The Descendents of Joshua H. and Emma Althea Lake Humphreys

I have much information to impart concerning the family and lives of Joshua, Emma and their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  It has taken me a long time to compile and I fear I have not completed all there is to learn about them.  Josh and Emma's lives and characters are still a mystery to me even though I have many clues as to who they were.  Some of the clues and information are widely differing.  

I received much of my information about them from Amy Humphreys and Bill Humphreys and have recently received much information from my cousin, Jim (William James Malcom) who sent me stacks of information written by his father Vincent Valentine Malcom who was Josh and Emma's oldest grandson.  From reading much of the hand written narrative I could readily see that Vincent had spent much time in personal conversation with Josh and that he was very fond and admiring of his grandfather.  Vincent was a man of enormous curiosity and varied interests.  Conversation was important to him, especially with other men. (not unusual in those days.) He must have asked many questions of his father and grandfathers while growing up.  Something I regret that I did not do with my parents and grandparents. He also was a pretty good writer. So I am relying on the memories and remembered information of my "Uncle Vince" to shed light on the departed Humphreys side of the family who I never knew until now.  They are fascinating.

At the right is a photo of Vincent Valentine Malcom.  Born- 25 Nov 1899 and died- 27 Jul 1982.  This photo probably was taken in the late 1970s.

Below is an abbreviated genealogy report for the descendants of Joshua and Emma Humphreys.  I have removed all the Malcom names after the third generation and left just the Humphreys descendents.  You will find all the others on other pages of this web site in the future such as the Malcoms.  As you read through this list you will find hyperlink connections to further information and stories about many Humphreys.

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Descendants of Joshua H. and Emma Althea Humphreys


Generation No. 1

 JOSHUA H. HUMPHREYS (DR. JOHN2, JOHN1 HUMPHREYS?) was born 11 Sep 1841 in Ogdensburg, New York or in Highgate, Ontario, and died 19 Sep 1927 in Ravenscrag, Saskatchewan, Canada. Joshua's daughter, Minnie Humphreys Malcom, says he was born in Ogdensburg, New York. See Minnie's Note.   He married EMMA ALTHEA LAKE 01 Jan 1871 in Rockton, Illinois, daughter of VALENTINE LAKE and SOPHIA TAFT. She was born 12 Apr 1854 in Rockton, Illinois, and died 24 Oct 1942 in Ravenscrag, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Photo of young Joshua at right, probably before he is married to Emma.  He looks very intelligent, intense and good looking. ►  Click here to see a calendar that coordinates important events and pinpoints dated places in the lives of Joshua and his father.   I made this calendar in order to clarify and coordinate to myself the many conflicting bits of information I have received from many resources.   On this page I have inserted hyperlinks that will take you to detailed information and stories written by my Uncle Vince and my grandfather (George William Malcom) concerning the lives of Joshua and Emma, Billy and Minnie Malcom, my grandfather and grandmother.  You will also find more photos of Humphreys.  I hope you will find it enlightening.  


         i. FREDERICK LAKE4 HUMPHREYS, b. 18 Oct 1871, Swan Creek, Saginaw County, Michigan; d. 04 Feb 1946, East End, Saskatchewan, Canada.

         ii. MINNIE MATILDA JANE HUMPHREYS, b. 14 Feb 1873, Ridgetown, Ontario, Canada; d. 15 Dec 1963, Sioux City, Iowa, buried at Peiro Bethel Cemetery.  

        Click here to see a photo of Minnie as a small child.


         iii. FRANK WILLIAM HUMPHREYS, b. 1876, Rockton, Winnebago Co., Illinois.










































Generation No. 2

 FREDERICK LAKE4 HUMPHREYS (JOSHUA H.3, DR. JOHN2, JOHN1 HUMPHREYS?) was born 18 Oct 1871 in Swan Creek, Saginaw County, Michigan, and died 04 Feb 1946 in East End, Saskatchewan, Canada. He married ANNIE JOY BULLOCK 15 Mar 1899 in Whiteville, TN, daughter of HON. ROBERT SLOAN BULLOCK and MARY ELLA JOY. She was born 12 Sep 1880 in Somerville, Tennessee.


         i. FREDERICK VALENTINE5 HUMPHREYS, b. 01 Apr 1900, Ina, Fayette County, Tennessee; d. 20

            Jun 1960, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada.

         ii. ARCHIBALD (ARCHIE) SLOAN HUMPHREYS, b. 27 Sep 1907, Lynch. North Dakota; d. Abt. 1992.

 MINNIE MATILDA JANE4 HUMPHREYS (JOSHUA H.3, DR. JOHN2, JOHN1 HUMPHREYS?) was born 14 Feb 1873 in Ridgetown, Ontario, Canada, and died 15 Dec 1963 in Sioux City, Iowa at a nursing home, buried at Peiro Bethel Cemetery. She married GEORGE (BILLY) WILLIAM MALCOM 13 Mar 1894 in Battle Creek, Iowa, son of JOSEPH MALCOM and PERMELIA PAYNE. He was born 25 Dec 1870 in Avoca, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa, and died 18 Sep 1959 in Lemars, Iowa in a nursing home, buried at Peiro Bethel Cemetery.

