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Glen Robert Miller

March 14, 1998 - October 22, 1973


I Remember Uncle Glen as a quiet  man.  He became a successful farmer and as a youth sacrificed much to benefit his younger brothers through school and college.   He is the one who kept the family farm intact, pulled it through the depression and made it a successful producer.  Lyle Miller said that after the death of Besse Ewing Miller, the farm, which he termed as the "estate" was "administered" by "Uncle Will Miller" the brother of Robert Benjamin Miller.  Does this mean that the family farm land was originally owed by the Ewings?  Lyle said that Uncle Will wanted the farm to go to Glen "because he wanted it to stay in the family".  My personal opinion is that Uncle Will knew who was best suited for keeping the farm in tact because I believe that Robert, Lyle's father did not really want to be a farmer.   Glen and his sons started a very successful land office business in Hartington which still exists today managed by his grandson. 


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At the right is a photo of Glen as a child.  As their first born son, I am sure his parents doted upon him and dressed him up for this photo as as "Little Lord Fauntleroy" considered very much in style in those days. ► Other pictures of Glen growing up can be seen here
GLEN ROBERT MILLER (ROBERT (BERT) BENJAMIN7, WILLIAM BENJAMIN6, JESSE E.5, JOSEPH4, SILAS3, ROBERT2, POSSIBLY ISAAC1) was born 14 Mar 1898 in Hartington, Nebraska, and died 22 Oct 1973 in Hartington, Nebraska and is buried at Hartington City Cemetery.  He married MYRTLE MARIE CHRISTIANSEN 18 Mar 1924, daughter of CHARLES G. CHRISTIANSEN and MARY RASSMUSEN Miller.  She was born 11 Nov 1903, and died 07 Aug 1996 in Hartington, Nebraska and is buried at Hartington City Cemetery.  On the 1920 census Myrtle, age 16, is listed living with her parents and two sisters, Bertha (19), and Martha (11), and a brother, Raymond (14) in Hartington, NE.

Myrtle Marie Christiansen as a
   baby.  What a beautiful child!

Glen and Myrtle on their wedding day ▼1924.


I remember Aunt Myrtle as a kind woman.  She was a great and organized hostess to many family reunions at their home.  She was the perfect farm wife and mother who possessed all the many talents that supported her husband and enabled her children to lead productive and successful lives.

Below you see the family of Glen and Myrtle Miller taken in 1964 on the occasion of their 40th Wedding Anniversary. Glen and Myrtle are seated and L-R standing are Don, Gerald and Sally.  Perhaps someone can explain the rolled document that Glen is holding in his hands.

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