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The Lake Family







The Lake family can trace its lineage back 11 generations starting back from my Great Great Grandfather Valentine Amey Lake who married Sophia Matilda Taft in Clinton, Wisconsin in October 25, 1850.  When I was a young girl back in the 1950s my parents purchased a book called A History of My People and Yours by Claud Nelson McMillan.  Mr. McMillan who researched the Lake family and authored the book, contacted as many people as he could that could trace their roots to the Lake family.  Those who committed to purchase a book copy helped finance the book's printing costs.  My sisters and I were quite amazed to see our very own names as part of the printed word in such a large book, 822 pages. Despite now known errors in his book, Mr. McMillan accomplished a monumental task after years of research and with the help of many relatives.  His book was published in 1956.

As I started my own research of our family tree I found a more accurate connection between the Tafts and the Bensons, Sophia's parents.  In Mr. McMillan's book, Sophia's mother, Matilda Benson is purported to have married Ira Taft. Because I was able to research the Taft family on the internet, I found out that it was not Ira Taft she married but his brother, Corey Taft.  Matilda Benson and Corey Taft were married, probably in Ashtabula County, Ohio, on October 9, 1825.   Ira married a Louisa Daniels in May of 1839.  Mr. McMillan cannot be blamed for this minor mistake when you think of the larger picture. I am sure there are other mistakes.  He did not have access to the internet for his research.  I am sure my own research also contains mistakes even with the help of modern communication methods.  We simply try to the best of our abilities to be accurate.

My research on the Lake family was greatly enhanced by many more past generations by the finding of an expanded Lake family tree at Genealogy.Com.


 Click here to view the first 5 (or 10) Lake generations who lived before Valentine Amey Lake.  


Click here if you wish to see the Lake generations that descend from Valentine Amey Lake and Sophia Matilda Taft.  I have written my own narrative on this page and my edits are in blue type.  Most of this information and the all the photos on the 1st 5 (or 10) generations page, except one, were gleaned from Claud McMillan's book.  Direct quotes from his book are italicized.  Mr. McMillan's book contains pages and pages of information on Lakes and other family names but I naturally picked out what interested me the most.


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