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 Our (my) side of the Miller family of Pennsylvania are descended from Robert Miller born in Scotland between 1725 ad 1730 and died in Sept. or Oct 1775.  Robert was murdered by Indians just before the outbreak of the Revolutionary War on his land located on the north side of the Big Sewickley Creek, Sewickley Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA.  The Luckeys are joined with the Miller Family when Jane Luckey marries Capt. Samuel Miller, the brother of Isaac Robert Miller Jr. Samuel Miller also dies at the hands of Indians when they kill him and his detail of colonial soldiers in July, 1778, while delivering supplies to Revolutionary troops between Fort Hand and Hannastown, the Westmoreland County seat at that time.  The bloodline of Luckeys probably yet today still courses through the veins of descendants of Jane Luckey Miller and Samuel Miller.  The Luckeys were a true Pioneer family who contributed to the strong foundation of our country. Theirs is good story.  If you wish to read about, or refresh your memory of Isaac Robert Miller Jr. and his descendants or those of his brother, Samuel, click on their highlighted names.

I was quite delighted to
receive the following email on Tue, May 4, 2010.

Hi, My name is Scot Novak.  I am working on the Luckey Family. My ancestor Andrew Luckey was in Capt. Miller's Co. as a Teamster.  Recently I found a couple of postings on that Samuel Miller's wife was Jane Luckey.  On the same postings it states that Jane's brother helped her escape the Indian attack.  It never stated what Jane's brother's name was.  If Jane was a Luckey and my Andrew Luckey was in Samuel's Regiment., he could be the brother.  What is your take on Jane being a Luckey? Andrew married Martha Gillespie and had 6 daughters.  He lived, and died in Fayette Co., PA around 1825.  Fayette Co. was once part of Westmoreland Co. Your web site is wonderful, I really appreciate it being posted for public use.  Thanks so much. 

     Scot Novak

To view what I have discovered about Hugh and Robert Luckey Jr. and the following Luckey Generations, click here

If you have any comments or corrections please contact me, Marla Miller Hembree, at:

I quickly replied and told Scot that I had heard that Jane's maiden name was "Little" but was never able to confirm that. "Little" is a very close likeness to "Luckey".  I told him that I would be interested to hear whatever other evidence he had.  We have had a very gratifying email exchange of information since then.  What you see here is a compiled result of our collective research information.


The Three Luckey Brothers

“The Luckey family originated in Scotland; thence, it is said, in a time of religious persecution, they fled to the north of Ireland, where they held a very respectable social position. Three brothers emigrated to this country, and after a time they separated, one going west, another south (probably in North Carolina), and one settled near New Hamburg, N.Y., where the old homestead of “Squire Luckey” may still be seen.” (From Old Sands Street Methodist Episcopal Church, an Illustrated Centennial Record, Warriner (1885), p. 283.)


Descendants of Robert Luckey and Isabella Baird

ROBERT1 LUCKEY was born 1666 in Londonderry, Ireland, and died before Nov 1757 in Martic Twp., Lancaster Co., PA.  He married ISABELLA BAIRD.  She was born 1690 in Londonderry, Ulster, Ireland. They have 12 children.


Notes for ROBERT LUCKEY: See here land surveys in Martic Twp, Lancaster Co., Pa showing land parcels that Robert Luckey Sr. bequeathed to his two sons, Robert Jr. and Samuel.

The will  of Robert Luckey, Sr. was written in April 1754 but was not proven at Lancaster County until 21 of Nov., 1757 


I am fortunate indeed to have found this excellent transcription on the Will of Robert Luckey (b.1666) and Isabella Baird (b. 1690). I found this will in a book named They Followed the Sun written and researched by Lorena W. Bush and Mary Cox about 1975.  It records the history and ancestry of several families who lived at one time in Rowan County, NC including the descendant families of Robert Luckey and Isabella Baird.  I do believe the book contains some errors. This will, transcribed accurately, with spelling errors and everything intact, apparently was sent to the authors of the book by Texan Mary Ellen Hillis, a descendent of Robert and Isabella.  I do not know if she performed the transcription herself or not.  From my experience with all sorts of  wills, the spelling errors could have been made by Robert Luckey himself or by his Solicitor /Lawyer.







I have an actual copy of the original will I picked up from the vaulted records at Lancaster PA County Court House in 2011.  I will be glad to send you a copy of this will upon request.

Below is just a tiny piece of the original will.▼


 I have to admit I take no pride of ownership for the birth dates of the children of Robert  Luckey, Sr. and Isabella Baird.

       i.    ANN LUCKEY, b. 1707?  Ireland; d. Abt. 1788, Fayette Co., KY.

      ii.   MARY LUCKEY, b. abt. 1709?, Ireland;  Married William Orr.  At first I

      thought that Mary may have married the William Orr (1707-1769) who resided

      and prospered in East Pennsborough Twp, Cumberland County.

        See what I found about this William Orr and his wife "Sarah" here.

   I have since been convinced otherwise  ▼.

        See information about our Mary and William Orr here.

     iii.   JANE LUCKEY, b. 1710?; d. 10 Mar 1782.


     v.   SAMUEL LUCKEY, b. 1716?, Londonderry, IRE; d. 1784,



In the 1780 Federal, Samuel Luckey is listed in Rowan Co.; "Capt. S. Reed's district". 

