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Letter from Dr. David Long 1761-1852,

Son of John Long (Jr. M.H.)


Aaron Long Jr., his nephew.


"Having stumbled across this handwritten account of the Long family I have decided to transcribe it and donate a few copies to certain libraries in the United States.

These records are not only important to the Long/Taft family but to the Boyd family as well because it shows the connection of Abraham Boyd of Hopkinton, Massachusetts and Wilmington, Vermont to John Boyd who married Margaret Long in Boston, Massachusetts in 1731 ( page 16).  Perhaps John Boyd came to Boston from Ireland just as John Long and Matthew Taft did.  If not on the same ship then just before or after.  It shows the Taft and Long connection.

In transcribing these records I have done my best to decipher some of the words and names. If mistakes are made, and some surely are, I apologize.  I did not work from the original but a copy of a copy.  Perhaps another person will see something that I did not (in the original).  In any event I have made this record available to a few more genealogists and family historians which might prove valuable in future."

A copy of the letter is at the Arms Library in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts.  Another copy is at the Allen Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Richard G. Boyd
568 W. Friedrich Ave
Rogers City, MI 49779
December 31, 1992

Page 1. (letter to Aaron Long, 1851)

John Long, my grandfather and your great grandfather emigrated from Ireland in the year 1726 bringing in his family, John Long, Ginny Long, Mary Long. After landing in America was born, James Long, Elizabeth Long and David Long.  In the same ship Matthew TAFT and family emigrated.  Robert Taft, Matthew Taft, John Taft, Mary Taft (my mother and your grandmother) and Anna Taft.



John Long, my grandfather and your great grandfather with his family settled in Taunton (Mass.) where he lived and died.  Matthew Taft ventured far away in the wilderness to a newly settled town, Upton, 30 miles from Boston & 26 miles from Taunton. A greater adventure then than to go to California or Oregon now, where he located 4 hundred acres of land and settled himself and family in the year 1727.  His sons, Robert, Matthew, & John when received  back a fourth part.......(not understood) 

Page 2

Our father and grandfather, in the year, 1741, purchased a fine lot of land adjoining Matthew Taft's.  Ignorant of crossing the briney ocean in the same ship together.  There and then he beheld the lovely face and beautiful person, Mary Taft, our mother and grandmother and by patiently waiting until 1746, John Long and Mary Taft became one .(The letter continues from here explaining the Long Family genealogy.  I did not include this here but you can find the full letter on Taft Genealogy Web Page.  M.H.)