Below ▼is a mystery photo sent to me by Amy Humphreys.  It shows a family of picnickers seated next to a large old tree.  I believe it was taken in Saskatchewan.   I am positive that the woman in the black dress is my grandmother, Minnie Humphreys Malcom.  Since she is dressed all in black, I would be willing to bet she is visiting her relatives in Ravenscrag and the occasion is a funeral.  Minnie's hair turned white fairly early in her life, so it is difficult to judge how old she is in this photo.   Minnie's father, Josh, died in 1927 so it may have been to attend his funeral. Her mother, Emma, died in 1942; her brother, Fred died in 1946 and brother Frank died in 1949.  I am sure that the man seated by Minnie is one of her brothers and to me he looks mostly like Fred.  Maybe Brother Frank is taking the photo. The woman with glasses on the back side of the table, I feel sure is Annie Joy Bullock Humphreys, Fred Humphreys' wife.  Perhaps the woman to her right is Frank's wife. Lillie.  I have no guesses as to who the others are.  Notice the small child seated on the ground on the right side of the picture.  If any should know who these people are, please email me at

 I have recently been informed of the identity of the two young girls sitting in the front row.  Thanks to Dawn Coon Barber, a recently discovered "cousin", they have been identified as (L-R) Evelyn Hattie Valley and Imogene (Called "Gene") Emma Valley. These two girls lived with the Humphreys family in Saskatchewan for periods of time after their mother, Irma Valley Westberg, divorced her second husband, John Westberg in 1921 and did not marry her third husband until 1945. It was quite a struggle for a woman to make it on her own in those days.  At the time of Josh's funeral these girls would be ages 14 and 13.  They look younger to me than that but children did not grow up so fast in those days. Or I could be wrong about the occasion being Josh's funeral in 1927.  Even still, it is hard for me to imagine that my grandmother had very many opportunities to travel so far as Saskatchewan just to visit because of her busy life as a farm wife in Iowa.  Please read the details of the lives of Evelyn and Imogene on this page.  Dawn is the daughter of Imogene Valley Coon and the granddaughter of Irma Poor Valley.
























































































    i. FERN Glenna Lee MALCOM, b. 15 Feb 1895, Ina, Fayette Co., Tennessee; d. 15 Feb 1895, Ina, Fayette Co., Tennessee. (I have recently uncovered some information about Fern.  My cousin Yvonne "Vonnie", said in an article that Fern's middle name was "Glenna Lee".  That makes some sense to me as I cannot find any family connection with the name of Greenlee in the history of either the Malcoms or Humphreys family of Greenlee.  Perhaps someone could not read the handwritten name a long time ago.  My Aunt Murriel did name one of her girls (Vonnie's sister), "Glenna Lee"

    ii. FANNIE MAUD MALCOM, b. 25 Sep 1896, Ina, Fayette Co., Tennessee; d. 30 May 1979, St. Petersburg, Florida.

    iii. VINCENT VALENTINE MALCOM, b. 25 Nov 1899, Anthon, Iowa; d. 27 Jul 1982, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Buried at Bethel Cemetery, Piero, Iowa.

    iv. MURRIEL DELIGHT MALCOM, b. 28 Sep 1901, Anthon, Iowa; d. 22 Oct 1998, Sioux City, Iowa, buried at Peiro Bethel Cemetery.

    v. MAYBELLE WARREN MALCOM, b. 20 Jun 1903, Anthon, Iowa; d. 09 Nov 1994, Cherokee. Iowa, buried in Cherokee, Iowa  (My Mother)

    vi. MARION PAYNE MALCOM, b. 20 Mar 1909, Oto, Iowa; d. 14 Apr 1995, Wilmar, Minnesota Buried at Piero Bethel Cemetery, Iowa; m. CURTIS JAY ERICKSON, 29 Oct 1938, Milbank, South Dakota; b. 12 Mar 1912, Milbank, South Dakota; d. 13 Sep 1989, Buried at Piero Bethel Cemetery, Iowa.

     vii. DONALD HUMPHREYS MALCOM, b. 25 Jun 1914, Oto, Iowa; d. 08 Jan 2001, Port St. Lucie, Florida, buried in Middletown, Ohio.

     For more information and photos of the Malcom Family, please open the

    Malcom page of this website.


    FRANCIS "FRANK" WILLIAM4 HUMPHREYS (JOSHUA H.3, DR. JOHN2, JOHN1 HUMPHREYS?) was born 1876 in Rockton, Winnebago Co., Illinois and died in 1949 at Ravenscrag, Saskatchewan. He married LILLIAN (LILLIE) DOROTHY SORENSON 14 Nov 1905.  She was born 14 Nov 1879 in Neenah, Wisconsin and died in 1958 at Ravenscrag.  Both are buried at Riverside Cemetery just outside of Eastend, Saskatchewan.     FRANK HUMPHREYS and LILLIAN SORENSON had no children.

