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In November of 1998 Greg and I went to Mexico to visit my sister Barb serving as a missionary in Morelia, Michoacán (at that time a peaceful and scenic University city).  It was Greg's great wish to visit the now extinct:
      Parícutin Volcano.
Greg had read about this volcano in the National Geographic Magazine when he was a boy. He titled these pics (and many more) in our photo album -   Greg's Nirvana:
The Cornfield That Grew a Volcano
Greg was excited at last to stand on the site of the magazine article. He kept a copy of that issue until he died. He liked to tell the story of what happened on Feb., 20 1943.  It began when a Mexican farmer, Dionysio Pulido, while tending his cornfield was astounded to see the birth of a volcano opening from the ground without warning, spewing fiery hot lava on his corn. The lava continued to flow until 1952, then stopped forever. The tower you see in the photos is the bell tower of a small cathedral in the town  of San Juan Parangaricutiro, one of three villages buried by ashes and lava flow. It was a gloomy overcast day when we visited there but the sun peeked through the clouds and gave us this photo. What remains resembles a black moonscape but "life will out" as trees and grass are growing through.  The farmer Dionysio lived to tell his tale.  You can easily find much more information about this famous volcano online.

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Greg Hembree'S photo memory page
On this page you will see several photos that are representative of Greg's life and of our life together.
Rest in Peace Greg, in God's everlasting arms


Greg and his brother Brad, taken in 1966 in Fort Wayne, IN.  They are 12 years old.  What kind of a smile does Greg have on his face?  Whatever was he thinking? I do know that these two boys grew up as almost constant companions being good or misbehaving.  

Greg and his brothers,1954, Jeff, his older brother, is in back keeping things in hand.  Brad, his twin brother (not identical) is on the left and a very happy Greg is on the right.  I love this photo!         

        Greg 1964, age 10.                                 Greg, 1972-High School Grad. Age18.            Greg, 1975- College Junior.  Age 21.

These are the only "school" photos I have of Greg that are dated.  He is cute boy and a handsome young man.  I believe he was a good student over all these early years. But then I am judging by the way he worked at his career as a City Planner when I knew him.   He was a perfectionist in all he did (except for putting up Christmas decorations.)    Let this serve as a reminder for all those who collect and cherish family photos. Name, place and date them.  Don't depend on the guesswork of your descendants and family members. 

You are probably wondering why I included this ▲ photo on this webpage.  Well, I'll explain.  Over our 26 years of marriage we did a lot of traveling. We mostly traveled in the USA and were in every state except Alaska, Hawaii and Oregon. (We had plans to visit Oregon in the future when we finished the Western leg of our "Louis and Clark exploration trip".)   We visited small towns and large cities, National and State Parks, attended many family reunions, marriages, birthdays and funerals over the years, gathered together for family holidays at Christmas time and the 4th of July, searched in large and small cemeteries for ancestral gravestones, enjoyed museums of all sorts, aquariums, art museums, arboretums, etc, etc. etc., did research in large state and small town libraries, genealogical societies, historical libraries. Even did research in the National Library of Congress in DC.  Always we enjoyed being together and considered each foray an adventure.  But most of all we had just plain fun as it was when we spotted the parked Oscar Mayer Wiener truck above and had to stop and take a photo.

Greg and I particularly liked Colorado and the South West.  We "explored" there many times.  Mesa Verde is not far from the Four Corners National Monument which is the only place in the United States where you can stand in four different states at the same time; Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. Greg was very excited to do just that.  A "Geographer", you know.

 Above is a great formal Hembree family photo.  The occasion is the Wedding of Greg's oldest nephew Todd Hembree and his bride is Carrie Bronell Frenzel. The date is Sept. 23, 1995 and for once all of us look pretty good. Standing in the back row L-R is: Jeff Hembree (Greg's older brother) and his wife Caroline, parents of the groom; Ryan Hembree, the grooms younger brother; Greg's fraternal Grandmother Virginie "Nee Nee" Hembree; the bride and groom; Greg's parents Connie and Will Hembree; and Greg's first cousin, David Cinotto, only son of Marie Hembree Cinotto, Will's sister.
     In the front row are: Steven Hembree, Greg's son by his first wife; Greg and Marla Hembree; Sonia and Brad Hembree (Greg's twin brother and his wife); To the right of Brad is their older son, Stuart, and in front of Stuart is  their younger son, Matt.
    Note: In 2015, when this was written, Todd and Carrie have 4 children, Ryan is married with 2 children and Stuart will be married in 2016.  Steven is also married with two children.   Life goes on. 

At the left is a great photo of Greg with his brothers and their father, who Greg called "The Consigliare". He loved and respected   his Father very much.  Above is a photo of our first (single family dwelling) home. We contracted to have it built and It was completed in Sept.1995.  As it was being constructed we called ourselves "the home buyers from Hell", because we were such pests inspecting progress practically every day. 1995 was an eventful year for us.

Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado July 1994

  The above photo was taken in Panama City Beach, Florida in  May 1992.
Greg titled this album photo
 "I suppose you are wondering who is the hot dog here...".