 Is it possible that that S. (Samuel) Reed could be related to the James Reed who in 1774

marries the widow of Robert Luckey, Jr.?  In  1790 Census Samuel Luckey, Sr. and Jr. are listed living next to each other in Rowan Co. NC.  Samuel Luckey Sr.'s family is: 1 free white male under 16, 1 free white male over 16, 3 free white females and two 2 slaves. Samuel Sr., is

 not listed on the 1800 census but his son, Samuel Jr.’s household lists 1 female over age 45. This may be his mother or mother-in law as there is not a corresponding male in that same age group living there. I am assuming that Samuel Sr. has died.  there is not a corresponding male in that same age group living there. I am assuming that Samuel Sr. has died.    

vi.     HUGH LUCKEY, b. 1717, Londonderry, IRE; d. 26 Mar 1786, Faggs Manor, Chester Co. PA. More on next page

     vii.    ANDREW LUCKEY, SR., b. 1718?, Perhaps Ireland; d. 30 Oct 1770, Hopewell Twp., Cumberland Co., PA.

     viii.   JOHN LUCKEY. He is listed in Rowan Co. NC 1762

      ix.    SARAH LUCKEY

      x.    ISABELLA LUCKEY, b. 1724?, Martic Twp., Lancaster Co., PA; m. WILLIAM SLEVEN/SLAVEN; b. 1720,

            Martic Twp., Lancaster Co., PA.

                        Notes for WILLIAM SLEVEN/SLAVEN:

William Sleven/Slaven is listed on NC Census on the 1755, 1759, and NC census records in Rowan Co.  In 1760 he is listed in Rowan Co. as having "1 taxable".

In 1780 he is listed in "Capt. Nichols District" in Rowan Co., NC. 

In 1790 he is listed in Iredell Co., NC.  His family consists of 1 free white males under 16, 2 free white males over 16, & 4 free white females, and 2 slaves. I believe that Iredell Co was earlier a part of Rowan Co. 

In 1800 he and is family are in Salisbury Twp., Iredell Co,, NC.

      xi.     JAMES LUCKEY, b. 22 Jul 1725?, Martic Twp., Lancaster Co., PA; d. 1799, Lincoln Co., NC; m. SARAH.

       xii.    ROBERT LUCKEY, JR., Robert is more that likely the last child born to Robert and Isabella as he is not yet

             "twintey one" when his father writes his will in 1754 ; d. Oct 1772.   More on next page


Generation No. 2

2.  ANN2 LUCKEY (ROBERT1) was born in Scotland (probably traveled through Ireland before she came to America with her family), and died Abt. 1788 in Fayette Co., KY.  She married SAMUEL HILLES 1748 in Martic Twp., Lancaster Co., PA.  He was born 07 Aug 1707 in Derry Co., Ireland, and died 07 Aug 1782 in Salisbury, Rowan Co., NC.

Children of SAMUEL HILLES and ANN LUCKEY are:

i.  SAMPSON JR. HILLES, b. 27 Aug 1752, Salisbury, Rowan Co., NC. d. Nov 1851, McMinville, Warren, TN.                          
ii.   ROBERT HILLES, b. 13 May 1755, Salisbury, Rowan Co., NC; d. 1 Jun 1826, Smithfield, Livingston, KY.                           
iii.  JOHN HILLES, b. 1758, Rowan Co., NC; d. 20 Jul 1836, Scott Co., KY.                                                       
iv.  SAMUEL HILLIS, JR., b. 19 Feb 1760, Salisbury, Rowan Co.,

 NC; d. 07 Dec 1840, Marshall, TN.                              
v.   PALSER HILLES, b. 1762, Salisbury, Rowan Co., NC; d. 1782.  

vi.   MARTHA HILLES, b. 30 Apr 1763, Rowan Co., NC; d. 1817. 
vii.  ANN HILLES, b. 1764, Rowan Co., NC; d. 1857.  
viii.  ELIZABETH HILLES, b. 1766, Rowan Co., NC.

Above on the right is a fairly unusual gravestone for Samuel Hillis.  The new stone incorporates the original stone.  I don’t think his wife, Ann, is buried there unless they carted her body back from Bourbon Co., Kentucky where she lived with her son, Robert, after her husband’s death.  Someone, some time ago wrote the following to explain the stone within a stone.

The inscription on Samuel's side reads: Samuel Hillis, Born in Scotland, August 7, 1707, Aug. 17, 1782, Age 75" and below it says, "SONS, The First Four Sons served in the Revolutionary War" (actually all 5 did) and lists "Sampson, Robert, John, Samuel Jr. and Palser."    I can read the large letters on top right side of the monument: ANN LUCKEY HILLIS   The girls names are listed on the right side of the monument under Ann Hillis' name. The gravestone is located at Thyatria Presbyterian Church, Mt. Ulla, Rowan County, NC.


Below ▼you will find two very ragged-edged documents. On the left is a "so-called" transcription of Samuel Hillis' will.  The other on the right tells a brief history of Samuel Hillis' family generation. In 1782 when the will was written, his sons Palser and John have passed away.  All three girls are mentioned.  The grave inscription written at the bottom of the left page is probably the inscription on his first small gravestone.  Both pages were originally written in pencil and someone has inked in further information.  What a treasure these documents must be to the Hillis descendants.