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The Humphreys Family



I have discovered much about the Humphreys' family over the last two years and that is mostly due to the help of my cousins Guin Barcelou and Norma Bishop and to two newly discovered Humphreys relatives; Amy Humphreys in Colorado and William "Bill" Humphreys in Ontario, Canada.  I have always had a curiosity about my Grandmother Minnie Humphreys Malcom's "people" as she called them.  The Humphreys were never discussed much in my family circles and seemed to be overshadowed by discussions of Malcom history.  Don't get me wrong, the Malcoms were a wonderfully energetic, interesting and exciting family to hear about.   I guess the "mystery" of the Humphreys' intrigued me.  So I set about researching grandma Minnie's parentage, Joshua H. and Emma Althea Lake Humphreys, and what has turned out to be an equally wonderful part of my family tree.  When growing up my mother, Minnie's daughter, (Maybelle Warren Malcom Miller) always loved my paternal great grandmother, Permelia Payne Malcom, and expressed dislike for my maternal great grandmother, Emma Lake Humphreys.  She said she was imperious and "stand-offish".  Also, my mother said that Permelia was hardworking and extremely helpful, much admired qualities around the busy Minnie and Billy Malcom's Iowa frontier farm household.  My grandparents were generous hosts to various relatives, visitors, hired help and other houseguests not only upon holidays, weddings, funerals, etc, but all year around.  On the other hand, Mom said that Emma "expected to be waited on" when she visited.  These thoughts about Emma are echoed when my cousin Guin recalls Emma Humphreys as a "touch me not" person.   On the other hand, my cousin Norma tells me that her mother, Fannie Maud Malcom Hensler (my mother's eldest sister), loved Emma.  Guin says that Emma and Fannie got along well because Fannie was Emma's first grandchild.   Norma is still in possession of a broach pin that Emma wore the in the formal portraits I have of her.  Emma still remains an enigmatic personality with contradictions.  I don't recall my mother (born in 1903) ever discussing Emma's husband, Joshua Humphreys who died in 1927.  Then again, I never asked. Guin, (born 1923) only remembers him as elderly and sickly as he watched her play on her kiddie car on the front sidewalk.  He watched and waved through a front window while laying down . 

Special thanks for "filling in many blanks" and providing family photos for the "TREE" to:

 William "Bill" Albert Humphreys, (shown below left in his radio "ham shack") a great grandson of Dr. John Humphreys. He lives with his wife in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Amy Suzanne Humphreys,  (below on the right visiting San Francisco Bay, summer 2005).  She and her family have recently moved to Evergreen, Colorado.  She is the great great great grand daughter of Dr. John Humphreys.




Descendants of John Humphreys 


I have forgotten where I got the information about the name of the father of Dr. John Humphreys.  Perhaps it was from Bill.  Anyway, I added it to the tree as it seemed logical as the name John was given to subsequent male Humphreys and it was a common practice to do so with given first names in many other families.  Perhaps we will someday find the full names of this John, his wife and their origins. 

Throughout this page, my personal comments will be in this color.   If any one who reads this finds an error or would like to comment, add photos or information, please email me at


Generation No. 1

1.  JOHN HUMPHREYS?  Minnie Malcom, Great Grand daughter of this John Humphreys wrote that he was of Welsh decent and a dealer in "worsted" (wool). She said that he lost all his money when the bottom fell out of prices after the "10 Year War with France".  See Minnie's notes below. 

Children of JOHN HUMPHREYS? are:

          i.    DR. JOHN HUMPHREYS, b. Abt. 1774, Manchester, England; d. 15 Jul 1870, Duart, Ontario. (I have recently been sent a large treasure trove of family history information from my cousin Sara whose father was my mother's brother, Donald Humphreys Malcom.  Among that information was a penciled note by my grandmother, Minnie Matilda Humphreys Malcolm. She was the grand daughter of Dr. John Humphreys so am assuming the information as reliable.  The note looked like it was written as general information about her ancestry. She mentions that Dr. John had a brother William Humphreys who traveled to the new world and settled in Canada at the same time as did Dr. John and his pregnant wife Jane Warren Humphreys.  The family has lost all track of this William Humphreys even though according to the note, he settled not far from Ridgetown but close by in Morpeth, Ontario.  See Minnie's notes

        ii.    William Humphreys, b.?? d. Ontario 1870?


