E. HUMPHREYS, b. 03 Mar 1895; d. 15 Sep 1935, Bailey,

         Muskegon, Michigan

       ii. TRACY HUMPHREYS, b. Abt. 1899; d. 16 Jan 1979, Wyoming ,


       iii. JOYCE HUMPHREYS.

( See photos of William Albert and Alice Austin with two of their children before Joyce was born and one of William and Alice alone taken approximately in the 1930s.)

       iv. MARY JANE HUMPHREYS, ( Shown seated between her parents

            in photo) b. 04 Jul 1871, Orford Township, Kent County

            Ontario;   d. Feb 1949; m. WILLIAM R. WALCOTT.   See

            photo of Mary  Jane and her son George.

John and Esther Newcombe Family




























Generation No. 3


Sarah is pictured at the left. 


     Dr. Ralph Edgar Bennett,(He is the child of Sarah with her first husband, Edgar Bennett.) Born 17 Feb 1901, Grant Michigan, d. 18 May 1992 in P Princeton, New Jersey. m. Ima Stone, had one daughter, Helen Bennett.

     i. ESTHER BERTHA HUMPHREYS, was born 31 Mar 1915 in Casnovia, Michigan, and died 03 Mar 2004. She married GEORGE CROUCHMAN. d. 03 Mar 2004.


            i. JIM CROUCHMAN.

            ii. SHIRLEY CROUCHMAN.


v. SARAH HUMPHREYS,( Shown on her father's lap) b. 1873, Orford Township, Kent County Ontario; m. CHARLIE PUGH.

vi. ELISABETH A. HUMPHREYS, ( Shown on her mother's lap) b. 29 Aug 1876, Casnovia Township, Muskegon, Michigan; m. Gene Hutchinson; d. 24 Apr 1959. (See photos of Elisabeth and Gene Hutchinson )

vii. ALVINIA HUMPHREYS, b. 20 Apr 1879, Casnovia Township, Muskegon, Michigan; d. 06 May 1879, Casnovia Township, Muskegon, Michigan.

viii. ROBERT WESLEY HUMPHREYS, (Unborn at time of photo) b. 06 Jul 1882, Casnovia Township, Muskegon, Michigan; d. 17 Nov 1944, Mackays Corner, Kent County, Ontario; m. MARIA BERNICE SPENCE, 28 Mar 1913. ( More photos of Robert Wesley







The photo on the left was taken about 1900 in Coopersville, Michigan.  It shows five of the grown children of John and Esther Humphreys.  Back row (l-r) are Asa, and John.  At the center is Robert Wesley and in the front (l-r) are Sarah and Mary Jane.


Generation No. 2

2. ASA ELIAKIM HUMPHREYS )(JOHN3, DR. JOHN2, JOHN1 HUMPHREYS?) was born 16 Aug 1868 in Orford Township, Kent County Ontario, and died 29 Sep 1956 in Chatham, Ontario. He married SARAH TIMMER on 11 Jun 1914 in Casnovia Township, Muskegon, Michigan. Sarah was born on May 31, 1885 and dies on May 4, 1969.


In 1920 he and his family moved back to a farm 10 miles SW of Duart in Kent County, Ontario.


Asa Eliakim is pictured below ▼ in photo taken in 1900


















  ii.  ASA JR. HUMPHREYS, b. 28 Aug 1916, Casnovia, Michigan; Married only a short time and had no children. d. 08 Oct 1993, Chatham, Ontario.


iii.  RUTH ROWlena HUMPHREYS, b. 24 Apr 1919, Casnovia, Michigan;  Never Married. d. 22 Apr 2005, Chatham, Ontario. Ruth was interested in family genealogy and spent a lot of time researching and gathering family records and legal documents. Most of what we know about Dr. John Humphreys and Joshua and his life in Canada is due to her diligence. She sent copies of all her research to Amy Humphreys and Amy's Aunt in western Canada and then Amy forwarded them to me.  When I visited Chatham, Ontario in July of 2005, I was much surprised and dismayed to find that Ruth had died only a few months before.  Below is an excerpt from a letter written by Ruth in 1990 from her home at Chatham, Ontario.  Click to see Ruth as a young girl at age 21

iv. JOHN GEORGE " BING" HUMPHREYS, b. 25 Feb 1921,  Ridgetown, Ontario.


Children of JOHN HUMPHREYS and EILEEN MURPHEY are:  See photos of Bing and his family

          i. DONNA HUMPHREYS.

          ii. MARGO HUMPHREYS.

 2008 photos of "highly decorated"  Bing








Bill's Home
     Here is a photo of the home on Talbot Road between Palmyra and
Ontario where Bill (William Albert Humphreys) and his
        brothers, John "Bing" and Robert were born.  


















v. ROBERT WILLIAM HUMPHREYS, b. 16 Dec 1923, Ridgetown, Ontario.

Was never married.

vi. WILLIAM (BILL) ALBERT HUMPHREYS, as born 22 Sep 1928 in

Ridgetown, Ontario. He married BARBARA ANNE YOULTON. 


        i. PAUL HUMPHREYS.          ii. GARY HUMPHREYS.

        iii. LYN HUMPHREYS            iv. CARL HUMPHREYS.



  The photo at the right was taken in 1981 at the wedding of Bill's      

      youngest son Carl.  Pictured are Bill's brother, Robert, on the

      left and his sister, Ruth, on the right.  In the middle is Bill and

      Barbara's oldest son, Paul Albert Humphreys. ► 

                   More Photos of Bill's Family


















   The two gentlemen at the left are brothers Bill (age 78)

   and "Bing" Humphreys (age 86) taken in Glencoe,

   Ontario in July 2007.




Pictured below ▼are the children of Asa Eliakim Humphreys and Sarah Timmer Bennett (no longer children).  They are in attendance at the 65th Reunion of the Newcombe family, all relatives and descendants of Asa's mother Esther Charlot Jane Newcombe.  At the time of this photo all the siblings were still alive and left to right are John George, Robert William, Esther Bertha. Ruth Rolina,  Asa Jr. and William Albert (our Bill).  Bill tells me that the Newcombes are faithful in holding family reunions every couple of years.  This photo was taken 1983 or earlier as Asa Jr. died in October of that year.
































































At the right is an excerpt from a letter          
written by Ruth Rolina Humphreys on
 Dec, 10, 1990 to Archie and Bernice
Humphreys.  Ruth was the unmarried
sister of Bill Humphreys.  Before she
died  she generously shared her
findings concerning the Humphreys
family.  It is a poignant tale of how a
relative can mesmerize the imaginations
of children with stories of adventure in
far away places,  These visits by Great
Uncle Joshua must have occurred
 before 1910 when Joshua and his family
 moved to Saskatchewan