Generation No. 3


1.  FREDERICK VALENTINE HUMPHREYS (FREDERICK LAKE4, JOSHUA H.3, DR. JOHN2, JOHN1 HUMPHREYS?) was born 01 Apr 1900 in Ina, Fayette County, Tennessee, and died 20 Jun 1960 in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. He married VESTA VIOLA WHITEFOOT 09 Jul 1938 in Medicine Hat, daughter of ROBERT WHITEFOOT and ALICE PURDY. She was born 18 Aug 1908 in Summit, So. Dakota, and died in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. 

 See here a letter written by Frederick Valentine Humphreys from San Francisco in 1925 to his parents in Saskatchewan.  The letter is written about 13 years before he marries Vesta Viola. He is 25 years old.

 At the right is a photo copy of a picture of Frederick Valentine sent to me by Amy which is all I have.  He is shown in an office of sorts later in his life.   ►



    i. VERNON LORNE HUMPHREYS, b. 30 Jul 1941, Maple Creek, Sask.; m. DOROTHY ELIZABETH EMMA SLADE, 28 Aug 1965, Moose Jaw, Sask.; b. 1942, Saskatchewan, Canada.

    ii. WARREN "Babe" ROBERT HUMPHREYS, b. 05 Jul 1943, Maple Creek, Sask.; m. CAROL ANN MCDOWELL, 29 May 1978, Moose Jaw, Sask.; b. 09 Jan 1958


    2.  ARCHIBALD (ARCHIE) SLOAN HUMPHREYS (FREDERICK LAKE4, JOSHUA H.3, DR. JOHN2, JOHN1 HUMPHREYS?) was born 27 Sep 1907 in Lynch. North Dakota, and died Abt. 1992. He married BERNICE BAIRD CREIGHTON 24 Sep 1938 in Vancouver, British Columbia. She was born 07 Nov 1912 in Red Willow, Alberta, Canada, and died 29 Dec 2002 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
















4, JOSHUA H.3, DR. JOHN2, JOHN1 HUMPHREYS?) was born 06 Jan 1943 in East End, Saskatchewan. He married DARLENE MARIE VELKER 12 Oct 1968. She was born 15 Apr 1940 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 
See their children below.

                           Bryce and Darlene are married.



Archie and Bernice Humphreys with their dog 
"Poochie" taken about 1980 at their home in 
 Richmond, British Columbia ►












Generation No. 4

i. VERNON LORNE HUMPHREYS (FREDERICK VALENTINE5, FREDERICK LAKE4, JOSHUA H.3, DR. JOHN2, JOHN1 HUMPHREYS?) was born 30 Jul 1941 in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan. He married DORTHY ELIZABETH EMMA SLADE 28 Aug 1965 in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. She was born 1942 in Saskatchewan, Canada.

















    i. LORNA LYNN HUMPHREYS, b. 1968; m.  RICK


    ii. BRENDA LEE HUMPHREYS, b. 1970.


    iv. SUSAN ANN HUMPHREYS, b. Oct 1975.



At the right is a newspaper clipping showing Susan Ann Humphreys moments after she wins the Women's Senior Ice Skating event in Lausanne, Switzerland.  She is on the same Canadian team with Elvis Stojko who becomes quite a famous ice skater of Olympic status.  I do not know what year this occurred.  ►





ii. WARREN "Babe" ROBERT HUMPHREYS (FREDERICK VALENTINE5, FREDERICK LAKE4, JOSHUA H.3, DR. JOHN2, JOHN1 HUMPHREYS?) was born 05 Jul 1943 in Maple Creek, Sask.  He married CAROL ANN MCDOWELL 29 May 1978 in Moose Jaw, Sask. She was born 09 Jan 1958.















    i. CHAD ROBERT HUMPHREYS, b. 07 Sep 1979.

    ii. STACY LEE HUMPHREYS, b. 22 Sep 1983.


    Children of BRYCE CURTIS HUMPHREYS and Darlene VELKER are:

    i. AMY SUZANNE HUMPHREYS, b. 03 Dec 1973, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.           

    ii. LEAH ALISON HUMPHREYS, b. 10 Sep 1975, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

    At right is a photo of Leah Humphreys, Amy's sister.  It looks like she is dressed for a Senior Prom.    ►

    Generation No. 5



AMY SUZANNE HUMPHREYS (BRYCE CURTIS6, ARCHIBALD (ARCHIE) SLOAN5, FREDERICK LAKE4, JOSHUA H.3, DR. JOHN2, JOHN1 HUMPHREYS?) was born 03 Dec 1973 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She married KEITH DONALD KRESS 23 Sep 2000 in September 23, 2000. He was born 26 Mar 1970 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.   Open here a page which shows photos of Amy Humphreys and her family.

Child of AMY HUMPHREYS and KEITH KRESS is:                                         

    i. ETHAN ALEXANDER KRESS, b. 09 Jul 2004, Louisville, CO.  Ethan is shown

      here with his grandfather, Bryce Humphreys.  This photo was taken in 2004