Generation No. 2


DR. JOHN HUMPHREYS (JOHN1 HUMPHREYS?) was born Abt. 1774 in Manchester, England, and died 15 Jul 1870 in Duart, Ontario.  He married JANE WARREN 1829 in Wexford County, Ireland, daughter of WILLIAM WARREN.  She was born 1803 in County Wexford, Ireland, and died 1893 in Duart, Ontario.  To view photos and learn information about  Dr. John and Jane, his wife, click on the yellow highlighted print.  To learn more about their individual children and their descendents click on the yellow highlighted printed portion containing their names below. You will find that I have very little information about some of the siblings and more about others.  Since I am the great grand daughter of Joshua H. Humphreys I have more information about his branch of the family tree than any other.  As I gather further information about any of the family I will add that information to the tree. 



         i.  CHARLOTTE AURELLIA HUMPHREYS, b. 04 Dec 1830; d. 29 Nov 1909; m. HIRAM S. Owens.

          Charlotte Aurellia and Hiram Sylvester Owens

        ii.  MARY JANE (JANE) HUMPHREYS, b. 1831; m. JAMES TINNEY b. 1831 in England,  Information from an 1881 census record shows that they are living in Bothwell , Ontario and that he is a farmer and are Methodists.  Living with them are: William Tinney, age 22; Joseph Tinney, age 15; Charles Tinney, age 11; Sara Tinney, Age 7; and Eliza Tinney, age 15.   Since this is the entire amount of knowledge I have of the history of Mary Jane and her descendents, I will not include a hyperlink page until I have learned something further.

       iii.  JOHN HUMPHREYS, b. 10 May 1833, Ontario, Canada; d. 21 Jul 1902, Casnovia Township, Muskegon, Michigan.  "Bill" (photo above) Humphreys comes from this line of the family and John Humphreys is his grandfather.    

          John Humphreys and Esther Charlot Jane Newcomb

       iv.  ELIZA SUSAN HUMPHREYS, b. 1833; d. Apr 14 1896, Cadillac, Wexford , Michigan; m. JAMES SCOTT abt. 1855 Orford, Kent, Ontario.  He was born 1818 in England, d. Feb 26, 1897, Cadillac, Wexford , Michigan.  Both are buried at Maple Hill Cemetery, Cadillac, Wexford , Michigan.   They had 3 children that we know of:  George W. Scott, b. Mar 1863 in Ontario, d. 18 NOV 1919 Cadillac, Wexford , Michigan;  Annie Scott, b. 21 MAY 1864, Ontario, d. 5 Nov 1917, Cadillac, Wexford, Michigan.   New information 3/14/2008 from Diane Farah, Northfield, Michigan: ► Lucy Scott (listed as Amy Lucy Scott) b. Aug 1873, Orford, Ontario, m. George E. Stevens at Chase Lake, Michigan.  They had 5 children : George E., unknown? male, Harriet J., Georgia A., and Kirby A.  Lucy died about 1920.     I do have a photo of Amy Lucy Scott, the daughter of James Scott and Eliza Humphreys Scott.

       v.    MARTHA HUMPHREYS, b. Bet. 1835 - 1839. Died young

       vi.    MARIAH HUMPHREYS, b. 1839; d. 1898, Duart Cemetery, Orford Township, Ontario.   

            Mariah Humphreys and Amariah Brooks

     vii.   JOSHUA H. HUMPHREYS, b. 11 Sep 1841, Ogdensburg, New York; d. 19 Sep 1927, Ravenscrag, Saskatchewan, Canada     (Both Amy Humphreys and myself are his descendants.)

             Joshua H. Humphreys and Emma Althea Lake

      viii.    WILLIAM (WILL) HUMPHREYS, b. 17 Jan 1845; d. 09 Jun 1908, Ardath, Saskatchewan. 

             William "Will" Humphreys and Ellen Amelia Decker